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What are the Steps to Measure Social Media ROI?

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What are the Steps to Measure Social Media ROI?

One of the crucial parts of the job of any digital marketing agency in Melbourne is to check the amount of social media ROI (return on investment). This aspect helps you better monitor and check the fruitfulness of your activities, showcases the value of the said work to the company, and polishes your strategy over a specific period to boost returns while you learn. This blog will offer you a comprehensive & practical definition of the ROI and a few ways to measure the returns you get on investing.

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Definition & Value of Social Media ROI

ROI is the abbreviated term of the phrase known as return on investment. In terms of the social media definition of the term, ROI is the return you get from your investment in various social media activities and charges. In simpler words, ROI for digital marketing is a benchmark of all such relevant actions that generate value, divided by the capital you invested in completing those activities. It tells us the tangible return we got for our venture after spending all the time, resources and capital.

The following is an easy-to-use formula to calculate ROI for digital marketing:

(Value gained – capital invested) / capital invested X 100 = social media ROI

If the returns are more than 0, you will make profits through your investments. A negative ROI implies that the capital invested was significantly more than the amount it garnered, which means a loss of money. It is crucial to measure social media ROI with the help of a digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso because it’s essential to developing and polishing your online promotional strategy. This feature shows you what is working in the market & what is ineffective and lets you be more efficient by shifting tactics and resources.


The ROI aspect has been a somewhat mysterious concept since a few years ago, but all that is quickly transforming with the advent of various digital marketing agencies. According to a 2022 social trends survey conducted by Hootsuite, almost 85 per cent of respondents said they are confident in evaluating digital ROI. That’s a significant jump considering that only 68% of respondents were confident of the same last year. You can also enhance your potential budget and boost your strategy by efficiently understanding and communicating social ROI. After all, justifying spending money on systems that provide more value than they cost is relatively more straightforward.

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Methods to Measure Returns on Investment for your Business

The method of calculating the returns entirely depends on the objectives of your organisation. These objectives could range from generating revenues and gaining brand awareness to user satisfaction. That’s why the formula above employs value instead of profits or revenues as the commencing point. For instance, a survey states that one of the most common metrics used by digital marketing companies in Australia to measure performance is user engagement – used by more than 35% of marketers. Conversions come at fourth place, with a mere 17% of people using them. The conversions have an obvious dollar value attached to them, unlike engagements. However, engagement is a precious metric since almost 30% think brand awareness is the top content objective. Compared to sales or revenue, an SEO manager gives more value to brand awareness. The intention is to promote brand awareness to lead to real money and engagement down the road. You can use the following methods to measure ROI with social media.

Calculate your Total Spending on Digital Platform

One of the methods is to calculate the total cost incurred on the media sites. The different prices might include the following:

  • The expenses incurred on software platforms for operating the media channels.
  • The total budget allotted for spending on promotional campaigns.
  • Expenses related to content development, such as external and in-house development expenses like collaborating with freelancers and fellow creators.
  • The regular expenses incurred on the salaries and training of the digital marketing team.
  • Agencies and advisors, if you employ their services.

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Connect your Online Goals to your Overall Business Objectives

When you define clear social media objectives, the process helps you align your social activities with business and departmental purposes. Many analysts working in leading digital marketing companies in Australia wonder whether one can measure the promotional return on investments without the objectives mentioned above. You can do so in theory. However, the practical world is quite different, where you can only achieve the investment returns when you are able to connect these profits to your overall business goals. You must consider multiple methods to create value through spending money on the media outlets, such as:

  • Converting businesses, including newsletter signups, lead generation and conversion
  • Making the customer aware of brand identity and vision
  • Providing seamless user experience and credibility
  • Gaining the trust of employees and providing them with job satisfaction.
  • Taking your stakeholders and dealers into confidence
  • Mitigating risks by providing safety

Almost 60% or more than half of the survey respondents mentioned earlier said they have fully integrated their social promotions with other marketing activities. When a brand becomes fully confident in measuring digital returns, its top objective is to spread that impact onto different categories.

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Monitor Metrics that Complement your Business Objectives

All the online promotional metrics can tell you whether you’re going in the right direction and meeting your objectives. However, monitoring the right metrics with the help of leading agencies providing digital marketing services in Sydney is critical to understanding your social ROI fully.

You can prove your ROI by measuring the following metrics:

  • Customer engagement & reach
  • Generated leads
  • Web traffic
  • Profit collected
  • User signups and conversions.

If you are unsure about the metrics to employ, think about how you will utilise the information. Think of the following factors:

  • What things does the target audience do after exposure to a campaign?
  • Does this metric connect with your more essential business goals?
  • Does it assist you in making decisions, such as what to do better, more or less, to name a few?
  • Do you possess the capability to measure it efficiently?

It is essential to check the metrics frequently. Ideally, your inbox should get automated reports so that you do not need to remind yourself to pull them up. Take a close look at your sales cycle and check your returns over a suitable period. A prominent study by an online marketing company in Australia concluded that more than 70% of managers measured outcomes within the first 30 days of a promotional campaign, even when they knew their sales period was more than three months. In addition, only 4% of professionals checked ROI over more than six months. Another research also discovered that the pandemic resulted in the lengthening of B2B sales cycles. An organisation must be in touch with its sales group to understand the ideal timeframe for reporting outcomes.

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