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Steps to set up your facebook ad campaign

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Steps to set up your facebook ad campaign

Nearly 3 billion people use Facebook every month, and roughly 2 billion each day. This data proves that the social media platform is a unique medium for companies to enhance their marketing. However, there are multiple factors to take care of when setting up a Facebook advertisement campaign. Is the target audience you selected the ideal people? Are you running the perfect ads to cater to them? Do the image dimensions need tweaking? You will face multiple questions like this while creating the promotional marketing, and it gets a little overwhelming at times. That is why we have designed a list of steps that you can implement with your digital marketing agency in Australia to make it easy for you to engage the right audience with the proper advertisement.

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Choose your Ad Objective

There are a bunch of marketing objectives matching your marketing aim from which you can take your pick. For example, store traffic is used to move traffic to a physical place, and Conversions are used to attract users to a website. Selecting the correct goal for your marketing is necessary for effective campaigning, and you can choose one for yourself from the ones given below.

  • Get your product to the attention of your target audience and make them aware of your offerings.
  • Generate buzz around your campaign by putting your ad in front of the maximum number of users possible.
  • Take persons to your website directly from the platform by using promotions.
  • Encourage your audience to like, share and comment on your posts to get them engaged with your services online.
  • Send people to the app store with the help of your ads so that they can download your app.
  • Target those persons who have the best chance to watch your videos and enhance traffic on your posts.
  • Perform lead generation on the portal to follow up at a later time.
  • Engage with new consumers by utilising ads showing on Messenger, Instagram or Whatsapp.
  • Make your audience perform a purchase or start a free trial as the next step of product engagement with the help of a leading digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso.
  • Use the images of products available on your online store in your promotion to encourage product browsing and buying.
  • If you have a physical store, optimise your ads to target the local population by attracting them to come to your shop.

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Provide a Name to your Promotional Marketing

An effortless method to create your campaigns on the desired scale and get good results is to name them. The benefit of such exercise is that when the time comes to check your results, you can opt for ultra-effective reporting later. Some examples of the content you can use in the marketing name are the name of the client or website, your target audience or place, personalised users if any, creatives used for campaigning and Facebook page. These points help organise your ad promotions and simplify reporting.

Take Care of Ad Categories, Testing & Budget

Another essential step is to take care of the trifecta – special promotional categories, A/B Testing and Marketing Budget.

The primary activity you require to perform is specifying whether your promotion comes under any special categories. While most ads don’t fall under this category, checking whether such provisions apply to your ad is crucial. You can take the assistance of a specialist digital marketing agency in Australia in this regard.

Usage of A/B Testing is the next thing to decide for you. You can perform experiments and accumulate details by creating a split or A/B test to know about the best-performing creative, audience and optimised delivery strategies. If you want to run your marketing smoothly, it is advised to choose the test. You can check the A/B testing guide for Facebook to get the whole idea of the process.

Optimising the budget is the last part of this trilogy. Turning this feature on helps Facebook identify how to apportion your marketing budget most efficiently by distributing it among many ad sets. Conversely, you can also manually choose to allocate money for each group if you please.

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Ensure Providing your Campaign Budget and Bidding

This part is essential in setting up your promotions. Under this category, you have to choose your budget type between lifetime or daily. In addition, you also have to set an amount you will spend in a day or for the entire campaign. A company also have to provide the date of the scheduled campaign commencement and end. It is advised to think carefully before allocating the budget, as too much allotment means less money for further promotions and less means getting unsatisfactory results. Try to consult on this matter with a leading digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso.

Set up the Criteria of Targeting Users

There are many ways in which Facebook provides you options to target audiences. However, you have two options in this phase – creating a new target user base or utilising the saved audience database.

Building the new user base allows Facebook to show your approximate daily reach and inform or caution you about the current audience size is too large or small.  In contrast, using the existing Facebook audience database provides you with the advantage of targeting likes or interests, behaviours and demographics on the platform. All of this allows you to create particular audiences to target in your campaign.

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Ensure Doing Placements Setup

Choosing the placement to display your ads on Facebook’s extensive network is the penultimate step. By default, Facebook will have automatic arrangements selected that they believe give you the best results. However, the ads’ display location entirely depends upon the goals and aims you have chosen for your promotions with the help of a digital marketing agency in Australia. If you would like to, you can also opt to choose your placements. While Facebook does a fantastic job auto-optimising your ad placements, it’s still important to do your research with split tests. You can learn where your ads have the most significant impact for the least amount of money.

Set Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign

You have to perform the final step of the campaign designing procedure. Here, you can choose your preferred Facebook ad type and insert your ad images and copy in this segment. Let’s look at the fundamentals of the job you need to get done to get your ad put together.

To complete the campaign, you’ll need to choose to either design a new ad or utilise an existing post from your page. However, suppose you create a promotional campaign from the beginning. In that case, you’ll need to incorporate all the components, such as videos, images and copy them into your ad by taking assistance from a digital marketing company in Sydney. You can find all of them in the Ad Creative section. Just click on Publish when you complete filling in all the details, and that’s it. You have created your new ad campaign on Facebook!

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