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What are the reasons for using images in digital marketing?

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What are the reasons for using images in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a multimedia mechanism by its true nature. Therefore, content developers can use audio, video, images and other media apart from the standard text to convey their promotional message with the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. In this highly creative digital space, consumers always expect high-concept media-enabled content from their subscribed pages in their social media promotions. Smaller organisations may be shocked at the price of developing professional images or sourcing. However, the truth is that you have to spend a lot of money to design attractive and visually appealing content. If the post is well-made, it is entirely worth the effort, as a picture is said to convey a thousand words.

In this content, we’ll look at a few tried and tested reasons one should utilise images in their marketing and why they are compelling, clearer, and attractive options to attract customers according to correct procedures.

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One can Easily Identify these Mediums.

The truth is quite simple: we love looking at images as humans. Our mind is developed to look at the world visually, and we always desire constant visual input. Pictures are so enticing to us because we dedicate most of our mind’s processing strength to seeing an object than focusing on any other ability or sense — a study says that visualisation takes up a surprising 50% of our brain’s resources.

Eyesight is so intuitive that a human being always prefers images over text. When browsing through thousands of search outcomes, your eyes instantly go to the content paired with pictures, and you generate clicks for the company. Therefore, the lack of visuals in your online content often implies it is highly probable that only a few people will see it. According to a leading survey, consumers are 60 times more likely to contact an organisation that is visible with an image in search results than those that don’t. For more information, visit Coweso – Sydney’s leading digital marketing company.

Our Mind Instinctively Understands the Stills

Humans tend to see an image rather than blankly. Instead, our instinct also drives us to understand the content adequately. The speed at which we analyse a still photo is impressive. The human brain is programmed to understand the sensory feeling of a visual in a fantastic time of 1/10th of a second. This time taken is way swifter than understanding the essence of content through reading.

When marketing your product online, always add your content with visuals that will enable the audience to capture the essence of your promotional activity. As per studies by leading digital marketing companies in Australia, if you post your content with an image, it has an almost 95% more chance of getting more clicks than a post shared without pictures.

Search engines favour content with images and display outcomes that primarily contain large image documents. Wisely selecting your image will reward you, as the quality of a photograph positively impacts customers. In addition, a professionally created image can quickly compensate for lacklustre text and enhance a client’s overall impression towards the product being promoted.

A Picture Trigger Varied Feelings

Another benefit of pictures is that they can trigger more emotions in a person than any other form of media. These feelings are more vivid than those evoked by reading a text. Clients strongly associate these feelings and the media form that trigged them.

When you select a photo to go with your web text, ensure the images you choose to evoke a strong emotion associated with the product. For example, including a landscape in your creatives may attract customers, but the beautiful scenery with a happy and content family picturised can make the audience emotional. The photo must represent the message you want to convey to the clients. However, it should also gel appropriately with the overall design of your page. The audience will only respond favourably if the picture looks in the right place on your website. Adding stunning sceneries and other beautiful imagery conveying various emotions of love, freedom, or a bond with your web content with the help of an agency specialising in digital marketing services in Sydney will instinctively let your audience get attracted to your product.

You can Remember them for a Long Time.

Another beautiful aspect of a photo is that it is easy to grasp the meaning and essence of the emotions it wants to convey. In addition, the pictures are etched in the user’s mind. The advantage of adding pictures to your web text is so strong that according to a published report, an individual’s capability to retain information after 72 hours remains only 10% in the case of the text. However, the percentage shoots up to more than 60% when the content is used with a picture.

Using an attractive, well-edited photo doesn’t just make your text easier to remember, identifiable and attention-grabbing. The graphics also provide another more surprising advantage. As images remain engraved in mind over a period, consumers will use their memory of the picture to discover similar text again in the foreseeable future when going through search results. For best results, contact an online marketing company in Australia like Coweso.

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Help Generate Buzz & Engagement

Photos have one more pronounced benefit apart from invoking emotions, being remembered for a long time and grabbing our attention. As any SEO manager will know, pictures help increase engagement on your post. People want to see more than just pretty pictures. They want to share them with their group and then wish to look at more of such posts. A recent survey indicated that a customer share content with photos 40% more than text without any stills.

Since we hugely depend on our seeing ability as humans to perceive the world, we also decide something according to what we are looking at. We know that parts of the decision-making procedure occur in the brain’s visual cortex. This statement means that the moment a client starts looking at your text, they are already looking forward to performing the following step: clicking on a Call-to-Action button or sharing it on social media. You can visit Coweso – the best digital marketing company in Australia – to gain more insights.


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