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What are the app categories attracting more customers post the pandemic?

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What are the app categories attracting more customers post the pandemic?

The dreadful scenes we witnessed during the surge of the coronavirus pandemic may have ceased for now, but its impact is long-lasting and will take some to recover. Therefore, many ventures have readied themselves to cope with this ‘normal’ time. Companies that are more flexible and innovative are expanding more efficiently than others. Although the hospitality, retail, and travel industries need significant time to come back on track, a few niches, such as gaming, eCommerce, work-from-home solutions and video streaming, have become our instant saviours during this significantly changed period. We have also realised the need for all types of mobile app development companies in our life owing to this scenario.

Every task that one can do online is going the digital way. Similarly, mobile apps are becoming highly profitable and famous and greatly assist individuals in maintaining social distancing and staying safe during this outbreak. So, we can only imagine daily life in this post-pandemic world with mobile software. Let’s look at a few leading app sectors that can become the most efficient, productive and established businesses in the post-COVID scenario.

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Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps have become a saviour in these turbulent times when everybody is panicked about their & their loved one’s well-being. Since most of us are not doing any health-specific physical movements for some time, healthcare applications, such as medical care, fitness, mental health, and medical health apps, help individuals keep them physically and mentally healthy. Web fitness schedules instruct how to do basic yoga or meditation to keep ourselves fit even while working from home, the types & benefits of exercising and the reason one should take a balanced diet. On-demand physician’s software provides guidelines on immediate consultation, medicine delivery & sample tests and digital prescriptions. You can design such a product by contacting Coweso, Australia’s leading mobile app development company.

Patients can reach out to the top physicians over health software for consulting on their issues and signs to get a better knowledge of their health and inbuilt panic situations. According to top pieces of research, a mix of several fitness apps integrating 30 Day Fitness, Asana Rebel, and Nike Training Club saw almost 5 million downloads within only one week in the first month immediately after the lockdown.

Grocery Apps

Nobody can survive without groceries. Hence grocery apps are one of the important app segments on this list that has been successful during the virus spread. Individuals are anxious about getting in contact with the virus. Therefore, they refuse to step out of their houses for grocery shopping. Here, grocery applications significantly help these customers. These apps preserve the pace with the increase in demand and securely take care of people’s needs. The most popular grocery programs, such as Instacart, Target and Walmart, integrated best-in-class mobile application development and encountered massive downloads during this worldwide crisis. Grocery applications have gone through a significant change from being the last choice of customers to becoming the ultimate requirement during the pandemic.


FinTech Apps

FinTech or finance is another app category experiencing a huge demand increase. The economy’s uncertainty and failure to visit banks have caused many people to use mobile apps to handle their money. A report from a leading development company says that the time spent on finance applications increased by almost 55% in the first quarter of 2020, while the exact figure is 90% and 85% for South Korea and Japan. The demand for these programs is so much that a FinTech app named Robinhood ranked #1 in app stores in its category and increased by more than 200% in April 2020.

It is possible to perform basic tasks like transferring funds, using bank accounts and paying utility bills, trading, monitoring stocks, investing, and private money management through mobile apps. Users look for customer-friendly, reliable, and safe applications to handle all financial problems. A study shows that the average time spent by customers went up by more than 80% during the first 3 months of COVID-19. The primary reasons behind this increase are market uncertainty and a poor economy.

Entertainment Apps

Highly engaging OTT and entertainment software enable people to forget their stress. During this pandemic, entertainment applications like Google Play Music, YouTube, Snapchat, IMDb, Netflix etc., have encountered a significant surge. Kids are captivated by gaming applications to engage themselves and have fun during this critical scenario. Adults are also involved in news portals to get updates on current global affairs. News apps like BBC News, Google News and CNN have become more famous as customers are interested in and anxious about the most recent happenings worldwide. They want to learn more about preventive measures to understand how the world deals with this situation. Furthermore, they want to know about the steps the government and healthcare establishments are taking for their betterment. For further information, reach out to Coweso, one of Sydney’s foremost app development companies.

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E-Learning Apps

The pandemic not only encouraged students to use web resources but also encouraged many customers to attempt to specialise in new talents for further growth. For example, popular web language software like Duolingo registered a more than 140% increase in enrolment during March 2020. The app recorded the registration jump to a scarcely believable 425% at the start of April.

The sudden energy for mastering skills may remain until people return to everyday life. Still, e-learning organisations may keep experiencing success due to the low cost and ease they are offering people to help them pursue their new hobbies from home. E-Learning apps depend on more than education. You will find it from language learning portals Babbel and Duolingo to applications offering different courses, such as Udemy. A report published by an agency providing mobile app development services in Melbourne says that new learners spend 10% more time than the earlier users on their learning activities, even on weekends. Customers are utilising their time for learning valuable and latest entertaining skills in niches ranging from marketing and literature to technology. Therefore, programs that have made the transformation possible will exist and thrive.

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