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9 Great Tips to Boost your Local Business on Instagram

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9 Great Tips to Boost your Local Business on Instagram

If you are an owner or manager of a small neighbourhood business, your ‘to-do list must always constitute looking for new ideas to advertise your services and products with the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. If you also think on similar lines, one of the perfect platforms to advertise your local business is Instagram. This medium boasts of local hashtag search, geo-targeting, direct accessibility to consumers and focus on visual content makes it a hit with customers. We have provided nine fantastic tips for all the entrepreneurs to help them overcome all the obstacles and promote their business on this channel.

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Enable People to Find your Business on the Platform

Most nearby

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business owners believe that their portal will get flooded by people by simply creating an Instagram account. While it is a significant initial step to create an account, optimising it is essential for every entrepreneur. One should use the given below boosting tips to help your consumers locate you on Instagram.

  • Start by designing a location tag for your outlet on the platform.
  • Once you design the location tag, use this attribute to label your posts. Once done, request your friends or consumers to conduct this process.
  • Attempt to capture the top hashtag positions for your industry by taking opportunities for industry-specific hashtags. For instance, if you work for a company that owns a sushi restaurant in New South Wales, use the hashtag #nswsushirestaurant.
  • Once you create the tag, design & promote 5-6 posts using it so that your content will be visible at the top of hashtag search results.

Motivate Yourself for Better Promotions

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If you want to stand apart from the competitors offering similar services on Instagram, you need to motivate yourself to perform a host of organic tasks. However, it is recommended to opt for intelligent working methods with the assistance of a digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso instead of relentlessly making significant efforts to be seen. The primary consideration, in this case, is to remove your account from autopilot and start effective communication with customers. This part includes collaborating with crossover services in your surrounding location or interacting with influencers who have a firm grasp of your niche.


If you want to merge with the core crowd effortlessly, you can do a few simple things as mentioned below:

  • Follow influencers related to other similar businesses
  • Use accounts with high traffic to post relevant comments
  • Include other ventures while creating your posts or stories.

Use the Repost Feature to Gain Tractions from Trending Local Content

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Another evident and straightforward tip is to share what others like, such as the community posts from the surroundings. Once you share the content, you will garner people’s engagement following the said post. Another crucial thing that you will earn is social acceptance, which can be a future pathway toward high-end collaborations. One can easily use several reposting apps or Ingrammer to repost content.

Another essential task you have to perform before reposting is to ask for permission from the content owner. This part is critical because failure to get approval may get your post reported, flagged and taken down from the channel. In addition, garnering permission may get you some more links or accounts from the influencers or brands. These accounts include that of the photographer or other collaborators who contributed to the post. For more information, contact Coweso – one of the leading digital marketing companies in Australia.

Cultivate Trustworthiness and Consistency for Increased Traction

Another essential tip to increase your popularity and visibility is constantly posting content. It has been effortlessly simple nowadays to schedule social media content before the due date, thanks to programs & tools like Agorapulse or Hootsuite. In addition, if you responsibly create & post regularly, your audience generates trust in you and relies on you to keep them updated. Uploading trustworthy content reinforces the audience’s belief, and they tune in to see your update, like checking the news. If you are able to put an insightful spin on the trending subject topics and lead the conversation on that subject, you’ll be able to develop a following that will enable you to create a solid local base.

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Develop a Hyperlocal Bio for More Efficiency

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One aspect still ignored by most businesses is that you can let people find your venture through your Instagram bio. You can help customers connect the surrounding community with your account using hyperlocal keywords. In addition, other crucial considerations include adding phrases used in the neighbourhood, hashtags and core location, which you can integrate with the help of a company providing digital marketing services in Sydney.

Share all the Activities in your Locality

You must display pride in your surroundings to make an impression in front of the public and boost your business. You can get help from some of the concepts given below:

  • Upload the information regarding the local events you hosted.
  • Provide information regarding all the discounts, deals and various sales.
  • Share details about all the causes you are associated with.
  • Coordinate with your audience to spread user-generated content

Leverage this aspect of the promotion as a PR mechanism. It shouldn’t seem that you are excessively promoting your services. However, you must highlight those details that help you provide an edge as a leader.

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Be Flexible and Monitor the Current Trends

Most content nowadays follows a trend, and Instagram is no exception. It is crucial to connect with your feed and always stay updated to determine hyperlocal trends. The algorithm of Instagram is more user-oriented, unlike other social media channels, such as Twitter, which offer information snippets of all the content trending in an

area. In addition, you must be a good listener to find out the trending news in your area. You can monitor your surroundings to find the latest activities with the help of an online marketing company in Australia by doing small things right, such as turning on notifications for your area’s most popular influencers, using local hashtags & follow them and ensuring following trailblazers in your society.


Use Your Surrounding Location to your Advantage

When it comes to the ease of content creation, surrounding ventures dominate in many aspects. You can start boosting your company’s visibility in the local surroundings by beginning to catalogue the nearby areas. To put it simply, upload images of locations around your business hub. Once the process is done, use local geotags for each image to make it more discoverable.

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Garner Audience Details

Instagram is a highly communicative ad visually interactive social media platform which is the reason for its popularity. However, you want to guarantee as a local business to directly access your network, finally resulting in garnering the crucial details of your audience like name and email. You can garner information about your neighbourhood community through many things. Some of the examples are:

  • Running a campaign and using various campaign management programs
  • Accessing private advertisements by inviting followers to join your emailer
  • Develop a personal “email opt-in” group chat for your community on Instagram

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These simple responses will help you get information and communicate more frequently with your Instagram audience. You can also take the assistance of Coweso – the best digital marketing company in Australia – in this matter.

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