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What are the Tips to Manage Several Social Media Accounts?

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What are the Tips to Manage Several Social Media Accounts?

When you are constantly shifting between accounts and platforms and using separate tools on each channel, it can be incredibly challenging to manage more than one social media profile. Large ventures usually hire a team of staff or a digital marketing agency in Melbourne for social media that performs the task of operating several accounts that serve various objectives for separate components of the organisation. You can dedicate one account to sales, another to support the customer complaints & queries and one to focus purely on digital marketing. If a company is running its business in different countries, it could cater to a host of customers by operating regional channels.

Yet, it is crucial that your brand has a solid and prudent marketing strategy that brings all these components together. A prominent business study concluded that more than 3 billion individuals around the world use social media for their personal and professional use, and this figure is enhancing at a steady rate. If you want to promote brands for interacting with clients, and develop business relationships, you can use social media as a number one resource. You can also increase your organisation’s visibility & scope and also connect to your potential consumers from a diverse base with your continued presence on numerous related networks. In short, if you seriously want to pursue digital marketing, you need multiple web handles and accounts. Fortunately, you can make the process by employing many methods. We have provided some tips below for operating various social media accounts and taking some work off your team’s shoulders.

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Create a Prudent & Relevant Media Channel Plan

Strategic planning is the number one point to consider for successfully running several active accounts. You are sure to get caught up in a whirlpool of IDs posting incoherent content if you don’t have a strategy, which, in turn, will make it hard for you to build a uniform, easily recognisable image online. Managing multiple accounts with the help of a digital marketing company in Sydney like Coweso will be much easier if you have a practical and achievable strategy for your business, including all procedures, guidelines, a style guide, and a list of your brand’s dos and don’ts. This process will help your every account stay in sync, and your brand image & key messaging will remain secure.

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Develop and Utilise a Calendar for social media

Suppose you wish to offer direction for all your crucial business accounts and keep you & your team on track with your digital marketing strategy. In that case, the post and content uploading calendars are fantastic tools to achieve your objectives. In simple words, you should be informed when your scheduled content goes live through the updates posted on your work calendar. You can keep all your drafts and published posts here together so that it is easy to organise them. These calendars act as a handy guide for all the managers who can keep all the concepts at one location. An adequately updated calendar can also help you see gaps and missed opportunities in posting schedules, for example, if you missed a critical day that is globally famous.

You can also use content calendars to see what times and days of the week are the best in terms of engagement so that you can adjust your schedule for maximum organic reach. You can have your editorial calendar within a popular and trusted management software or simply in a document shared with all your team. For more help, contact Coweso – one of the leading digital marketing companies in Australia.


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Use a Digital Content management Software

It is tedious to copy and paste multiple pieces of content into different publishing sites, and honestly, it’s unnecessary with the range of high-quality management solutions. You should invest in reliable social media management software if you are managing numerous sites populated by customers. You can try innumerable options available in the market for uploading across various platforms in one attempt. The software also allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, down to the very minute you want your content published, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to post on the channels regularly. Finally, you can use the tool’s work inbox to engage with your fans and followers from all platforms through an integrated dashboard once your posts are uploaded.

A professional management software worth its name should cater to teams rather than individuals. The offerings provided by the software are built considering the teamwork and enable customers to develop personalised workflows and assign tickets to team members. You can also contact Coweso – the foremost digital marketing agency in Melbourne – in this regard.

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Verify your Outcomes

The success of your brand’s promotional campaign entirely depends on analysing your social media content’s performance. You should be able to evaluate how your primary content contributes to the realisation of your promotional objectives and how your audience connects with it. Once done, you can use this data to streamline your social media marketing plan to get more responses, followers, and clients. Focus on individual pieces of content and entire mediums while monitoring social media performance. You should include a few components in your research as given below:

  • fundamental metrics of user care (engagement, scope and increase in customers)
  • the feeling of online engagement with followers
  • conversion statistics (direct clicks to your purchases or portal)
  • the quality of your social user support (time taken for query resolution and rate of response)
  • compare all the above points with your rivals and analyse where you stand

It would be better if you also aimed to analyse your strategy – and stop distributing resources to IDs or content types that do not perform with the help of digital marketing companies in Sydney. In short, if not every ID is working or contributing to your brand growth, it’s time to pull the plug.

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Recruit a Social Media Firm

While this one might seem a bit convenient, it’s the best way to go for most organisations. If you have limited options at your disposal and you can not afford elaborate in-house content plan creators, recruiting professionals to help out is the most practical alternative. A digital marketing agency can take over all of your regular and dynamic activities or perform specific tasks like community management, content creation, or performance measurement and reporting depending on your budget.

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