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What’s New for App Advertisers in Google’s New Features Announcement?

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What’s New for App Advertisers in Google’s New Features Announcement?

In today’s day and age, getting the services of an app development company for building an app is crucial for a business. As most business is done through mobile devices, promoting your product through an app is sensible. Google’s app usage survey has found that 75% of users are more inclined to shop from those brands with an app presence and enable quick transactions.

Google, as usual, has understood this trend and has launched several new features for app advertisers, which would surely enable them to widen their customer reach, optimise their ad campaigns and see exponential growth. Let us check out all the new features introduced by the search engine.

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The Facility of Showing App Ads on Desktop

One of the new features announced by the portal will help app advertisers run their app campaigns on the desktop. Earlier app campaigns were allowed to run on YouTube, Google Play, Search, Discover and millions of other websites & apps, but users could see them only on mobile devices. However, now the campaigners will be able to target Android users & enhance their reach on desktop and mobile devices, apart from the SERP desktop version & Google Display Network. Coweso, the leading app development company in Australia, has a long list of clientele using its app-related services.

The Play Store desktop website will be connected to the app advertisements, and the store will enable the customers to install the app directly on their devices connected to their Google Play. The advertisers who are currently into the promotion of Android apps have to take no additional action. They will be added automatically to the desktop & they can also monitor the desktop performance within the device section.

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The feature is beneficial and far-reaching. However, there are other IT related issues that you can face. Please visit Coweso for all IT Consultancy associated problems.

Creating & Modifying In-App Events in Google Analytics

The performance of in-app is dependant on the capacity to set up in-app events. It is a crucial aspect of every advertisement campaign. Before the portal announced the new features, coding & app updates were needed with Firebase to create a custom in-app event, like order tracking of a customer completing a purchase. With the new features, you can easily create and modify events within the interface of Google Analytics, that too, without needing any code updates. It will benefit the advertisers a lot since they will no longer require developers’ assistance to create events or adjust and manipulate existing events. They can quickly go to the Analytics section and fiddle with event names and parameters to achieve desired goals. If you cannot perform these functions, visit  Coweso, the top app development agency in Melbourne & Perth.

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Introduction of Tool for Easier Deep Linking

Deep linking refers to using a hyperlink connecting to specific and indexed content or page on a website instead of the home page. Research says that more than 70% of users are likely to shop products from a brand if that brand’s app is easy and effortless to use. This feature plays a crucial role in attracting potential buyers to the website, thereby increasing conversion rates.

When the buyers arrive at your website, they should see a well-built portal. If you want any support in this regard, please contact Coweso, the leading eCommerce development agency.

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With its new feature of deep linking, Google has made it easy for advertisers to use deep links to their advantage. The search engine has announced a Deep Link Validator tool, which helps the campaigners validate deep links for their Android app. The advertisers can send and download a comprehensive report using the device, containing all the tests done on your link by the tool. It also includes solutions to fix the missed configurations & it can be easily achieved if you hire an excellent app development company like Coweso. In addition, Google also launched the Impact Calculator, which gives the advertisers a list of all the missing URLs they can implement as deep links on their website. What’s more, the calculator also informs about the missed conversions you had by not implementing these URLs.

Data-Driven Attribution (DDA)

Apart from the mentioned above features, the search engine has also announced Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) for deeply linked campaigns. The DDA will help the campaigners gain knowledge about why customers were driven to complete their buying process in the app due to clicking on some particular mobile web advertisements. This information will help the mobile app ad industry get better at bidding for their web marketing decisions.

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Marketing on the app is fine. However, promoting your website on other platforms is equally important. If you want next-level Digital Marketing services.

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