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What are the benefits of an app for eCommerce websites?

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What are the benefits of an app for eCommerce websites?

Ecommerce ventures have played a significant role in influencing online purchasing behaviour with the emergence of web users, thereby gaining considerable momentum for a business. The primary attribute that tempts a customer is the ease with which you can purchase anything from anywhere. Such scenarios require the expertise of a committed phone application. An app is the best thing to invest in for a business owner, as phones are integral to everyone’s lives. The device can be used to gain information, keep updated on regular events, and, most importantly, purchase something. The companies need to concede that such a device with a helpful app is crucial for day-to-day activities, and merely having an eCommerce website is not enough. Therefore, it is essential to have a full-fledged app with the help of app development companies in Sydney to realise an organisation’s full potential.

Many studies reveal that sales through phones would hit the roof at an estimated $3.5 trillion by the ending of the fiscal year, which is a whopping 73% of the total eCommerce business. Therefore, a brand needs to build a committed app to stay competitive and reap good profits. Here are a few reasons why a mobile app would be a turning point for your eCommerce business.

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Convenient to do Business

Almost everyone has a phone unit with internet connectivity in this time and age, and shopping through apps has become relatively routine. Users nowadays prefer buying stuff at their comfort – from their homes or while travelling in a train or cab. Having a committed & useful app makes it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for quickly, increasing customer satisfaction. Many consumers find it easier to shop using a dedicated phone app than using a website. A few reasons are the quality of the experience, speed, and ease of making the transactions. A mobile app would always provide an optimised user experience that could be created with the help of agencies like Coweso providing mobile app development services in Melbourne.

Provides your Site with a Competitive Edge

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A mobile app might cause customers to resume buying from you if they are confused between your website and the competitors. As most leading players have joined the app bandwagon, enhancing their business would be no surprise. Therefore, it would be beneficial to utilise the app’s power as soon as possible to generate people’s interest.

Enhances your Conversion Rate

Multiple studies reveal that consumers see and buy more products on a mobile app created by an app development company in Sydney than a web browser. They also add more items into their carts and eventually purchase more than they intended to while using a web application, always good for business.

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Enables Improvement in Promotional Communications

Consumers tend to click on push notifications and reach a classy app more quickly than a website. It has been researched that around 60% of customers click on push notifications, while only 20% of users open emails. This fact means that a significant chunk of that marketing spend can be dedicated to pushing messages since it is easier to direct the consumers to your eCommerce app. When a push notification appears on the home screen of your phone device, the user has to click on it, and he is directly whisked off to the said app. This is not the case with emails. A lot of times, a user does not even read a promotional email. That is just wasted marketing money.

Provides the Users with Customised Shopping Experience

The primary key to enhancing sales is customisation, and this feature is taken to the next level with mobile apps. When it is an eCommerce webpage, you can personalise based on their preferences and buying history. You can provide recommendations by monitoring their browsing habits. A consumer would be logged in to the device at all times. Therefore, this level of customisation can be achieved on a mobile app designed by a company providing mobile app development services in Melbourne rather than a website, where a customer may not have logged in but might be just browsing. This feature can be combined with push notifications to ensure that targeted push notifications can be sent to consumers based on their preferences.

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Reduces the Cart Abandonment Rates

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the vital issues faced by eCommerce businesses. While mobile websites face around 97% & desktop sites around 68%  shopping cart abandonment rate, this issue is non-existent in the case of mobile apps, which has approximately 20% shopping cart abandonment rate. Ecommerce mobile apps make the whole check out process more manageable. When a customer has purchased something once by using the app, his choices get saved. So he does not have to manually type in all the details like shipping address, billing address etc., when he comes back for the next purchase. This fact guarantees that the purchasing process is finished in just a couple of steps. In addition, with alternative payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, monetary payments can be made with just a single click. The fewer the obstacles at the checkout process, the lesser the shopping cart abandonment rates, which can be achieved using mobile apps.

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Help in Increased Retention Rates

Once a customer downloads an app on their mobile device with the help of app development companies in Sydney, there is a high probability that he would utilise it to buy something rather than go to a webpage. Researches prove that 38% of users return to the eCommerce app 11 times or more after downloading it. It is also a possibility that on multiple occasions as these, they would be buying something. If the consumer is not coming back as much as you wish, it is possible to lure him back using push notifications. There can be exclusive deals or deals tailored to the consumer’s taste, encouraging them to return to the app and make a purchase.

Improves the Consumer Experience

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Ecommerce mobile apps do not take much time to load, unlike a webpage. There is no waiting time, which is a significant positive for consumers. Also, it is a possibility to offer a much more user-friendly experience using the top UI/UX attributes. The high-class images and multiple animations are a way for creating compelling brand communication. The complex interactions for the users and exclusive functionalities allow smoother navigation and thus makes it easy for the consumer to use the mobile app.

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