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How to Perform Effective Social Media Marketing with Hashtags?

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How to Perform Effective Social Media Marketing with Hashtags?

Hashtags are a fantastic method to drive views, likes, and shares when advertising your brand on social media channels. Previously referred to as the pound signal (#), this effective marketing tool is a way to make your posts and page visible to a large group of users. The hashtags were initially employed on Twitter on a wide scale. But their growing effectiveness ensured that they are an equally crucial tactic to bring in customers on other mediums, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. You can efficiently and powerfully engage your audience and enhance your social grip over your customers by mastering the hashtag at no expense except the time invested in analysing and studying the trending patterns with the help of a reputed digital marketing agency in Melbourne. These tags assist the individuals interested in your topic find you and help expand your influence and followers if used correctly. In the paragraphs below, we have discussed some effective methods to use these symbols for better marketing purposes.

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Keep it Relevant and Straightforward.

It is crucial to ensure that you choose something people search for and can easily remember when selecting a hashtag for your posts and contents. You can find multiple hashtags floating around in the world of digital media. Using an excessively long and challenging tag will not get a good outcome as it is tough for an ordinary person to pronounce or spell. In addition, you will not get any benefit from a generic, obscure and unclear hashtag.

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The essential requirement for the tag to work is that it should be concise, subtle and easier to spell. Your audience should easily understand the message and the post’s topic by looking at the promoted keywords. The best thing to do to achieve this goal is to search for topics relevant to the user with the help of a digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso. It would help if you found the hashtags already being discussed and pertinent to your content and company. Social media hashtags help categorise your content, let people follow a trend, and even help you engage with a community.

Use the Hashtags in Trend

You can call a keyword a trending hashtag when it becomes prevalent among the masses. All of you must have heard someone talking about the currently trending patterns. Sometimes, it refers to the presently famous keywords now popular or is the most talked about at a particular time. Often, popular hashtags are centred on the major news topics of the world. When you see a trend related to your venture, use that tag to engage with your customers. You can effortlessly get your message across to a more extensive user base by employing a trending hashtag in your new post. In this way, you can spread the message not just to your followers but to many more people across domains.

In addition, you can also enhance a brand’s visibility through a trending hashtag. However, you need to ensure that the keyword provides a specific value to your current topic before using a hashtag in your social media content. If you find that there is no value addition, users will ignore it amidst posts of similar nature. If you are posting knowledge-based content, it will boost brand awareness as more persons will re-share it. You should also automate your posts on digital platforms with the help of the top digital marketing companies in Australia. Prepare a yearly calendar of important events to plan content and campaigns that reach more individuals. Also, try to be consistent with your posting.

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Ensure Not Overstuffing the Tags in the Content

Hashtags are an integral component of social media campaigns. These tools provide your products with more visibility so you can spread the message about your offering to a broad user base. Moreover, people have no problem remembering your hashtag when you employ it numerous times on separate channels. However, each social media portal enjoys its hashtag settings and usage limit. Failure to follow the same might result in less customer involvement. According to research, your engagement may get reduced by more than 65% by using more than ten tags. You should follow the tag limit on every platform as mentioned below.

  • Twitter: Avoid using more than two hashtags per tweet for best engagement because of character count limitations.
  • Facebook: You should only employ two keywords on this portal with the help of a company providing digital marketing services in Sydney – one trending hashtag and one generic one for your company.
  • Instagram: While the platform allows 30 keywords, it is advised to use no more than nine posts for better conversion.
  • LinkedIn: There is no limitation on using such words in this portal. However, it is advised to use only five such keywords, or else LinkedIn technical team could mark the content as spam.
  • Pinterest: You can help pinners find relevant text by using two hashtags.
  • TikTok: Boost your reach on the platform by using 4-5 hashtags on TikTok.

Create your Separate Identity

As an SEO manager, you want to use a hashtag to connect to your community, especially during special programmes and chats on digital portals. However, you need to engage with the users by using unique hashtags if you want others to join in on the conversation. It is futile to expect people to share or retweet your content if you use generic tags like #seo or #eCommercecompany. Nowadays, entrepreneurs like to connect more with their followers through social updates that include ingenious, popular and relevant hashtags with better social media marketing tips.

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It is beyond doubt that hashtags are an emphatic tool for brand marketing on social media. It would help if you used a carefully selected & tactically employed hashtag to get great results. Although such tags need to be utilised differently according to the channel, you can adhere to the best practices to enhance their performance. As a manager, you also have to stay updated on social media’s ever-evolving features and constantly transforming user choices. Every new assignment brings new challenges and newer attributes. Therefore, try to be updated and proactive in all your endeavours. You can use the services of Coweso – the leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

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