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How to Create a Great Brand Awareness Campaign?

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How to Create a Great Brand Awareness Campaign?

The specific way a customer identifies and recognises your brand name and business is known as brand awareness. It is a measure of the consumer attachment with your product or service – the more the brand awareness, the greater the familiarity of your audience with your offerings, messaging and logos. This feature is usually known as the primary stage of the marketing funnel. You can cover a wide range of your audience who can be your potential customers through developing brand awareness. Once you create the required understanding and create some leads, you can funnel them towards the analysis, decision-making and ultimately the purchasing process with the help of a company offering digital marketing services in Melbourne like Coweso. But how do a company create a fantastic awareness campaign and ensure its success? We will discuss all this by explaining a few steps along the way.

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Know the Patrons you are Trying to Attract

The first step is to know the target audience you are going to attract. You should start the process by checking your current customer base. Check the people who purchase your items or follows you on social media platforms. Think about the common points they have since all of them recognises and identifies with your brand. Try to know their pertinent problems, which aspect interests them, and how can you help them through your product. Once you get the idea of these questions, analyse your core market and find out a few critical points, such as the shopping patterns of your customers and the list of your closest rivals. Your competitors likely have most of your target audience, therefore take special care to research at that point. Once done, create a profile for your consumer by analysing the results, and your campaign will get started.

Ensure Targeting Users on a Platform They Frequently Visit

Once you decide on the persons to target, the next step is to target them on a platform where they can view your campaign. Check whether they are on popular platforms like Facebook and Linkedin & upload your campaign ads there. In addition, you can verify whether they are a regular part of a forum or messaging board so that you can be involved. If any of your targeted audience has a preferred blog space, contact the website requesting to write something on your brand to get attracted to your offerings. Another essential tip is not to try to promote on every platform. For example, don’t advertise on Snapchat or Pinterest if you think your audience is not there. Your money and message will be wasted because you’re going to reach people who aren’t your audience. Take the help of a prominent digital marketing agency in Australia like Coweso in this matter.

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Decide on the Money You Should Spend on the Promotions

You can apportion a decent sum of money to the campaign only when you know your budget. It would be best if you started spending only after learning the amount you can use. If you can’t assign enough money, be creative and locate the platforms that will present your brand in front of the most potential purchasers within your budget. Try and use most of your allotted money on this platform. Check whether these portals allow the organic search option. For example, suppose you are a company dealing in data security. In that case, you can create your brand’s account on Twitter to follow anyone who uses the hashtag of data security while tweeting. You can then converse with them to attract them towards your services. There are lots of organic activities that you can do to get your brand in front of your targeted audience. If you have a huge budget, there is no need to splurge. Make a list of necessary items where you should spend your money and the platforms you need to invest in.

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Establish the Meaning of Success 

Ensure knowing the parameters of the success of your brand awareness campaign. Try to find the purpose of your campaign. Establish whether you did it for awareness or you also want leads of clients and their other details. If you’re only checking awareness, your metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) will likely be your content’s likes, follows, shares and retweets, or impressions and reach. Establish that upfront if you want to push your audience through their buyer’s journey a bit more. Determine the figures you need to see to know that you’ve done an excellent job. In other words, don’t look at the facts and determine your benefits; decide your results and then find out the data that will match it. And don’t be afraid of failing. Retargeting is a necessity in marketing—no one gets it right the first time. If you want some help in this matter, contact Coweso, the leading company offering digital marketing services in Melbourne.

Put the Finishing Touches on your Campaign

Now you have done everything required from you for a successful campaign. You have determined your target audience and located the platforms they prefer. You also possess proper knowledge of the budget in hand and spent it as per the stipulated requirements. Most importantly, you have the user info and data you need to make your brand awareness campaign a roaring success. The only activity you have to do is design the messaging part, put the finishing touches on your marketing process and wait. If you have followed all the mentioned above steps, you are deserving of success as you appropriately created the campaign.

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Ensure Continuous Tracking of your Results 

If you don’t know the yardstick of success, it would be tough for you to measure the win when it comes. Therefore, carefully track these measurements to check your scale of success. Never forget to check the facts that show you the performance you put, comparing it to the KPIs you set up.  Take special care to verify which of your campaigns did well and which of them didn’t strike a chord with the audience. It shows you that maybe you spent more time on Facebook promotions than blogs, but the blog page shows more engagement, which means you should continue writing blogs and spend less time on Facebook marketing. You can take the help of a leading digital marketing agency in Australia to decide.

Don’t forget to follow the amount of time and effort each one took as a KPI as it is the measure of ROI in the future. One important tip for all budding entrepreneurs is that you shouldn’t fear failure, as this will help you have a clear mind afterwards and transform the process. The purpose of retargeting is to allow you to learn from your data and make better ads the next time around. Compile information, deploy, track. Compile better information from that campaign, deploy another one, track. That’s how excellent brand awareness happens.

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