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How can cloud technology help to deliver a better customer experience?

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How can cloud technology help to deliver a better customer experience?

Growth – is what you are aiming for as a business. Irrespective of the brand size or the industry, growth is essential to survive in a highly congested market. If you have been asking how to grow quickly, here’s the answer – by delivering 100 out of 100 in customer experience.

73% of companies offering better than average customer experience perform better than their competitors.

Brands with superior customer experience generate 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors offering not-so-good client experience.

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Even the best-quality products or services cannot compensate for poor customer service. Focusing on delivering a flawless CX can help you grow a loyal client base.

Offering a better consumer experience is certainly easier said than done. There are many mounting challenges in every organization that need to be addressed to ensure a satisfying client experience.

Thankfully, cloud technology can sort out some of the most vital ones from these challenges. You can get assistance from a cloud hosting provider to improve on some of the crucial aspects of customer service.

So, how cloud technology can make a difference? Here’s how,

Better data accessibility

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Customer care executives fully depend on data to deliver assistance. Data accessibility and availability works at the core to ensure a better experience for the client. If the systems are not cloud-based, the employees are often restricted by their locations which can impact the level of service they can offer.

This advanced technology ensures that every crucial information is available to each of the executives with the required permission irrespective of their location. It can hugely improve the quality of assistance offered to the consumers and help your workforce perform more efficiently. It gives the client a single point of access, which can directly add to the service quality.

More power to the customer

The customer should be in the driver’s seat, always. If you can make your customers feel that they are driving the whole thing, you can easily score high in CX. Cloud computing makes self-assisted services possible. It creates one access point through which the user can log in to their accounts and perform any action they want to take.

This eliminates delay and ensures that your consumers don’t have to waste time standing in the queue. They can perform actions on their account any time of their choice, 24/7 without being restricted by any specific ‘working hours’. It gives more power to the client, which is directly related to a better experience.

What’s more is that it frees a considerable part of your valuable workforce, which enables employees to focus on specific areas that need more resources, leading to an overall better service throughout the organization.

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Personalized services

One key aspect of serving your clients better is to offer them personalized assistance. No one likes to be counted in the masses and following a general policy for every consumer is, plain and simple, inefficient.

The cloud technology makes it possible to store extensive data on client behaviour. The data can be analysed for a better understanding of the preferences and requirements of the clients, helping your brand to come up with products or services that can address their needs more precisely.

There is a rising concern about client data security as no means of digital transmission or storage is 100% secured. But the top cloud hosting services can ensure the maximum possible level of data safety for your brand.

More reliability

Reliability makes a big chunk of customer experience. Improved reliability and trustworthiness of your brand can always ensure a better experience for the clients. With cloud hosting, website or application downtimes can be eliminated, which can hugely add to the overall user experience. This can also improve operational efficiency and help in building brand reputation.

Cloud hosting in Australia is more reliable than any other hosting as here the files are distributed over a network of robust servers and not any particular system. It comes with the best data protection protocols and regular updates to ensure maximum security, which is essential to deliver your client base a safe experience.

More powerful CRM

Businesses, irrespective of their size or industry, more often than not, depend on powerful software to automate the management of client relationship. Most businesses spend on a CRM solution, but as the brand starts growing or there is a need to change a process or module, they hit a roadblock.

Updating the CRM after a certain level might involve huge investments, and not updating the CRM can negatively impact client relationship.

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Hosting the CRM on the cloud from the very beginning can eliminate this problem. Server setup services can help you to host your CRM, ensuring great speed and maximum scalability. Your business might also avail cloud-based CRMs for monthly rent and scale up or down as per the changing needs.

This directly impacts the overall level of customer assistance offered by a brand and ensures better results for less investment.

Better team collaboration

Cloud technology makes it simple and efficient to collaborate, even when the team members are located in different geographical areas. Sharing documents and information, working together on the same project or document, is not only feasible but easy when you are using the right technology.

It helps your team to collaborate and deliver better assistance. It helps your frontline workforce to be better prepared to handle consumers and their queries which can directly lead to better CX.

To wrap it up …

When it comes to customer experience, there are several variables, and managing them all with maximum efficiency and confidence can be challenging. The advanced technology offered by top cloud hosting companies gives you and your workforce more control and knowledge about these variables, which can considerably improve your client care team’s operation, optimizing processes and delivering better value.

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So, if customer service is becoming the impediment on the path of your business growth, which is a common factor for many businesses operating at different scales in different industries, embracing the latest technology can be the answer to overcome the challenges. To know more about how cloud technology can help your business to deliver better customer service talk to your Consulting and IT Leadership service provider.

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