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What are the tips for creating a beautiful app UI design?

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What are the tips for creating a beautiful app UI design?

Developing an excellent mobile interface is not easy, as mobile app development companies need clear focus and clarity. If the phone app experience is not great, the user will abandon the app and never return. The mobile app’s primary task is to provide users with an “I-want” moment without hiccups. The number of smartphone users is predicted to increase from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 5 billion in 2022; hence having an excellent mobile app design will help retain customers, as they depend on phone applications to deliver content and services. There are about 6 million apps in App Store and Google Play store. Therefore, you have to ensure that your mobile app is relevant and valuable in the ocean of apps. The following paragraphs will provide tips for creating a beautiful consumer interface for increased engagement.

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Focus on App Navigation Process

One of the crucial components for mobile development is proper app navigation. You should ensure that the navigation should be intuitive and user-friendly, and buttons should be clearly labelled with corresponding attributes. Try to avoid writing slogans that customers will not be able to understand. Ensure non-overlapping of all the menu categories. Your primary focus should be to engage users for as long as possible by highlighting your promotional or unique features. In addition, keep in mind that you should never hide the navigation, and it should follow the same pattern across the phone app. You can enable effortless consumer interaction by using the tab bar for iOS and Navigation Drawer for Android.

Simply the Interface

One of the essential attributes of a great phone design is clarity. Therefore, one of the tips to create a beautiful app is simplifying the UI and keeping it clutter-free. If you integrate too many developmental elements like graphics, buttons, and text, your application will look dense and unattractive. Disorganisation is one of the worst enemies of UI design. Therefore, you need to keep it simple and minimal or else you will not be able to deliver the message to your customer clearly and concisely. As mobile screens have less creation space than larger screens, it is best to get rid of unwanted elements. Keep the phone UI development process as uncluttered as possible and let the user quickly discover what they came looking for. You need to comply with the mentioned below steps for better execution with the help of a mobile app development company in Australia:


  • Enable enhanced & effortless customer engagement through minimal design
  • Try to integrate 1 or 2 actions per screen
  • Don’t fill the screen with random content
  • Keep headlines and text concise and clear
  • Use white space wisely
  • Don’t use colours full-heartedly, as it will confuse the consumer and also use brand colours
  • Use simple icons.

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Try to Enhance Readability

Fitting in a lot of content in a small phone interface is a significant challenge, as these devices have small screens compared to laptops. Hence, keep the content short and easy to skip, as the consumers don’t consume every word you write; instead, they choose keywords and phrases that attract their attention. The text should be accessible when the user has no data connection. The content needs to be prioritised to enable a seamless customer experience.

Ensure that the Tap Buttons Be Consumer-Friendly

Always keep the tap buttons in mind while creating an online UI. These clickable buttons should be large enough for the users to locate and click effortlessly. These clickable targets need to be of an acceptable size, as smaller buttons would be hard to identify, and the customer could click on the wrong target. A famous study shows that the average human finger pad is 10 x 14mm, and the typical fingertip is 8-10mm, making 10mm x 10mm an excellent minimum touch target dimension. Therefore, companies offering mobile application development keep the touch aim at least the mentioned size above. It would help to have enough space between 2 or more tap targets, so the customer does not accidentally click on the wrong button.

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Focus on the Movement of Thumb

The screen dimensions have changed & increased with the release of every new device. With the increase in size, it has become difficult holding the device with one hand and simultaneously browse the app. The app design of the product should be aesthetically developed and should take care of the movement of the fingers and thumb. One also has to keep the dominant hand of different customers in mind. Keep in mind all zones when phone app creation is being created. The bigger the phone, the more difficult for the user to hold the phone with one hand and tap on targets if they are in the “OW” zone.

Follow the OS Developmental Regulations

Another crucial tip is strictly adhering to the design guidelines set by Android or iOS. Each has a different way of navigation, content layout, buttons etc. If you have Android creation guidelines for iOS (or vice versa), you risk a seamless user experience of the app. Try to keep everything as localised as possible. Mobile UI kits are different for each OS. Understand each OS guideline and then start working on phone app development. You can outsource these services to Coweso, a leading mobile app development company.


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The Interface Should be Simplified & Easily Accessible

A well-created offering should be accessible to other users, such as users with low vision, blindness, motor and hearing impairments. With governments taking measures to make products accessible for everyone, designers need to empathise and create a different experience for different people through the same phone design. People with disabilities can perceive, navigate and interact with your product with the help of your all-inclusive creation. You can use several steps to achieve total inclusivity. Firstly, employ high contrast while using the colour combination for your design. In addition, consider using other languages apart from English, as many customers use English as a second language. It would be best to determine how the elements should receive priority.

Employ User-Friendly Buttons

One of the crucial tips is to Use familiar mobile UI designs for the buttons. It is recommended not to create any fancy or out of the ordinary component and label it as a key. Another essential instruction is not to employ text links as a key for mobile app creation. A few common switch design types are:

  • Filled rectangle with square edges
  • Filled rectangle with round edges
  • Ghost Switches
  • Floating buttons used in the material design

In addition, have enough white space between keys and other design components. If the switch is closer to the design elements, the user will not locate the keys. Use the precise type of button for each mobile app. In addition, controls should be located where the users can see them without any concerns. Place buttons in the traditional layouts and follow development conventions set up by the respective OS creation guidelines with the help of a mobile app development company in Australia.


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Another point to be jotted down is that these buttons should be easily discoverable. The consumer should not spend time finding where the switch is. The more the button is hidden, the more abandonment of the phone app. Label the keys with what they are meant to do. For example, if the switch is intended to add an item to the cart and the regulators say “Move Ahead”, the customer will not understand the meaning and leave.

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