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How to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will work for your brand?

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How to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will work for your brand?

There isn’t much more to add about the importance of content marketing in brand promotion. Every digital marketing company is advocating the same. At least 73% of businesses hire a dedicated employee for monitoring content creation, but all of them don’t necessarily succeed in making it work.

The question is, why? There are no doubts about the usefulness of quality blogs or videos, and every established business is spending on it, but still only a few can make it work.

What they do differently than others that make them click?

Why some blogs are read by millions, and some are lost in the crowd and people don’t even get to know about them?

To answer in brief, it is the content marketing strategy you follow that can make all the difference.

The quality is surely paramount, but it is not the only factor to decide the success.

How to create a content marketing strategy that will work for your brand and ultimately lead to conversion, we will discuss in this blog.

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Decide a Content Creation Strategy

The first step is to design a strategy according to your brand value proposition.

The strategy should consider the following –

  1. Who will read it?

Creating what you like or talking only about your brand or products is most likely to fail. Your audience is not willing to know about you or your product unless they are already interested in your brand. So, you need to create what will interest your target audience. It is where most of the brands fail.

We understand, your ultimate objective is to increase revenue, and it is not different for any brand. But you need to follow the right steps to attract your customers to enter the sales funnel.

Knowing your customer, what they like, what they do, what grabs their interest, the presentation style they will prefer, the tone, the approach of their choice – the more you know, the more targeted content you can produce.

Researching your competitors can help to decide how to establish your USPs. Why you are better than your competitions – the message should be clear and loud, but you should not sound sales.

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Digital marketing agencies offering services in the field can help you achieve the right balance.

  1. What is the purpose?

There are three distinct categories in content – TOFU, MOFU and BOFU that will lead an audience through the sales funnel step by step and convert to a buyer or advocate. Before creation, it is important to decide what purpose that particular piece should serve, so that it can fit perfectly into the broader marketing plan.

Every audience is not a buyer, but they can be converted to a buyer with the right influence. You should start by sharing information and educating your audience with valuable insights. Once your audience starts connecting with your brand, the next step is to make them love your brand with entertaining posts. Converting your followers to your buyers is the next step.

  1. What should be the type?

Content comes in various formats. Blogs, audio, video, infographics, white papers, images, e-books, brochures, and the list go on. Your strategy should cover a healthy mix of the different types depending on your target audience and brand.  Also, consider the platform on which you are sharing.

Follow the best SEO practices

Once you have the strategy in place, ensure that everything you produce is optimized for the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimized content will increase your brand reach and drive website traffic. Optimize every blog and article for organic search. The right structure, including valuable links, appropriate keywords in the right density, images, videos, and infographics, can help your blogs perform better. You may talk to digital marketing services to know more about optimization.

Plan content distribution

The reach of your content depends on your distribution plan. Higher reach will naturally engage more audience and drive better results. While planning the distribution the following should be on the top of mind,

  1. Follow a multi-media strategy

How you distribute the content makes a vital part of the marketing strategy. In a distribution plan, owned media, paid media and earned media all have their specific importance. Your plan should use all these elements comprehensively to stay at the top of your audience’s mind.

Suppose you are creating a blog post to share some useful information with your audience. Publishing it on your business website is only the first step.  Share it on the owned social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to reach more readers and to get the benefits of ‘sharing’.

You can create small illustrative videos that will re-instate the theme of the blog and share those on YouTube to target audience who spend more time watching videos. Paid promotion of the blog on social media platforms will help you reach new audience and generate more leads.

  1. Identify the right platforms

Identifying the most relevant online channels to share your content increases the chance of it being seen by your target audience. Resources should be shared or promoted on the channels where your target customers already spend their time.

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Use social media analytics and demographics as well as other information about your target audience to determine the best channels to share.

Each of these online platforms has their specific styles, and you should mould the resources into the respective formats to ensure better impact. In other words, focus on creating platform specific content or optimize it as per the different platforms.

  1. Maintain an editorial calendar

Every web development company stresses the importance of maintaining an editorial calendar when you are venturing into the arena. A well-planned editorial calendar can serve multiple purposes.

It helps to plan, organize, and manage resource production and publication across all the marketing channels. Regular publication is essential to get an edge, and without a proper editorial calendar, your strategies can easily fall flat on their face.

The editorial calendar makes it possible to ensure that there is no content support gap in the journey of your TG from ‘audience to buyer or advocate’.

Analyse and adjust

In the web world changes are quick. A strategy that has worked well for you in the past might lose its edge in a day. According to the top digital marketing agencies in Australia, continuously analyzing the performance of your content and fine-tuning the marketing strategy, is the key to success.

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If you follow the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) closely, you will notice clear indications of what is accepted by your audience and what they don’t like. Keeping track of user behavior like the number of unique visitors, bounce rate, visitor engagement, organic traffic, number of leads produced, and the conversion rate will help you understand what is working and what is not.

Adjust your strategy from time to time to get the best results. You can write to Coweso, the IT consultancy for more information and professional assistance.

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