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Seven Productivity-Related Software for Companies Promoting Remote Working

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Seven Productivity-Related Software for Companies Promoting Remote Working

The raging coronavirus pandemic has left its impact on the business world, and some changes appear to be long-term. Whether a new company or an established firm, every venture tries to transform its working strategy to compete with other firms in the fast-changing market. A failure to adjust can prove catastrophic, as displayed by the story of many leading organisations’ inability to adapt to digital technology advancements. Therefore, a business can swim afloat or sink according to its adapting capabilities. However, the sudden shifts in the market affect all the ventures.

Many enterprises now need to address the core issue of managing a largely remote workforce by collaborating with a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. This situation encapsulates everything from how to drive productivity levels, measure performance, and stay on top of workflows. This blog will inform you about various crucial tasks in an establishment and related productivity software one can utilise to scale up in this fast-changing climate. We have described several tasks and productivity tools to make your work easier.

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Sharing Documents

Any company, large or small, uses documents daily. Providing employees with a swift and effortless way of viewing, editing, and sharing documents is essential. Many companies find the Microsoft suite to work perfectly well for their various activities, with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all practical applications for multiple departments. Yet, a cloud-based solution such as Google Docs might be a better option for others. Document sharing becomes much easier with a cloud-based solution so the staff can instantly and efficiently cooperate. In addition, it’s the appropriate solution to the long-distance problem. With the help of cloud-based file sharing, a line manager can look at their employee’s work without needing back-and-forth emails or document downloads.

File storage

Just as document sharing is essential, you also require a foolproof mechanism for keeping the extensive collection of files on the company books you undoubtedly possess. One of the most popular solutions is DropBox Business, which lets you get up to 3,000 GB of file storage. The tool also allows users to sign files digitally, a sureshot method to save precious time. For further information, contact Coweso – the leading digital marketing company in Sydney.

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Time Monitoring Software

Very few tools are better than time monitoring tools or trackers when we talk about calculating staff productivity. Time trackers help you evaluate employee performance using the most valuable metric: time, and also include work tracking software. Instead of judging your staff based on their completion of assignments or tasks, time trackers give you a vivid idea of how they use their allotted company time. You can see how much idle time your employee is spending and how you can decrease this duration by using this information. You can also precisely generate detailed statements to inform your staff using the time data. With a wealth of time-related details at your disposal, offering performance appraisals becomes much more practical. You can use this method to make significant changes if you see any concerning patterns.

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Project management

Modern enterprises increasingly use project management software by hiring digital marketing companies in Australia. These tools allow you to optimise and automate key workflows, delegate and track projects and encourage effective team collaboration. Additionally, you invite top talent when you adopt project management software. These days, top-drawer employees wield significantly more power as they know they can try elsewhere if an organisation doesn’t give in to their demands of modern working tools, remote working facilities and a flexible schedule. Project management software can help you streamline your current processes, boost productivity, and strengthen your hiring efforts. Additionally, onboarding will be effortless once you hire staff as you only have to introduce the new employees to the software and get them up to speed.

Automation Software

Automation is the buzzword today as it is imprudent to spend time on unnecessary tasks when you can automate them. A few tools promoting this phenomenon, such as Mailchimp and Zapier, strive to automate critical business processes. Automation is the most effective technique to spend less time on activities that don’t necessarily need human intervention at every working process step. For example, you can look at emails. While they’re essential for many firms, it can be overly time-taking to manually send out hundreds of or more emails every day as they distract you from high-priority tasks.

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Tools to Let you Concentrate

While these programs might seem more appropriate for an individual rather than a professional organisation, these tools can help you focus on the job and can be helpful for modern establishments. It isn’t anything out of the blue for organisations to offer their employees a subscription to health and well-being-specific app companies like Mindspace and Calm by conducting deals with these applications. Many studies by companies providing digital marketing services in Sydney prove that one can effortlessly improve their productivity levels by assimilating & integrating positive habits in their life, especially those that can help focus. One can quote another example, like Brain.FM which enables you to concentrate on a specific task by playing scientifically developed music. While this method is unconventional, your organisation must be willing to adopt new measures and integrate this technique as it will set its business apart and help it flourish.


While all the other activities are undoubtedly crucial, one can’t ignore the communication-related tools. A program that facilitates swift communication and effective collaboration are essential for many businesses. Tools like Slack encourage high output levels, allowing teams and employees to interact through context-specific ‘channels. Another prominent app is Zoom, which lets users have large video conferences that can substitute conventional briefings and meetings.

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