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How to Develop an Effective Mobile App Preview Video?

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How to Develop an Effective Mobile App Preview Video?

Once you complete the process of designing your app icon and screenshots of your visual metadata during the app development, a unique additional touch in the form of an app preview video is needed. In today’s increasingly mobile-specific age, you may not require much cajoling about the growth and importance of video. When we show you, the statistics mentioned below, you may be surprised by the figures. However, if you wish to continue improving your ASO efforts, these statistics should be noted and kept in your mind for a significant duration.

  • Before making a buying decision, more than 50% of customers check out the product videos
  • More than 70% of people do not prefer reading text content and would instead watch informative content to know more about an offering
  • There is three times more likelihood of a visiting audience to download and install the app if they have watched the preview video
  • You can enhance your conversion rate by more than 40% through a well-documented video

So, if you’re still not utilising a preview demo as part of your ASO strategy, or if you are thinking about making tweaks to your present media content with the help of various app development companies like Coweso, read further. We have discussed some impactful tips for creating a compelling app preview media file.

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Showcase your Best Attribute to the Users

Every entrepreneur has a specific attachment to their app and would want multiple things on their interface so that the customers know about it. However, the natural thing to consider is that the users should not view every detail of the offering. It is not a great strategy if you let your consumers see everything. You will confuse the viewer by trying to communicate too much in just a few seconds, which would distract them entirely from the product. The key to enhancing the number of app downloads of users who see your preview video is to make your most compelling message clear and straightforward at the very beginning. Similarly, select the top 3 to 5 features you have to offer when choosing the order of your screenshots.

Remember that visitors are watching your content to get a rough view of the experience they’ll have and what they’ll be obtaining out of it if they decide to install your app. Please take this opportunity to showcase the users’ benefits and not overwhelm them with feature overload by integrating suggested changes during mobile application development.

Show your Best Feature at the Start

Another helpful tip for developing effective media content is to serve your best at the start. According to several surveys, you only have 4 to 6.5 seconds of a visitor’s attention, as this is the average content watch time among all app categories. If that isn’t pressuring you enough, videos typically have less than a 20% completion rate, so you should use the first 3 seconds to communicate your main value points effectively. In addition, remember that all the videos automatically play on the App Store. Therefore, you want to grab someone’s interest quickly enough to get them to stop as they’re scrolling through. This point is where it would be highly beneficial if you have already prioritised your primary attributes. Start the content with your most robust features and continue integrating the characteristics in a relatively diminishing usage value. Keep the ‘first 3 seconds’ rule in mind while creating the film, even though the iOS App Store lets you record up to 30 seconds of media, and Google Play recommends between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Keep the content short and relevant.

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Wisely Select the Feature Graphic for Google Play

One of the most crucial visual mediums for Google Play is the feature graphic. It is the still image and the point where your film starts and the primary impression someone scrolling through your product will get of your app. According to a prominent survey, more than 50% of users downloading your app check the first impression of your app on the store to decide whether they should install the program or not. Therefore, you should primarily focus on this aspect. This issue is not much of a problem for the Apple Store. Apple made the poster frame a significantly less vital point by commencing with automatically using the iOS to play the preview video. But the feature graphic can be used as an efficient first screenshot for “decisive users” on Google Play, where decisive users mean the ones whose probability to play the media file is low. However, another category of “exploring users” sees this image as the key to attracting them to watch the content and convert it into an installation. Since this illustration is pulled directly from the video assets, make sure the selected one isn’t random that doesn’t depict anything of value. You can contact Coweso, the leading mobile app development company, in this regard.

Check the Text and Music

Another crucial point is to evaluate your content following two methods: the first one is with the sound on and the other without any sound. One of the fantastic methods to boost the feel of your app is to impart music, as it also fixes the tone for the customer experience. For example, you can impart some chilled and relaxing background music in a meditation app preview video. If your game preview media displays the musical style of the game, it instantly sets the tone for the nature of the game. You can find multiple royalty-free music alternatives in the market that you can employ to stay budget-friendly. You can search for web sources. In addition, if you’re working with a firm or an agency, they’ll most probably have access to their chosen resources. Always be sure that the music is not so overpowering that it distracts from the visuals and the larger message when you decide to integrate it with the visuals.

If most users watch your content with sound on, music is considered a great asset for your program. However, studies suggest that most customers watch media files on mute on their mobile devices, as they watch the content while doing various chores in the house or outside. This part is when text overlays are particularly effective during app development. The text emphasises the main point you want the user to take away from the visuals even when the sounds are on. At the same time, your potential customer is watching your app in action, text guides and draws attention to the journey’s highlights.

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