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6 Steps to Make your FAQ Page more Useful for eCommerce Customers

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6 Steps to Make your FAQ Page more Useful for eCommerce Customers

The world of retail experienced a significant and severe change in the year 2020. The dreaded coronavirus pandemic started spreading all around the globe, and most nations attempted to limit the spread of COVID-19 by introducing lockdowns. This phase forced many businesspersons to move their ventures online to shield against lockdown and the worsening economic toll the virus was taking on everyone’s livelihood. Such a shift came in the wake of another change in consumer behaviour, where most people, who had never shopped on the web before, considered online shopping for the first time. It is essential to make the lives of new users as easy as possible with premium eCommerce website development. Therefore, it has become more crucial than before to offer precise and detailed information to answer all the questions to make their buying journey as slick as possible. Creating an FAQ document is the most straightforward method of doing so.

The segment mentioned above is one of the most crucial yet often underestimated components of any eCommerce platform. The main task of an FAQ page is to help navigate the users throughout the store and inform them of any details they may possibly want to know. This feature makes their buying process more comfortable and smoother than usual. In addition, your team won’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly since everything will be online by having well-compiled FAQ content. That’s why we’ve prepared this content that should help you create and optimise the FAQ content on your online store.

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Find Out What the Most Common Questions are Using Available Information

Use support tickets, user support and social media channels to write down all questions received by your potential customers. After collecting all the information, compile an assorted list of questions and identify which areas aren’t well-covered on your site by sorting it according to frequency. We would also advise using tools such as Also Asked to provide additional value to your consumers and better understand the user intent. This feature will help you prepare a top-notch FAQ content with the answers to all critical questions and provide you with ideas for product description optimisation. You can get more information by contacting Coweso – the leading organisation providing services of eCommerce website development in Sydney.

Offer To-the-Point, Precise and Clear Answers to all the Asked Queries

There is no universal answer to the questions contained in the FAQ segment, as the answer 42 –the ultimate answer of life – works only in the make-believe world of the movie and not for your eCommerce site. Post short and to-the-point sentences to answer the most frequently asked questions and queries. Try to provide relevant information, be honest, impart practical education and use customer support to offer further assistance. If you want, you can further explain the concepts by using videos and screenshots. This extra touch will give your customers additional value, but it will also help you build authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Remember, the FAQ’s primary objective is to offer relevant details to your prospective users to assist them in navigating your webpage quickly and guide them through different shopping funnel stages.

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Make your Content Stand Out by Organizing the Questions into Separate Segments

It is essential for you to include an extensive list of questions in the FAQ section since each web portal is different, and every store maintains its individual return policy and handling fees. Organise the questions into various categories to avoid clutter and make them more user-specific. Commence with comprehensive research to categorise all questions related to eCommerce website development services into logical segments and organise the information. Create the design to give it an additional touch to make your FAQ document even more intuitive and easy to use. You can easily take assistance from Google if you need inspiration for your design.

Always remember that some of the client’s most asked queries might be connected to specific items. If that’s the case in this scenario, it’s crucial to give your customer the details they require. These additional bits of data will not only help you improve the customer experience on your eCommerce website. They can also help you optimise your product information for search engines to improve your organic performance. You can integrate product details into your webpage by selecting a few routes. You can either integrate the answers into product details or add the FAQ segment on the product pages. Whichever option you choose, it’s ok, as long as it makes sense for your customers.

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Improve Customer Experience by Integrating a Search Bar

Even though it might seem a bit of a stretch to make an FAQ page searchable, we firmly advise you do it if you have a lot of information. It can be overwhelming to have a massive list of questions in different sections, and the users will probably leave your site if users can’t find the information related to eCommerce website development in Australia they require. Add this feature to your store to prevent sending potential customers to your rivals and make their overall experience more enjoyable.

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Use the Internal Linking to your Advantage

If your website already has different pages for various pages, use them by inserting the internal links in the FAQ section. It is more economical and practical than writing a long answer to a question, and your SEO plans can also significantly benefit from this method. You can use another way to use internal linking by redirecting the consumers back to their buying sojourn. Since this segment is usually considered an information portal, you have to guide your consumers back to where they started purchasing by inserting the links. It would help to remember not to go overboard since balance is the key. Otherwise, your website might look spammy and unnatural, which could cost you sales.

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Ensure that Customers Easily Access the Page Link

Another essential consideration is to decide where to put the link once you prepare your FAQ page after handling all the information. Most websites follow the practice of placing such questions in the footer area of the page, and most customers are used to this space. Therefore, you can make your answers more straightforward to discover by following this method to make information easier to find with the help of Coweso – the leading eCommerce website development company. Another great solution is integrating the FAQ section on the Help Center as a part of a Customer Service area.

You can also add general information (such as delivery, returns, etc.) to your product pages to fully utilise the FAQ data. Although this isn’t a significant tweak, it can put all the order-specific details on the product page and impact the Add to Cart ratio. Users won’t have to abandon the page to find out everything they need before making an order by using this method. This procedure also makes their whole shopping experience much smoother.

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