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6 Steps to Increase Number of Installations for a Mobile App

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6 Steps to Increase Number of Installations for a Mobile App

The present market is witnessing the peak of various mobile applications, leading to intense and cut-throat competition. It is a challenge for every new entrepreneur to find it challenging to market their app. It is not a straightforward task to explain how your app provides additional value and uniqueness among a plethora of similar available options. Therefore, the question of how to optimise your success chances by increasing the installations of mobile apps arises. The most prudent method is to diversify your promotional efforts from different mediums and approach marketing from different angles with the assistance of a leading mobile app development company in Australia. We have provided some crucial steps in this blog to illustrate how to make the customers download the offerings through proper promotions.

It is fine to market on the app. However, it is equally crucial promoting your website on other platforms. Visit our portal if you want next-level Digital Marketing services.

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Ensure Expertly Optimising the App Store

Surprisingly, not many apps focus on the app store for optimisation. Most people follow the method to look for specific keywords while coming across the apps. Therefore, if you focus on app store optimisation, it will provide you with significant benefits in the long run. You can make your app permanently discoverable in the results by refining your app store presence.

For improving your app store optimisation, you need to have the following things in order:

  • a beautiful and exquisite icon
  • a classy brand description that is compelling, detailed, branded and concise.
  • sophisticated photos and other visual components
  • an optimised app name

You should ensure that the character count of an optimised app name should be under 11. In addition, it should adequately define your brand purpose and be memorable & detailed. Also, it would be best to avoid atypical spelling during mobile application development because it negatively affects the app store stats and analytics and hurts the search process.

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Provide Referral Bonus to your Customers

App developers and owners have effectively used this tactic fruitfully multiple times. One prime example is Dropbox, which showcases what such bonuses can do. The referral program resulted in a whopping 3900% growth of the organisation. The company commenced its operations with almost 100,000 registered customers in 2008, and the number grew to 4,000,000 registered users after 15 months, thanks to the referral program.

If an existing app user recommends your product to their friends, offer them a bonus. At first, a user’s friend might install the app to help their friend. However, once they start using the app, you should trust your content to engage the audience and attract their attention. You can provide this bonus in terms of bonus points, unique content, an extra ten or fifteen free days or whatever you find applicable and valuable for the app users. For more information, contact Coweso – the leading app development company in Sydney.


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Focus on Blogging and Partner with Leading Bloggers

One of the recommended means of communication nowadays is blog content. Most users probably check out a blog or two while looking for a new app or product to see a detailed experience of someone who researched that product thoroughly. If you have an established portal and a blog, you can utilise it for composing posts about various topics. It would be best to choose topics that are somehow related to your app and then mention your app in a relevant manner. Most marketing specialists agree that blogging is a particular marketing channel. It helps you connect with prospective customers because such uploads are more detailed and knowledge-based. You can also design specific content that allows the clients to understand the app’s benefits by talking more about it.

However, there is no cause for concern even if you don’t possess a web page or blog, as partnering with relevant and leading bloggers is another alternative. Ensure to search for a mobile development company in Australia that provides significant value addition to your core audience and then draft a collaboration proposal to reach out to them. A straightforward content posted by these influencers can lead their followers to try your app by installing it.

When the customers arrive at web your page, they should see a well-built portal. If you want any support in this regard, please contact Coweso, the leading eCommerce development agency, by visiting their webpage.

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Ask Users to Provide Reviews & Ratings

Testimonials and reviews have a significant effect on prospective clients. When users decide whether or not they will download a program, they mostly trust ratings and reviews to guide them. A user gets positively influenced through studies to install the app. Still, they also leave a psychological impact on individuals that affect them to leave positive feedback for a program, mainly having favourable reviews. You can ask customers to write a review or leave a rating by periodically using an in-app prompt. However, allow the users significant time to take their time exploring the app and discover new features before asking them to share their feedback.

Managing negative reviews is another essential aspect of a company. It is crucial to handle the situation of negative feedback promptly when one can’t prevent people from leaving negative reviews and removing their unfavourable comments. If you manage to explain the problem through your response in a lucid and user-friendly manner, the customers will view the situation more objectively.

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Employ Social media Promotions

Social media mesmerises multiple individuals, and most of them use these mediums to focus their searches. A company can use the services of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to play a crucial role in the app promotions. The essential aspect here is transforming the marketing style to suit each social media platform. For instance, focus on Instagram stories, quick videos and classy images while marketing for Instagram. On the other hand, you should use YouTube to design a high-quality video that will steal user attention and showcase your content in the best possible manner.

It is crucial to describe your product in the posts beautifully. You must use the writing services of an expert if your said skills are not so excellent. Making the first impression is paramount during mobile application development. Therefore, the post should only contain well-compiled and professionally written content. Besides devising various positions, paid advertising is one alternative you could use. You can also get great results from the burst campaign, representing aggressive social media purchasing performed in a short period of 1-2 days. The dual-purpose is to attract the attention of multiple people at once and showcase the product to a large group audience.

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Collaborate with the Influencers

Influencers enable their supporters to find new services, apps and products. As the name suggests, they hold a lot of influence over their followers, who listen to their advice with bated breath. Therefore, it would be best to leverage this promotional wave for Millennials. Conduct proper research on the influencers and select a few whose followers are the same as your core audience. Shortlist some of the persons who you think benefit your marketing campaign. Get them on board and discuss the beneficial collaboration techniques for both of you. Depending on your agreement and resources, you can go for a single-post promotion, collaboration for several posts, or a continuing partnership.

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The mentioned above features are for long-term usage and beneficial. However, you can face other IT related issues in your company. Please visit the Coweso webpage for all IT Consultancy associated problems.

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