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What are the best Android frameworks to design the best mobile app?s

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What are the best Android frameworks to design the best mobile app?s

While creating any mobile application, whether it is on Android, iOS or hybrid, we need a platform that offers elements, structure and templates for the program. The titular framework we are talking about is this structure that helps the developers get a layout and a blank slate for the app creation. The core objectives & goals of application frameworks constitute applying codes across multiple modules, checking them and improving them continuously. You can categorise the frameworks into three types based on the app’s use – Native, Hybrid, and Web. While the first variant is committed to one specific mechanism like either Android or iOS, you can use the hybrid alternative with Android and iOS apps by taking the help of a mobile app development company. On the other hand, Web frameworks are only for creating web-based applications. This blog will discuss the best Android frameworks in the following paragraphs that are famous for their attributes and functionalities.

React Native

React Native is developed by Facebook and is one of the most widespread frameworks supporting Android and iOS operating systems. React Native is inspired by Javascript and is a hybrid or cross-platform option, which is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Facebook first created React, a library for the online interface, while React Native is a comprehensive structure for mobile applications. Some of the most prominent technological organisations, such as Instagram, Oculus, Uber and Coinbase, are currently using React Native for their mobile apps.

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Primary Benefits

  • You can use one single code base for creating phone apps for separate operating procedures.
  • You can view the changes made in real-time as soon as they are implemented in Modular programming with the help of live reload, making it easy to integrate updates. For more updates, you can contact a mobile app development company in Australia like Coweso.
  • Being Open-Source, you can quickly ask for and receive help and assistance.


Flutter is one of the most famous mobile app frameworks hosted by Google. This program is based on Dart and is an open-source software development platform. Flutter was launched in 2017. However, more than 40% of phone app creators started developing their software using this tool within five years. Within Flutter, you can use Google design for Android applications with the help of a widget group called Material Design. You can also primarily design iOS frameworks with the help of Cupertino.

Primary Benefits

  • It is extremely fast and swift and takes approximately half the time required to create mobile apps.
  • It is a cross-platform mobile app creation mechanism that supports both Android and iOS environments.
  • The hot-reload feature lets you see the changes without restarting the application.
  • You can easily incorporate complex widgets and functionalities.


Ionic is a famous and widely utilised framework for mobile application development that combines CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and Angular functions to be used in one common platform. Ionic was launched in 2013 and currently supports applications that you can run on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. More than 5 million developers are using Ionic and have launched over 5 million mobile apps across all phone operating systems.


Primary Benefits

  • You can seamlessly integrate Ionic with Angular, React, or Vue. You can use it without any structure or mechanism as well.
  • You can use tons of easy-to-employ UI elements such as buttons, pop-ups, cards, segments, input fields and lists.
  • The developer can use the LiveReload feature to look at the modifications instantly.
  • You can leverage hundreds of different plugins to support diverse functionalities; this framework is also acknowledged & certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Xamarin is a popular and highly flexible framework that individuals can use with the help of app development companies in Sydney having expertise in the C# language. You can deploy it to leverage the power of Java, C, C++ and Objective-C libraries for optimal usage. You can use one code-base for business logic with Xamarin that you can use across different mobile apps with other user interfaces.

Primary Benefits

  • Complements cross-platform application expansion; thus, employs one code for Android and iOS operating systems.
  • You can utilise Visual Studio for both Windows and Mac environments.
  • Java and Android SDKs need to be set up for Android.
  • High-end UI and UX, which gives a native look and feel.
  • It constitutes over 40 cross-platform layouts for different devices.
  • You can manage multiple mobile portals by using one single API.

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One of the most popular alternatives for native app structure is NativeScript, which, despite being a cross-platform framework, offers an authentic native experience to the user. Since it supports tools such as Angular, TypeScript and JavaScript, this framework brings the advantage of object-oriented programming capabilities that transforms everything. For further clarity, contact Coweso – one of the leading agencies providing mobile app development services in Melbourne.

Primary Benefits

  • Developers can design simple apps without installing any SDK using NativeScript Playground.
  • It makes the development process swifter and more straightforward by providing numerous plugins and templates.
  • It offers unlimited access to all Android and iOS APIs.
  • It can be adapted to different use cases without any hassles.
  • Employs popular technologies, which makes the developer’s core task super easy, and fast.

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