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What Actions Need to Be Performed to Boost your Google Keyword Rankings?

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What Actions Need to Be Performed to Boost your Google Keyword Rankings?

Currently, someone is conducting a Google search to discover a new service, product, service, or solution to their problem. Your business also provides the same services. The question arises whether the customers will visit your webpage since you precisely have the offerings they are looking for. The answer depends on your visibility on the first page of Google results. If you are visible, the answer is yes; otherwise, no. The reasons vary, as mentioned below.

Firstly, Google almost monopolises the search engine market, with more than 80% of global traffic and billions of unique visitors worldwide. In addition, nearly 75% of web users never proceed beyond the first page of explorations. Even among them, 35% of traffic goes to the first search result on the page, thereby underlining the importance of SEO or search engine optimisation. If you are reading this content, you must know the fact mentioned above apart from the knowledge that you need to take it slow when setting up your optimisation process with the assistance of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

Google’s algorithm is updated multiple times each year with its eternal objective to provide better results to user queries. While most of these are minor to be ignored by most people, some updates are crucial and impactful enough to affect the search engine results pages (SERPs). We have provided some recommended actions to be performed to enhance keyword rankings in the following paragraphs for more clarity on the concept.

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Check Your Rankings

Continuously monitoring your rankings is the primary and the most obvious place to start the boosting activities. You won’t know how efficiently you’ve performed and how much you’ve improved without a solid understanding of your baseline keyword performance. It is highly recommended to export all of this valuable keyword information and reference it in future by keeping it on file with the assistance of a digital marketing company in Sydney. It will show you the improvement you have shown in the SEO handling, if nothing else.

Some of the owners may have learned the hard way, but one never knows when things will transform with any given tool –how information is reported, what data we have access to, etc. You must use Google Search Console & Google Analytics to export keyword data and organic & total landing page traffic. It gives you a decent exposure to your most valuable keywords/landing pages by analysing this information, the most immediate opportunities for improvement and underperforming keywords/landing pages.

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Focus on the Correct Keywords

To ensure your keyword targets align with overarching business objectives and offer real value, you must understand their hidden quest objective and the ranking difficulty. While particular words have a specific meaning for you, they could transform into an entirely distinct meaning in Google and vice versa. Whether the intent is educational/informational, navigational or transactional, it will assist you in understanding and gauging the sales funnel user stage. For more details, visit Coweso – one of the leading digital marketing companies in Australia.


It is essential to conduct a comprehensive SERP analysis. It would be best to achieve your primary keyword targets by checking what’s currently ranking in the top visible results. These results may include related searches, Google autocomplete recommendations and other advanced search features. You can quickly draw conclusions regarding the required content development efforts and develop a strategy for creating, knowing what is required to rank for a particular keyword. In addition, it is crucial not to underestimate long-tail queries. These sentences are ignored due to their lower exploration volume, but you could miss out on highly targeted audiences ready to buy.

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Resolve any Problems in your Portal Structure

The structure of your portal plays a significant role in SEO. Resolve any technical issues that may diminish your organic keyword visibility to set a solid foundation for your portal. Search engines and customers should easily find and navigate the site pages. If your website is complex for users to navigate and search engines to crawl, it will negatively impact your keyword rankings. However, your rankings are sure to witness upward growth if your platform is intuitive for both users and Google.

Ensure that your site has a solid website structure to fix broken links and resolve duplicate content issues by using available digital marketing services in Sydney. It is crucial to address all priority technical issues by conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit.

Enhance Visibility by Focusing on Customer Experience Factors

When driving organic search visibility is seriously considered, it is essential to ensure top customer experience and brand equity. While a competent SEO manager is not directly responsible for user experience, it is crucial for SEO and customer experience to function together. The reason behind such consideration is that the Google algorithm constantly calculates page rankings by taking UX into account. You should employ Google’s Core Web Vitals report to ensure online visitors’ interaction with your portal. This report analyses the loading duration of each page on your portal. It displays the information about the pages offering satisfactory experience and the ones needing improvement by generating required data.

Site responsiveness is another crucial area related to UX that you want to consider. After surpassing desktop browsing in 2017, mobile web browsing now accounts for more than 50% of worldwide traffic. If your web page is not user-friendly, your ranking will be negatively affected due to a higher bounce rate. Page loading speed, tagging and content optimisation are the other ways to boost the navigation experience. You can avail of all the mentioned above services by visiting Coweso, the foremost online marketing company in Australia.


Ensure Boosting the Content for Search Engines and Customers

Many of us get so focused on customising content for the search engines that we forget our fundamental objective, i.e., to reach a core selected base of human customers. While the process of reading and processing content is different in search engines and humans, specific common points will help ensure you are developing content considering both aspects. Both the search engines and humans want us to be clear and concise, provide accurate information, avoid jargon and cover connected subjects. It would be best to actively consider all of the points mentioned above from the starting point of the content development procedure.

Another crucial addition to content is header tags that constitute one of the ways to make the text easier to grasp for both search engines and users. Usage of proper header tags with the assistance of the best digital marketing company in Australia will significantly boost your content’s overall readability and ensure search engines can follow the hierarchy of what is essential on the page. Images should also be considered, as it makes all the difference for users if you provide more attractive imagery. This feature also further optimises search engines through ALT text and file naming.


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Write Attractive & Attention-Grabbing Titles

There is no doubt that the title tags are one of a website’s most crucial SEO components. While it is an SEO best practice, the primary reason for a title’s importance is that it’s the first thing customers see on social media and search results. This tag is the most significant opportunity for an organisation to attract users’ attention and encourage them to click on the page. Find out the page on which you want to rank for each keyword target, and then figure out how your title will provide an edge to your content.

While the best way to encourage the users to click is to include the target keyword at the beginning of the title tag, a company must think of other ways to attract a customer. According to a prominent survey on titles by a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, it is found that emotional headlines cause interactions, tags related to curiosity and voyeurism gain engagement, and it is advantageous to create labels with list posts & the number 10 in headlines.

While meta descriptions don’t directly impact rankings, you should use them to complement your title tags. If possible, incorporate your primary keyword along with an attractive call-to-action for users. The objective of your title tag and meta description should be to explain the benefit to users, provoke emotion, and trigger engagement – all while applying SEO best practices.

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