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What are the tips to optimise your Facebook ads?

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What are the tips to optimise your Facebook ads?

Almost two million people regularly use Facebook for daily posts, updates, or browsing. This reach gives you access to millions of prospective users for your venture, making the ads running on this platform one of the fruitful ways to scale up your organisation. However, these promotions done by a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne are creative only if you correctly set up and optimise them. If you don’t do this, it will lead to you wasting your budget because you compete with firms with deep pockets and whole crews or agencies committed to running, tracking, and tweaking campaigns. We have provided a few tips in the following paragraphs to help you with proper optimisation.

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Why Are Your Ads Not Performing Well?

The first step to optimise your promotional material is understanding why your existing Facebook ads are not working. Many individuals believe that advertising on this medium will work the same way as any other form of marketing; you have a product or service, post an ad, and generate revenues. However, the titular platform doesn’t work in the same way.

Facebook is promoted as a social portal, which implies that your prospective clients are there to hang out and converse with their loved ones & acquaintances. They’re not actively searching for any item or service like individuals searching for something on Google. So, the ads designed by the digital marketing company in Sydney, like Coweso, can face the following issues, which can imply they’re not as well-performing as you would expect:

  • Not knowing who your core audience is or how to connect with them
  • Not providing enough information to the platform about your preferred customers
  • Not creating adequately creative or attractive ads to stand apart.

Best Methods to Optimise your Facebook Ads

Chalk out Your Campaign Objectives

The first point you need to focus on while setting up your ad campaign is choosing your campaign’s goal. This practice is key to ensuring that you find massive success in your promotional endeavour. If you are not aware of the objectives you’re trying to achieve through your marketing, you will not be able to use your budget correctly, and it will demotivate you to run ads. Facebook lets you generate revenues, traffic and leads, but the processes differ. The platform organises its campaign objectives into three main segments:

Awareness – Users at this level are just getting to know about your venture, and you want them to make efforts to develop a relationship and recognise your brand.

Consideration – At this stage, you will begin acquiring leads for your business by driving online traffic or garnering the contact details of your clients with the help of top-notch digital marketing companies in Australia.


Conversion – This stage is when you want your prospective customers to take action, such as purchasing a product. This process is usually the primary goal for small businesses.

Create Ads out of your Most Well-Performing Posts

When you upload content on Facebook, you’ll discover that some posts get more likes, shares, and comments than others. So, if you have an organic base with plenty of engagement, you know that it has resonated with your target audience and will probably do well as an ad. All you have to do is boost the existing content to get it in front of even more people.

Check out your Rivals

Another helpful point for optimisation that gives you a good idea of the type of posts that get traction with your target audience is to check out what your opponents are doing on the medium. We do not recommend blatantly copying the creativity of your opponents, but getting inspired by the images can assist you in being aware of their work and what’s working well & what’s not. In this regard, you can contact Coweso – the leading agency providing digital marketing services in Sydney.

Over the last four-five years, the titular platform has made a conscious effort to become more unambiguous about its usage of customer information on the forum. This phenomenon means you can understand why a particular ad has been targeted at you and discover how your rivals are targeting their promotional material. You can also search for promotions by typing specific keywords or marketer names by visiting the Facebook ads library. Under this process, you can put your competitor’s name in the search box and see which ads they’re running – the longest-running ads are usually a sign that these are the most effective.

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Ensure Targeting the Precise Audience

You can create the most acceptable promotional content and post, but it will not give your business the proper return on investment if it’s being shown to the wrong people. Facebook uses multiple ways to connect with your target audience, so it’s essential to understand the options available and your audience with the help of online marketing companies in Australia to ensure you get the right individuals in the correct locations. You can choose a few of the targeting alternatives given below:

Location – You can create promotional campaigns for customers according to their country, region, or city. You can also include or exclude areas to narrow the audience down, as well as people currently living in a location, people currently on the site, or those travelling to that location. This segmentation is excellent if you have a physical store since you want to reach out to consumers in a specific area to enhance sales for your shop.

Age – Select the age group between 18 to more than 65 to whom you want to display your content.

Gender – You can also choose to target a specific gender, whether it’s men, women or both.

Language – You can also reach out to clients according to their spoken languages.

You can also segment your clientele based on educational, financial, life events, relationships, and work traits. In addition, you can also try targeting users based on their interests. This segmentation lets you check out your audience’s interests, their liked pages, recent activities, and their friends. Facebook gives you many chances to filter your target audience to get the best campaign results. Once you access an audience relevant to your offering by collaborating with the best digital marketing company in Australia, you can use it across various ads.

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