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6 tips to improve customer experience and sales in e-commerce

e commerce services

6 tips to improve customer experience and sales in e-commerce

More than 25% of the global population shop online.

By 2021, the number of online shoppers is predicted to hit 2.14 billion.

The market growth in e commerce services is evident, but so is the competition. The number of the e-commerce website is increasing every day, and while many of these brands are successfully making it big, flops are not uncommon.

So, what makes an eCommerce website successful?

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The straightforward answer is customer experience. Many factors contribute to CX, but overall, it is ‘how your website makes the buyer feel’ works as the deciding factor.

Here’re our 10 expert tips on how to boost sales though better shopper experience in eCommerce,

1.      Focus on site search

The website looks good and as simple as anything, only till you try to find out something particular in the long list of inventories. If this is the case, your ecommerce platform needs an immediate makeover.

Products should be appropriately categorised and easy to find for everyone. Online shoppers can be broadly categorised into three segments,

  • Shoppers who know what they are looking for
  • People who have specific criteria but don’t have an exact product in mind
  • People who are browsing your site

e commerce services

For the shoppers under the first category, you need a strong Product Search option. So, that they can directly type what they are looking for and find it. Incorporating autocomplete in the search can be helpful.

The second type should have the option to filter the inventory through features. This will help them to find the item that matches their pre-set criteria.

To convert the browsers to potential buyers, there should be a variety of sorting options, beginning with the brand to colour, price, and size.

Still not confident?

Talk to a professional ecommerce website designing company to know how you can improve site search.

2.      Build great product pages

A purchaser should get all the information he might need to make a purchase decision on the product page. Also, the descriptions should not be overwhelming, which can confuse the buyer.

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A secret to a great product page is to create user-centric product descriptions, which will focus more on how the item will help the purchaser instead of describing only the item for sale.

Including multiple product images is a must to ensure that the customer can get the real feel of the item. Include short videos that will highlight the features and the use.

Shoppers don’t buy products they spend money on things that can enhance their life in some way. Your product pages should be fine-tuned to deliver this message loud and clear.

3.      Hassle-free checkout

You don’t want your buyers to leave without completing the purchase. Focus on making the checkout as hassle-free as possible.

We understand you would always like to have more details about the purchaser and want him to subscribe for newsletters or memberships too, but there are better ways to do that.

The checkout process should be complete in 3 or less than 3 clicks.

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Include options for guest checkout that will enable the customers to complete the process quickly with only essential information.

Integrate multiple payment gateways so that your buyers have the maximum payment options.

The checkout page should have precise details of the goods purchased, total cost breakdown, delivery date and buyer information like address and phone number that needs to be verified.

Optimise for small screens

If you do not have a separate mobile app for your e-commerce brand, making your website fully interactive and small screen friendly is a must.

In case you have, making it mobile friendly is essential as there will always be shoppers who will check out your business from a mobile or a tab and you do not want to miss out on any traffic.

More than 50% of online purchase is now performed through mobile devices.

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Suppose your website does not work as well as it does on a computer, you will miss valuable traffic as well as search engine ranking.

If your buyer cannot see the goods properly from their mobile device or if the navigation does not work well from smaller screens, it will certainly take a significant toll on customer experience.

For optimising your eCommerce platform for all screen sizes talk to your ecommerce website development company today.

4.      Improve customer service

Good customer service is always the key to a better consumer experience.

To establish your online brand, you want to build a loyal client base, which is possible through excellent customer service.

Buyers are more likely to trust a company with easy contact options.

Stress on multi-channel communication and social media to make sure that your consumers are getting all the support and information they need.

Provide live chat option on your site for any assistance. Attend to shopper queries over social media channels at the earliest.

Ensure quick redressal of grievances and always keep your customers informed about their purchases.

Attending to buyer queries and complaints within minimum time can make your buyers more confident about purchasing from you. It is also an effective way to get referred customers and build brand reputation.

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5.      Highlight customer reviews

Word of mouth has always been the strongest influencer in making or breaking a brand. A good review from a past or present shopper can easily convince a new customer to visit and purchase from your site.

The same applies when it comes to products. How it is performing in the real-life situations of other buyers, will always make more sense to a prospective buyer.

Highlighting reviews from buyers is an efficient way to improve consumer trust and experience.

6.      Educate your shoppers

Sharing valuable information with your shoppers and educating them about your products is a great way to improve both customer experience and sales.

Only 2.86% of eCommerce website visit converts into a purchase.

To covert more, formulate a strong content marketing strategy that focuses on educating shoppers about your inventory and related items.

Create content that will help the buyers to pick the best products to match their specific needs. Share information regarding the latest trends and what’s happening around the globe on the niche.

This can improve customer retention and quickly translate into brand loyalty.

These 6 tips are the key to succeed in the eCommerce space. Implement them in your business and let us know how they make a difference. For more assistance, get in touch with a top e commerce development company.

e commerce services

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