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What are the steps to select the right social media platforms for your business?

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Digital Marketing

What are the steps to select the right social media platforms for your business?

Brands that are unable to use the reach and influence of social media marketing in this intensely digital day & age are letting go of a golden opportunity to use an effective medium for user engagement. According to prominent studies by digital marketing agencies in Melbourne, eighty per cent of entrepreneurs see the potential of profits in social media and are confident in a significant capital and revenue collection. It can help garner precious consumer insights and enhance other promotional activities. Organisations can leverage digital platforms to experience increased lead generation advantages. At the same time, you can significantly boost search rankings, attract more customers to your website and boost conversion statistics through an adequately implemented social media strategy.

However, it is challenging to design an excellent digital media plan when you don’t have any idea of the number of channels you want to use. With so many alternatives, it can seem overwhelming to figure out whether your establishment needs to build an online presence with multiple mediums, such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Below, we’ve outlined some simple steps that you can follow to help you choose your web channels and decide the best option for you based on the most critical factors.

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Identify your Marketing Goals

Every platform has its distinct advantage, and one crucial benefit is that online marketing objectives often align with your overall development goals. Therefore, when setting your social media objectives, a few modes will stand out as the most suitable ones to reach those goals. According to entrepreneurs collaborating with the best digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso, their top goals while digitally promoting their brand are given below in decreasing order concerning priority.

  • boost brand awareness
  • create leads
  • enhance community engagement

Once you’ve determined your ultimate goals, note them down in reference to the consideration of your channel choices.

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Check Out the Resources Accessible to You

One must be honest and concede that managing your online marketing takes significant time and effort. There are strategies to consider between creating content and scheduling posts and new features to keep up with. Reflect on the below-mentioned queries:

  • Have you presently recruited a team of social media personnel with the help of digital marketing companies in Australia? If not, when will you commence the recruitment process, what are the required qualifications and what will be their roles?
  • Do you have enough human resources to handle the traffic and content requirements for all the mediums you want to engage customers?
  • What is the decided duration to manage each channel where you aim to promote your brand? You must include the time earmarked for learning in this duration.
  • Have you hired anyone to design your graphics & text and manage all the comments and traction generated on the page?

Resources aren’t limited to either individuals or time. The expenses calculation of your social media return on investment contains the software you use to post and analyse. You can find a wide variety of digital marketing tools in the market. Once you get such devices, the only doubt will be whether you will include them in your resources.

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Choose the Channels According to the Content you Wish to Promote

Some organisations have done a commendable job by establishing a credible content library. Such visual content effectively works when used as social media content. You might also have written text content such as articles and blog posts, which is a part of the content you can use on the digital medium. Check out the existing content you possess and confirm whether you’ll be able to create more content. However, you have to select and shortlist the personnel to develop the new graphics. In addition, you also have to decide whether you want to separately recruit a media photographer for clicking your post images or want the social platforms manager to do this job. You can also outsource video creation to Coweso – one of the prominent companies providing digital marketing services in Sydney.

You can post five primary contents on social media: text, images, videos, live videos and stories. You will discover that the content impacts the social media channel decision you design and select. If you wish to upload multiple video files, you should utilise Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. There are other viral video platforms, but if you are not able to continuously produce videos, you should ignore these channels. As content development takes time, it is better to be realistic. When you start on a new network, you want to ensure you have the right type and amount of content to post consistently.

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Consistently Track Your Audience

It is crucial to Check and monitor where your customers are present. There is a chance that your audience is present on a social media platform even though you are not there. Check where your referrals are coming from by monitoring your web page’s information with the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Additionally, keep an eye on the links on which they click, and check the location details from where the click has happened. It is easier for a company to strengthen its brand presence knowing it already has a stable consumer base on a channel. Locating your target audience is one of the practical things one can do. Once you have identified that, you can match them up with current statistics for various social media platforms. Some demographics are more present on specific channels than others. Garnering this information will come in handy to help you decide on a social media channel.

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Conduct Industry Research to Reach a Decision

It is indisputable that Instagram, Facebook & YouTube are the most influential social mediums for customers and companies. However, this doesn’t imply that you have to compulsively promote your products on these channels. Every industry relies on some specific platforms to share its message. So while these standards for overall brands and consumer behaviours are an excellent place to start, you’ll need to do your research for your enterprise. Start with a competitor analysis to get an idea of your industry’s presence on different networks. Once done, analyse some benchmarks from your segment to verify what has typically worked on every platform.

For instance, the average sports industry company publishes more than 40 posts a day across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With more than 200 messages received daily, that provides you with a rough estimate of what to expect for interaction. You can strategise your staffing accordingly by consulting a digital marketing company in Sydney. Of course, you won’t have these numbers when you are just starting to post. But this fact means you now have some specific statistics to input for your social media goals.

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