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Instagram No Longer a Photo-Sharing App: Features It’ll Focus on

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Instagram No Longer a Photo-Sharing App: Features It’ll Focus on

Millions have deliberated the possibility of it across the globe. It has been confirmed a week back by the social media giant’s head – Instagram is no longer a Photo-sharing app.

On June 30, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, took to the platform and Twitter to discuss the company’s plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond. In the broadcasted message of around two and a half minutes, Mosseri briefly explained some of the changes coming to Instagram over the next few months and the company’s focus from now on. He wrote, “At Instagram, we’re always trying to build new features that help you get the most out of your experience. Right now, we’re focused on four key areas: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging.” Let’s look at the four digital marketing services that the website will target and what Mosseri said about them.

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Over the past few years, the value of individual content creators has increased manifold, and the portal is aware of that. Instagram has many professional and amateur content creators and influencers who tend to impact diverse areas ranging from fashion, travel, entertainment, and even politics. According to the video message shared by Mosseri, there has been a shift in power from institutions to individuals across sectors, which has led to the enhanced importance of the web platform’s creator community. Golden days are ahead for users wishing for more content on the app.

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Videos are the most engaging content pieces used by most popular platforms, and now Instagram has decided to embrace them. Mosseri says in his message that the videos are the drivers of growth for major platforms like TikTok and Youtube and goes on to stress that the app is no longer a photo-sharing or a square photo-sharing platform. He says that people come to the app to be entertained, and they will strive harder to use the video medium more widely. This usage includes displaying full–screen, engaging, entertaining and mobile-focused videos, which will be shown on the user feed. The platform plans to have accounts that the users do not follow on their feed and start rolling on the updates within the next couple of months. If you wish to add and manage an account on the platform as per the proposed changes, contact Coweso, the leading digital marketing company in Australia.

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Another primary agenda of the social media portal is to improve the shopping experience of users. Due to the rampant digitisation and the recent unforeseen pandemic affecting the commerce and shopping sectors, the user prefers to shop online rather than offline. This trend makes more sense for platforms such as Instagram to take advantage of such an opportunity and enhance their capabilities. As more and more users are going for digital purchases, this move from the giant is a masterstroke. The announcement is also in line with the newly launched payment portal Facebook Pay, which the customers can use to pay for new items on the platform’s shopping pages.

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The final thing on the agenda is the messaging, which is a crucial component for users as per the Instagram head. He says in the video that the mode of people connecting with their loved ones and close friends has transformed a lot over the last half a decade or so, where the primary method of communication is messaging. He says that users tend to connect more with messages as compared to feeds and stories. Therefore the social media behemoth will bring new updates to the messaging feature. If you don’t want to be left behind in the race, visit Coweso, one of the top digital marketing agency and take advantage of their expertise.

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Anyone using the portal over the past few years should not be surprised at the proposed changes. The organisation has frequently adapted and changed itself to follow the latest trends that evolved around the globe. It is continuously shifting the old things out and stuff the app with new stuff, so much so that it is barely recognisable to the user who started using it many years ago.

This video is also praiseworthy for its candid admission that changes are happening worldwide in digital marketing services, and it needs to keep up. Mosseri also underlines the popularity of YouTube & TikTok and stresses that Instagram needs to implement all the proposed changes to compete against them. However, it also made one point clear – the people still looking to utilise the platform for image-sharing are in for a surprise and should look for other portals.

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