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How Can Artificial Intelligence Boost your Ecommerce Business?

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How Can Artificial Intelligence Boost your Ecommerce Business?

Artificial intelligence technology was once considered unusable and only a fantasy fit to be a part of science fiction. However, in the present day & age, this technology has become an integral part of any venture’s day-to-day activities. AI stands for the algorithms observing and learning from human behaviour to discover behavioural patterns for the online retail industry. Today, AI is used in eCommerce website development for boosting the shopping experience by increasing conversion. Intelligent algorithms collect the data on user behaviour, which are used to develop better and more profitable business strategies. Many business owners wonder about the relevance of artificial intelligence in their eCommerce businesses. That’s why we have listed a few ways through which AI can quickly assist your business venture.

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Can be Used as Virtual Assistants under Voice Commerce

Ecommerce virtual assistants are bots that verify & understand customer queries and provide the appropriate required support through the use of machine learning and language processing technologies. This technology is not anything new today, as we are already introduced to various such assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri for Apple. Businesses offering products & services prefer such assistants because these bots are functional all day & night long and can easily take care of even complex customer queries. Virtual assistants can do multiple tasks, starting from item analysis & research to stock management. These bots represent swift and straightforward information access for customers.

If we talk about the history of voice recognition technology, it is nothing unique and dates back to the 1960s. However, we have seen significant growth in voice commerce only in the last few years, a premium technology that allows customers to make purchases or search anything using their voices. The clients choose voice commerce because it is easy to use and fast since they do not have to spend their energy trying to type the correct words. If you wish to adopt this practice, contact Coweso – the leading agency providing eCommerce website development in Sydney.

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Customises User Experience Using Ecommerce Personalisation

Ecommerce customisation is the process of modifying a customer’s buying experience according to their precise requirements, tastes, choices, and available history. In easier words, it’s the method of actively and dynamically showing content, whether products, brands, or campaigns, to the customer to personalise their online shopping experience. The content is based on various factors such as their buying history, browsing habits, and click-throughs, among others. This tool is ideal for engaging the client, enabling multiple buying transactions, and boosting conversion statistics. In addition, designing a customised experience is more crucial to your business, with more customers switching to online purchasing in the last couple of years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Customisation was already a component of the retail industry even before AI became an integral part of the technological industry. Before every organisation started using artificial intelligence for their eCommerce website development services, customisation meant adding the client’s names on bulk emails or employing only the tried & tasted demographic dissection. However, the technology has become more advanced, and it has enabled companies to achieve much more than they earlier used to get. Every organisation must accept the challenge as the customers expect it to put more effort. With the ever-increasing advancements in the intelligence segment and machine learning field, the fast-expanding universe of retail organisations has been dabbling in new in-depth levels of customisation for quite a while. Today’s computers can easily handle a large amount of data and make quick calculations, which help in real-time research and promotional process.

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It would be best to understand that most websites today depend heavily on content. These portals have multiple counts of products running into thousands and entertain numerous visitors daily. So a program or algorithm can easily verify the information on the spot and select the prevalent trends in consumer habits. This process would have taken ample time if any company had attempted it manually. Most customers also buy on impulse, and an organisation can take advantage of this habit by recommending personalised products. Another effective method is to attempt to upsell or cross-sell by suggesting products based on customers’ choices and actions when at the checkout. You can also provide them with deals based on their chosen categories or products. Providing recommendations as per the most trending items or the products bought by other users with similar tastes help enhance average order value.

Helps in Smart Search or Searchandising

Once customers search for a retail website, they go directly to the search box. As a result, these users have more chance of converting compared to the persons who are only browsing. However, the crucial component for conversion here is that the customer needs to discover what they are looking for. However, even if you have found relevant search results corresponding to the keywords, it doesn’t guarantee that the results are perfect and usable. This part is where AI can significantly assist eCommerce website development in Australia, i.e. through intelligent search or searchandising.

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Searchandising refers to the practice that merges “search” and “merchandising. This method combines the search procedures on the web with merchandising techniques. This method is a way to employ the traditional search procedures by utilising advanced elements such as faceted discovery, navigation, autocomplete, recommended item listings, necessary queries and recent searches, to name a few. Ecommerce portals have started seeing the value in employing these creative search practices to use behavioural information and offer user-specific, customised, and revenue-generating search experiences.

Helps in Enabling Automated Processes

With the easy access of online shops available to customers anytime they wish, the stores have to be functional 24 hours every day and also must be active on relevant social media channels. Making consumer support automated saves considerable time, effort, and working capital for eCommerce website development. Fortunately, AI has once again showcased its utility and proved that it could significantly help online businesses. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in helping eCommerce business owners when it comes to automation. When you commence any online business, you come face-to-face with a host of repetitive activities. That is where automation takes charge and helps implement these tedious tasks, thereby easing workflows in the overall system.

Artificial intelligence makes it plausible to automate everything from showcasing new items on diverse channels to coordinating sales, executing attractive deals to loyal customers, identifying high-risk transactions, and many more. Additionally, giving up the responsibility of answering routine queries allows the eCommerce business owners to concentrate on more challenging requests.

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