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Twitter Verifications Opened for Public: All You Need to Know

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Twitter Verifications Opened for Public: All You Need to Know

Social Media microblogging platform Twitter recently announced that it would accept public applications once again from users wanting a verification or ‘blue tick’. The company further announced that it is coming up with new guidelines that the users have to follow to keep the verified badge. The users seeking authentication can also submit an application for the same from their account settings screen. The application’s acceptance will depend on the user’s eligibility to fit into any of the six categories earmarked for authentication.

The feature of profile authentication is not new on the site & the website has been verifying profiles for a very long period. However, due to the confusion over what the blue tick signifies, the microblogging platform suspended the process in 2017. Though it has continued verifying profiles on a selective basis, some deserving individuals and establishments have been ignored.

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When the service was suspended in 2017, the portal issued a statement clarifying the perception that the blue tick signifies endorsement. It said that the Twitter verification was meant to authenticate identity and voice but is meant as something else. The term verified has a different meaning than the one that people thought about it & its definition has been cleared by the site with a few changes when it decided to re-verify public applications.

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Meaning of Verified As Per Twitter

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Twitter explains that a blue or verified badge is the symbol of authentication for an account of high public interest. It also clarifies that apart from authentication, the badge means nothing more. In addition, it states that it can remove the verification badge if the profile is found violating the website’s rules & guidelines. It has also issued some new guidelines which mention the following reasons for which the authentication status can be quashed.

  • The account has become inactive or is incomplete.
  • The concerned person no longer occupies the position, which made him eligible for verification in the first place.
  • Attempts made by the account to mislead or impersonate users through display name or bio changes.
  • The account has committed severe violations resulting in immediate termination.

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The guidelines mentioned above clears the doubts of several persons mistakenly thinking of verification badges as Twitter endorsements and helps prevent further problems. While we know what guidelines we must follow not to lose the blue tick badge, let us know about the eligible persons for these badges.

Criteria for Verification Eligibility

Users must fit any of the below criteria if they want their account to be verified:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

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Apart from fitting into any of the above categories, the user profiles must be filled. For Twitter verification eligibility, having a profile name, profile image, a verified email address, or a phone number is a must. In addition, the said account must be active for at least six months and strictly follow the rules set by social media platforms.

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How to Get Twitter Verified?

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Users of the microblogging portal will start noticing a new authentication application in the Account Settings tab over the coming weeks. This feature will not be provided to all users at once and will be delivered in a phased manner. Not everyone will immediately notice the changes. Therefore the person who has not received the verification application will have to stay patient and wait for a few more days. Once the option of verification application is available, users will have to select one category to which they belong.

Once the category is selected, Twitter will ask the users to submit an identity description. This description includes uploading government-issued ID, such as Voter ID or Aadhar, entering an official email address, or in some particular cases providing an official website link that has a direct Twitter account reference. The company will take some days to a few weeks and get back to the applicants through email after the application submission. The amount of time taken is dependant on the number of submitted applications.

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