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What are the methods to enhance app downloads?

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What are the methods to enhance app downloads?

When starting a new app, it is likely to primarily focus on one specific benchmark over other metrics – the total downloads generated by your program. Many designers think that only creating a top app is enough to get you downloads, which is wrong. If no one knows that your app is visible in the public domain, or if they can’t find it quickly, you are rapidly losing hundreds of prospective clients. Creating an impact and building up hype are crucial to promoting an application. In most scenarios, this feature will mean interacting with present and potential users to generate favourable testimonials, positive word-of-mouth advertising and reviews, word-of-mouth marketing, and recommendations by a top mobile app development company in the segment.

If you do it properly, the initial promotions for your program will offer significantly higher returns than the starting investment. Once you reach your first 100 or 1000 downloads, you could create a ‘snowball’ effect by taking advantage of your first customer experience, where every new software user brings more clients. You can achieve this objective by employing a few straightforward methods, and we will discuss these in the following paragraphs.

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Prioritise App Store Optimisation

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ASO or App Store Optimisation is a collection of methods that strive to maximise the visibility of your product on the app centres where it is listed. This feature is crucial for any new application because most users will search for your app using keywords before you create a brand name for yourself. At a fundamental level, ASO involves optimising each metadata element in your app. This optimisation feature constitutes the app title, the screenshots the customers view when they check it on the app store, and the keywords used to explain the service.

Despite the significant role it plays, ASO is often ignored in a rush to get a finished app to market. There is a propensity to regard ASO as an afterthought after spending hundreds of hours creating an app. While the process of ranking apps on the platform may seem complex, you can learn the fundamentals of ASO with the help of multiple web tutorials. In addition, any high-quality mobile app development company in Australia like Coweso should be able to assist you in getting high visibility.


Offer the Program Free of Cost During the Launch

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Providing the app services free of cost at the start is one of the most valuable methods to record your first downloads. Most successful programs – and even those that earn money through paid downloads – get exclusive customer attention by making their app accessible for a few weeks after launch. However, it entirely depends on your business model whether making your app free at the start is a sustainable strategy in the long run or not. If you plan to earn profits from selling the program, providing a free introductory offer is a deal lapped up by most users. Similarly, you could design a limited functionality version of your app, integrate advertisements and provide it for free to encourage customers to go for the ad-free version. Once you offer the product for free, it will enhance your scope beyond a boost in downloads. The app stores rate free programs better than the paid variants, which provides your app with a much-needed enhancement during its initial stages.

Request Customers to Ask Your Users to Rate & Review your App

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During the initial launch of your app, one of your most significant assets is the individuals who are the first to download it. It is crucial to make them feel unique and generate marketing hype using their experience. The first few reviews your application receives form an integral part of its success, as posting a few early negative ratings can cut short the app’s hopes of making it big. It would help if you encouraged customers to rate your offering. Try to locate specific customers who are likely to give you positive feedback and urge them to provide reviews. One can do it with the help of pop-up windows that come at moments when customers are likely to feel optimistic about your product. For more clarity, contact Coweso – the leading mobile application development service provider.

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Interact with Users on Digital Mediums

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Generating hype behind your product involves more than just urging customers to leave reviews. Most people get information about which apps to download via social media and other digital platforms. As a result, promoting your offering on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is crucial to attracting and encouraging your customers to use it. Encouragement to do so should be ingrained into your app mechanism, at least for the first few months. It is also essential to communicate with users on such postings as much as possible with the help of various app development companies in Sydney. Such conversations can involve saying thank you for positive comments on social media, but they should also constitute quick & polite replies to any critical analysis. You can quickly defuse the tension of a negative review by responding to the commenting user’s post. When you perform such a task, it lets you turn a potentially damaging experience into one that generates trust in your brand.

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