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What are the features of a great Mobile App?

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What are the features of a great Mobile App?

In today’s day & age, everyone seems to be heavily dependant on apps. If people can easily communicate and interact with something, it is assumed that there is an app making it happen. Many kinds of apps created with the help of various app development companies in Sydney are available in the market. Some of them are pretty-looking attractive products that tempt the users to download and use them. Whereas some apps are tackily created, contains lags and repel the users to a large degree. Customer experience can be enhanced by some fundamental factors such as ease of use, practical functionality and classical layout. However, salient features of an app are its most debatable and oft-complained topics, including complaints about some apparent missing features or poorly implemented existing attributes.

Once a company comes up with the basic concept, colour patterns and layout for the app, the factor of consumer requirement should come up in discussions. You are making an app for the users only, and if they are not satisfied with your offering, they might go for other options, and your business will be significantly affected.  There are a few excellent features and some that are must-haves, but many will make your app stand out. This blog will talk about some such attributes that a fantastic mobile app must include in its functionality.

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Simplicity in Interface is the Key

In the present climate of instant gratification, most people have the attention spans of a baby. Therefore, they will lose interest in your app if you make it too complex and challenging to navigate. If you are not enabling the customer to get the required information swiftly, they will become irritated and leave your app to try your competitor’s offering. Clutter-free and organised screens with prominent leads to the next step in the app process with no complexity improves the customer experience and encourages them to continue using it. You can implement this feature with the help of Coweso, the agency providing mobile app development services in Melbourne.

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Ensure the App is Loading Swiftly

Another vital feature of a fantastic app is that it doesn’t take much time to load, as fast loading is a crucial requirement in today’s competitive world. With the advent of multiple apps and each offering having a host of competitors, no person likes their app to take time in loading and instead watch the buffering signal of the logo. No one wants to wait for the program to load in this way resulting in frustration at the incompetency that quickly transforms to boredom and then a renewed intent to search for a better app. Speed means an appropriate set of graphics and not fetching large tables and databases. You have to keep the interface simple and ensure that the speed is lightning fast.

Image Resolution Should be Perfect

It is vital to complement the app functionality and display resolution with incredible speed. We have moved ahead from the era of blurry graphics and today’s users expect hi-definition and millions of vibrant colours. Therefore, you must ensure a worthwhile user experience by guaranteeing that the screen’s images and other salient features are adequately detailed and comprehensive as a part of mobile app development. Anything less will hamper your app sales.

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Must be Available & Functional in Each Operating System

If you want to achieve optimum functionality for your app, it needs to be available and perfectly functional in all the existing operating systems. Three major mobile operating systems handle the mobile traffic – Android, iOS and Windows. You can easily add the Android apps to the PlayStore. However, uploading iOS apps is not as straightforward, as these are required to be verified & tested by Apple to be permitted on the App Store. The coding doesn’t necessarily need to be different, but you may be dealing with different screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, make sure to check both systems before uploading.

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Focus on the Product Security

Internet safety is fast becoming an ever-integral issue, and the same applies to your app. Security is an absolute must with many applications storing personal and sensitive information or credit and debit card details. This development results in the hackers attempting several malpractices. These include placing malware into apps and onto devices where it can access data, stealing screen lock passcodes, intercepting sensitive information travelling over the network, stealing customer data for identity theft or fraud, and getting hold of private business assets. All of these potential problems mean that you should not take app security for granted. It must be watertight and not something that you tack on as an afterthought. You can upgrade your security by collaborating with top web development companies in Sydney like Coweso.

Ensure Providing Search Options to Users

You may think that it is a juvenile tip as most apps provide the feature. Yes, It sounds like everyone is privy to this attribute, but it’s not the case. Many apps miss this crucial feature that is detrimental to their growth, as most users use this attribute to search for relevant terms. The ability to search either the app or the internet is vital, and while game-based apps do not require such a feature much, it’s essential to the business and social variety of programs.

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Choose Vibrant and Bold Colour Combination

One of the crucial things a company using mobile app development services in Melbourne can do to attract customers to its offering is to provide an eye-catching, beautiful colour theme and combinations. Primarily focus on complementary colours from the colour wheel, and you will end up creating an app that looks aesthetically pleasing and professional at the same time.

Ensure to Send Push notifications to Users

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Sending push notifications are a great feature of an app. They are easier to send than emails and have less probability of ending up in a spam folder. These notifications can be text, graphic, or a combination of both to send such content to your customers that they would like. Relevant and personalised push messaging is much better than unsolicited messages since they are aimed solely at the particular user and likely to be of interest to them.

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