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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Ecommerce Development

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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Ecommerce Development

In the current scenario, eCommerce business is all the rage on the internet. The bedrock of prosperous eCommerce services is the potent mix of content and commerce to create a fantastic experience.  At present, numerous startups are dabbling in eCommerce. However, only a few of them survive to make it big, and the rest of the companies close down and are shunted out of the market. The reason behind their closing is mistakes made by them while managing the eCommerce portal. In the below-mentioned points, we will discuss some of these mistakes which companies dealing in product-based services must avoid.

Not Focusing on Customer Service

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One of the most glaring mistakes an eCommerce development company can make is to ignore the all-important customer service.  It is the most crucial thing that an online goods-based company needs to fix their attention on. Many companies argue that online businesses consist of users purchasing online without needing customer support directly. However, customer service is vital as it enables the user to do tasks, such as getting their queries solved, having a conversation with someone, or registering a complaint, quickly. Customer support also helps in the processing of payments, handle returns and refunds.

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Not Uploading Proper Product Images

Uploading high-quality images are beneficial for a company’s business. A picture can provide a lot of information to a user and help them comprehend the item they are going to purchase. Since an online platform does not allow the customer to touch or feel the product, the images have a crucial impact in helping them understand their search term. However, most companies fail to upload good pictures of the item, which is not correct. Ensure putting more than one image for every item in your catalogue. If the product consists of multiple colours, then include their pictures as well.

Incomplete Product Descriptions

Another major mistake committed by companies providing eCommerce services is to write imperfect or incomplete descriptions for their goods. Like images, the product description is also crucial for a consumer to know more about your goods. Therefore, make sure to provide detailed information to cover all the attractive points essential for your item’s sale. It will be more beneficial if you answer queries from the customer about the item design and its functionalities. Also, make a list of components used to manufacture the product and the manufacturing techniques & processes. Also, ensure to write about the warranty provided by the good

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Not Making Check-Out Process Simpler

The check-out process design is one of the most important but equally ignored aspects of eCommerce websites. Once a user chooses to buy a commodity, he/she should be able to do so in a hassle-free manner. The check-out process afterwards should also be completed in a few clicks without any complexities. However, many eCommerce firms create complex mechanisms, including providing email addresses and creating accounts, which makes checking out a long process. If a customer faces trouble while checking out of the website, he may think twice about purchasing your item and may also abandon what he was going to buy. Therefore make sure to provide the option of ‘check-out as guest’ so that people can steer clear of these irritating steps. You can hire a good firm offering eCommerce website development services like Coweso.

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Providing Very Less Shipping Options

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Many companies make the grave mistake of adding very few options for shipping. However, the customers expect the online portals to have multiple modes of shipping. It is tough to convince them to buy from a website that charges a whopping amount and has minimal shipping options. Therefore, a company should provide varied shipping options with regards to price and time of delivery. Giving a choice to customers is the key to boost your business growth. Having multiple shipping options is also beneficial during a natural catastrophe or any other emergency, as one can order from different options even if some of them are not working.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimisation

One of the biggest blunders for an eCommerce company is to not focus on optimising the search engine. According to a study, the users who find a product using online search have three times more probability of buying that product. If a company has an extensive catalogue of products, users must be able to find the details they need by just searching online using a few keywords. Therefore, it is crucial to optimise your search engine as you do not want to miss out on this kind of customer conversion due to a non-working system. To enhance the optimisation of your portal, make sure to boost your product descriptions using keywords and tags. You can also hire a company providing services of eCommerce website designing.

Not Having Social Media Footprints

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In today’s day and age, being on social media should be a must for all companies, given its role in bringing people together and creating opportunities for conversation not considered possible. Not making use of social media is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. While it is challenging to manage a business without using social media for all its benefits, it is especially true for companies related to eCommerce website development. Companies should use social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter to promote their product & services. It will also increase the reach of your product, and subsequently, your sales will also touch the roof. Also, make sure to add all the relevant social media buttons on the product pages.

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Ignoring the Site Navigation

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Users of a company portal do not appreciate poor navigation, and having this problem on your website discourages them from moving any further. It may include information that is not readily available, wrong button positioning and ruining the website’s look by using multiple fonts & colours. All of this results in low customer engagement and no sale. Therefore, taking care of website navigation is very important. It should be easy, allows the customers to navigate images to the item page and check more info on the website seamlessly.

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