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5 tips to significantly improve your social media presence

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5 tips to significantly improve your social media presence

Every business owner would vouch that there is absolutely no time to focus their attention on a specific subject as they have a lot on their plate. To keep the business running efficiently, one has to perform numerous activities and get many things done. Amidst all this chaos, social media tends to get ignored. While it is acceptable not to operate social media for some days, many owners continue neglecting it and post nothing for days and months. Such acts defeat the medium’s purpose and create the adverse effect of reducing your followers every time you look at their number. Due to your prolonged absence from the portal, you will not get many likes, shares and comments when you eventually post something, making the said effort of the digital marketing agencies redundant.

The reasons mentioned above are why most companies can’t boost their media following and struggle to reach the targeted audience. Therefore, they should pull their socks up and realise the importance of social media considering there are one billion people on Facebook alone. Don’t strive for too much. Just relax and analyse the points and scenarios you are executing imperfectly, as working smarter is the key here, like every other business. In the following lines, we will offer you some tips to help you research and analyse, along with shoring up your social media presence.

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Find the Appropriate Platform to Promote your Content

Various factors decide the perfect platform for promotions, such as your user base, the kind of business you operate, and the popularity of the existing portals. Small and medium-range companies need to be present on those social platforms that their target users use. For example, the average age of an Instagram user is between 25 to 34, as more than 30% of this age group uses the app. If the user demographic of your service is the same, you should think about advertising on this platform. Similarly, it would be rational and prudent to choose Pinterest if your business is aesthetic and visual, like an advertising firm or designing agency. You have to ensure that the platform you’re using is appropriate for the company requirements.

Having said that, it is a no-brainer to have an account on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as these are top-rated apps with a significant customer count. You can avail of these services from Coweso, the top organisation providing digital marketing services in Melbourne. Additionally, check the demographic present in the app to consciously think about using them.

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Share Fresh & Creative Content

When you are present on social media, having fresh and trending content to post is crucial. It will help if you continuously develop a social media calendar filled with content with the help of a digital marketing agency to attract your target customers. You can share multiple things with your users, such as blog posts, images, videos, creative infographics, related content from other brands, and group team images. Always follow the practice to fill the complete profile for every platform in its entirety and start sharing content even before you’ve gained followers.

You must fill your feed with content that attracts followers, so boost user engagement by thinking of creative & out-of-the-box ideas. In addition, write on the trending topics and pressing issues using the power of your imagination. A new audience will be looking at your page to see what you have been uploading, and you can’t get the audience to hit the like or follow button through one or two posts.

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Use Cross-Promotions to Promote your Channels

Cross-promoting your social media channels is a fantastic idea if you want to spare the additional effort with building up your social media accounts. You should advertise and share your Facebook account on Twitter and Linkedin & vice-versa. It would help if you didn’t make this advertisement obvious, either and share the link of one of your posts on Facebook on Twitter with a short description. This method is used by the companies offering digital marketing services in Melbourne when one wants to share a lengthy post on Twitter but can’t do so due to a limitation in Twitter’s character count.

There are various other methods for cross-promotion. These processes include advertising your social media handles in all of your emailers, business cards, email sending by adding them below your name, and ads in print media. Add links and follow buttons of your social media platforms on your webpage, blog, newsletters and emailers. Your current Facebook fans may also follow you on Twitter and Instagram as they already like what you have to say.

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Try to Upload Posts Regularly

Another crucial tip for owners is to post regularly in collaboration with their digital marketing agencies for enhancing their social media presence. Regular posting means you get more chances of attracting users and your posts being shared. In addition, continuously posting content on the handles mean your page will go up in the customer feeds and make you relevant & trending in their timeline. Sharing original content is ideal, but also try to share relevant and good posts from other creators. Always try to engage with your users. Resolve their queries, help them and ask which type of content would they like to see more. You can use such methods and practices with the help of Twitter or Instagram Stories polls. However, there is a threshold of user satisfaction, therefore don’t upload content too frequently. Maintain a healthy balance and stay accountable by creating a social media calendar to track all your social posts for the week.

Enhance Engagement With Followers

You need to understand that it is not enough uploading content, and you must directly engage with the followers. Depending on the platform, it may take some time, as some encourage more conversion than others, but spare some time to reply if someone comments on your posts. It’s such an effortless thing to do, and providing that one-on-one interaction with your audience goes a long way. If you’re worried about missing any comments or conversations, turn your messages on, or go through comments by setting a reminder.  Being open to comments will gain you new fans and a lot of respect from the customers. The public loves to connect with brands, so going out of your way to do so will make them notice you. Don’t forget to thank everyone for taking the time out to leave comments for you. In addition, always attempt to open up a conversation with those who tag you or mention you online.

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