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5 Methods to Follow When your Website Ranking is Down

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5 Methods to Follow When your Website Ranking is Down

It is a matter of great concern and panic when your website rankings drop. It is also a significant question mark on your SEO arrangements. Maybe the issue has occurred on a few top-ranking platforms, or perhaps it’s a massive decline across the board. But either way, your page rankings have gone down, and your traffic is affected.

As Google makes regular updates to web functionality, it is inevitable to have page fluctuations. However, it is never an encouraging signal when your search barometer starts moving on the wrong side. When you check the search console, SERPs, or other rank matching programs, you may find your ratings taking a hit. It is crucial then not to panic. You can easily make the situation better and smoothen the operations with proactive and active troubleshooting methods through collaborating with a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. We have provided five strategies in this blog post to help you locate the source of any problems so you can resolve them and get your SEO back on track.

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Thoroughly Check the Fundamental Processes

While an organisation focuses on scrutinising and verifying keyword performance, it can be too easy to ignore the importance of the on-page SEO fundamentals while getting your attention to advanced strategies. There may be no need to divert your attention towards features such as link velocity, citation boost or anchor text ratio as there could be an easy solution to your rankings issue directly on your portal.

For example, check the status code returned by your page and whether the code is 200. The codes in this series show that your portal can be communicating without any issue. The typical 200 OK status code signals a successful HTTP request. If you wish to confirm a successful bid for your site, ensure using a free tool like HTTP Status Code Checker. If the code is unsuccessful, it would be best to troubleshoot based on the unsuccessful status code, such as 404 (page not available) or 410 (page permanently removed). You can take the help of a leading digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso.

Another factor to check is whether the bots can crawl your page. Robots.txt is a text document in the high-level directory of your online server that asks bots to engage with your webpage in a specific way. You can set additions and deletions to your heart’s content within the file. For example, you can disallow bots from crawling a dev portal or indexing duplicate pages. Check whether you have accidentally set the restrictions too strictly, disallowing search bots from crawling any of your primary pages. Use Google’s free Robots testing tool to double-check the robots.txt file. Upload a more lenient file to the server if you spot anything suspicious.

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Verify the Basic SEO Checkpoints

The SEO basics don’t guarantee you the first-place position, but they ensure you can compete in the game. For instance, title tags might not be a search engine ranking factor, but they can still influence the process. In addition, collaborate with leading digital marketing companies in Australia to check that the basics like title tags, meta descriptions, and headings aren’t decreasing your rankings. Verify whether you have optimised the home page title and meta tags, and check whether they appear correctly in search outcomes. Your home page’s title tag denotes a significant yet straightforward opportunity to tell search bots what your page is about. If it’s generic or failing to pull correctly, it can negatively impact your ratings.


While its companion meta description doesn’t directly impact SEO, a prudent and relevant meta can improve click-through rates. You can customise title and meta tags within your site’s HTML head section. If you run your portal on WordPress, ensure easily managing titles and tags across your portal by installing a free plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack.

Also, check whether your homepage has an optimised H1 tag. The main heading lets users know the platforms and the info you provide in the title tag. However, unless it’s contained in an H1 label, search bots won’t separate it from the rest of the text on the site. Verify your site’s code to ensure a single, relevant H1 is employed on each page. You would be surprised how often ranking decline is caused by one or more of these crucial factors. Once you resolve the issue, your search performance will automatically improve.

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Verify Whether any Google Algorithm Updates is Pending

Now that Google’s core algorithm contains link algorithm Penguin and quality algorithm Panda and updates the attributes frequently, one always has to be on its toes about how minor tweaks can affect your rankings. The search engine giant updates dozens of algorithms regularly. It would be better to keep an eye on SEO news sites and follow top influencers in your field to keep yourself updated on trends and new advances. Twitter is also another great place to get precious information. If you see other web admins losing their patience, it’s a sure sign of some significant adjustments. If you’re doing your duties professionally and offering insightful content, a straightforward and interactive site interface and faster loading speed, you need not be stressed about changes in rankings due to algorithm upgradation. You’re ticking all the boxes, and the rewards are round the corner. For more benefits, contact Coweso – the leading company providing digital marketing services in Sydney.

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Verify Google Search Console

It may seem that the algorithms of a search engine are complicated. However, Google has made its expectations from a website amply clear – follow its directives and boost your search performance by taking action on the feedback provided by the organisation. Google search console is an essential service provided by Google in this regard as it helps you monitor, maintain, and optimise your site’s visibility in search results. Check GSC to see if any crawl errors interfere with your site’s indexing or visibility. If you see errors, such as server, DNS or URL errors, check if there are any issues by navigating to the index coverage report.

You can submit an XML sitemap through the Google search console that helps chart the structure of your page. Once loaded, check to see an inconsistency between the number of submitted URLs and the URL count indexed by the search engine giant. If the numbers don’t match, the possible explanation is that essential portals are blocked from search bots. It would be better to crawl your site with various available scanning programs that help determine the issue with the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne.


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You can also check individual links in the search console, which will enable you to check whether there are any errors or issues in the respective platforms that need to be sorted. In your console choices, be sure to check to Enable email notifications, so you’re quickly alerted to any significant problems, but make it a habit to check in with the Google search console regularly.

Go Through your Google Analytics Program

Google Analytics shows a reduction in audience movement or customer metrics like duration spent on site, bounce rate or pages browsed per session. Suppose you made any changes to the site text, functionality or design that collide. In that case, you could play a crucial role in enhancing the traffic by reverting the tweaks or going in a different direction through help from a digital marketing company in Sydney. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool containing details about how people discover your portal, their behaviour while browsing your site, and what pain points cause them to leave before completing an action. Categorise your audience by mobile and desktop browsers for even more insight because they have different intentions and interactions with your site.

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