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Facebook changing its name: Focus on building the metaverse, says Zuckerburg

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Facebook changing its name: Focus on building the metaverse, says Zuckerburg

A few days before, the grapevine was abuzz regarding the potential decision of Facebook planning to rebrand the organisation with a new name. It turns out the report was indeed accurate as a credible source with direct knowledge of the developments has informed that the CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, announced that the company is planning to change its name next week. According to him, the proposed rebranding focuses its energies on creating the metaverse and expanding the digital marketing universe.

The change in name mentioned above is scheduled to be talked about and unveiled by Mark Zuckerburg on October 28th, the date of the organisation’s annual Connect conference. However, the date of the said announcement could also be preponed. This announcement on the part of Facebook is representative of the tech giant’s willingness & ambition to move beyond social media and all the surrounding controversies in which it has found itself engulfed. Another major overhaul the name change is likely to witness is the modified positioning of the social media app under a parent firm as one of the many offerings that it oversees. Such offerings include groups like Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, among others.

Zuckerberg also believes that the future would not belong to the smartphone alone but also use hardware tools like AR glasses, which, he says, are being built on Facebook by more than 10,000 strong staff.  A few months ago, he reportedly confessed to the media that his organisation would slowly move from being a widespread social media company, its current identity, to a mainstream metaverse company in the near future. Such developments should enhance the attraction of the platform for the companies, and they should contact leading digital marketing companies in Sydney.

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Another advantage of a rebranding operation is differentiating the highly ambitious tasks Zuckerburg is currently focusing on from the high level of controversy and scrutiny the social media app has faced for its controversial work ethic and functionality. A former staff turned whistleblower, Frances Haugen, recently leaked a host of incriminatory internal files to a respected newspaper and confessed before Congress about the firm. Facebook relies and works on personal trust, which is not working at the moment as antitrust regulators in the US and elsewhere are conspiring to topple the company.

Other popular digital marketing tech companies felt their ambitions expand with time, and Facebook certainly isn’t the first.  In 2015, Google recalibrated fully under Alphabet’s holding company. The move is performed partially to indicate that it longer considered itself a search engine but a large corporation with firms making driverless cars and health technologies. Snapchat started introducing itself as a camera company by launching its first pair of Spectacles camera glasses and newly packaged itself as Snap Inc. in 2016.

Though Zuckerberg has announced his intentions now, his company has been quietly preparing the base to develop and support next-generation technologies with more extraordinary verve. The Facebook team has even appointed a devoted group for its metaverse project. In addition, it also announced the promotion of its AR & VR head, Andrew Bosworth, to chief technology officer. Apart from that, Facebook announced its plans some days ago to recruit around 10,0000 staff in Europe for the metaverse.

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Mark Zuckerburg is wholly involved in this project and confessed that the metaverse is the main focus. This project is going to play a crucial role in the next instalment of the technological evolution after the mobile internet. He also stressed that such expansion would begin a new chapter for his company in this area, encouraging the organisations in Australia to take assistance from leading digital marketing companies in Melbourne & Perth.

Sci-fi novelist Neal Stevenson initially coined the term to describe a virtual world people escape from a dystopian, natural world. However, the problem with this line of thought is that metaverse as a concept is not understood by the masses despite the tech giant’s promotions in recent weeks. Now it’s being taken over by one of the world’s largest and most controversial companies — and it’ll have to explain why its virtual world is worth exploring.

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