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What are the Advantages & Drawbacks of 3rd Party Software for Mobile App Development?

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What are the Advantages & Drawbacks of 3rd Party Software for Mobile App Development?

It takes a lot of time and hard work to create a new application from the start. That’s the reason why creators nowadays employ so many platforms, tools and libraries, referred to as third-party software, to avoid reinventing the process and writing standard features from scratch. This software refers to reusable software elements supplied or built for a specific purpose by a separate organization/person from the one that designed the existing product in one particular system or source.

If you are also among those who wonder whether to use third-party software while creating your application, you’re in the right place. As one of the leading app development companies in Sydney, we have written this blog post to inform you about all the significant advantages and drawbacks of such software for mobile app development.

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Benefits of Using Third-Party Software

Lets you Pay Only the Amount for the Used Service

One of the advantages of such software is that they let you cover the monthly expenses for the utilised limit instead of forcing you to cover a high up-front cost for designing the component from scratch. Many tools also allow you to pay the amount after going past a set limit. At the same time, some tools also enable you not to pay anything at the initial stages for using the facilities.

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Enables Swift Growth Process

The facility provided to the creators, where they don’t have to code or create anything from the start, is another valuable benefit of using third-party software. For instance, if a company wants to integrate a login attribute to their app, they can simply ask their creative team to use Auth0. This process allows the organisation to focus their attention on those attributes that are the mainstays of your app and offer a competitive advantage to you. Integrating such tools also results in a much faster building process. For more information, visit Coweso – the leading agency providing mobile app development services in Melbourne.


Helps in Saving Considerable Expenses

Another benefit is that you have a pay a minimal cost up-front and during the app’s work duration period while using third-party services. In addition, many such platforms do not charge anything from the clients until a particular stage. In such a scenario, it is probable that you can use resources after paying a monthly charge. This feature results in the expenses of utilising facilities to spread over a certain period, and you end up paying monthly payments instead of a high amount at the start.

For instance, Pusher is a tool for instant chats that provides the customers with 200k messages and 100 concurrent connections free of cost. You have to pay a nominal amount if you want the facility of 1 million messages and 500 monthly links. You can garner the benefits of more extensive plans if your chat grows a lot.

It provides you With More Time to Promote your Item

You can launch your application in the market faster by boosting the mobile app development speed. This process results in swift verification of your concept. You can also monitor whether your users are benefitting from the product to make it a fit for your core consumers.

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Enables Feedback from Users in a Short Time

You can quickly check the value of your product to users and gauge what they think about it by releasing the item or MVP faster to the market. Your clients’ feedback will help you build an even better app.

Consists of Features that Harbour Greater Potential

These platforms are homes of sophisticated and mature software that unlock the hidden potential of your app to fulfil every requirement demanded by a client. They allow us to develop programs with the help of app development companies in Sydney that provide more excellent attributes than required. However, they offer real value for the offering’s prospective development simultaneously.

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Allows Developers in Effortless Integration

Today, many software trending on the market is furnished with modern SDKs that enable effortless and swift integration. For instance, it usually takes only two days to execute the user verification feature with Auth0, while it would take several weeks to build it from scratch.

Allows the Client to Spend Less on Maintenance Costs

Another advantage the third-party platforms provides is that there’s no need to maintain their code in proper shape. Maintenance is the provider’s task and not the organisation utilising the resource. As a result, the developer’s job becomes more manageable as they do not have to take care of and maintain all the codes.

Drawbacks of Employing Third-Party Software

Offers Limited Flexibility

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there are also some drawbacks of employing third-party solutions. When a company is not utilising the default techniques recommended by the company offering mobile app development services in Melbourne, it needs to make additional efforts to transform the software according to its requirements. While it is eminently possible for developers to achieve, the problem is that they become too costly at a point in time. It is incredibly difficult to find the ideal third-party solution if you’re looking to build an original or personalised feature.

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Also, it is not recommended to opt for third-party services before taking a look at the migration expenses. For instance, the MVP development process typically enables the titular platforms and software for verification. However, once the process starts, it might be revealed that user requirements and market specificity dictate the logging flow be changed. For example, an organisation might require integrating a separate field where users describe their height and limit that value to 2 meters. This part is when you transfer to a personalised solution and code. The value of this migration slightly differs in each case. That’s why it is an intelligent move to analyse this cost at the project’s outset.

Increased Dependence on Provider Leading to Risky Stability

You’re inevitably dependent on the provider while using such software or tool. Such dependence presents an increased danger to your software’s stability. That’s why it’s a commonly accepted method to write primary application attributes from scratch and use third-party solutions only for the non-core elements of mobile app development.

Dependence on Vendors Regarding Expenses

As mentioned in the earlier point, the organisation is dependent on the vendor, which also leads to increased prices of the application whenever the vendor updates the costs. One often witnesses the prices of third-party solutions increase significantly at a specific scale. The accepted method to limit this risk is to prevent using such solutions for creating core application features. While MVP development doesn’t consider this risk highly, you must think about whether you are willing to accept such a risk this risk while looking to verify the concept during app scaling.

In addition, you may experience a drastic increase in the said 3rd party software rates at some stage of application growth with a significantly growing scale. You may find out that scaling up has resulted in a specific solution being no longer cost-efficient for you.

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