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How Can You Boost your Customer Checkout Experience?

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How Can You Boost your Customer Checkout Experience?

Many studies show that almost 60-70% of customers abandon their web carts before the payment processing page. The reason behind this is the excessively complicated nature of the checkout process when ensuring a satisfactory consumer experience requires a simple product buying & payment page. An unmanageable, complex and slow checkout procedure forces the clients to look for the products at competitors’ stores. A significant share of eCommerce profit comes from mobile devices and impulse buying from users who do not have any prior intention of doing so. Therefore, offering a flawless and organised checkout experience with the help of an agency providing eCommerce website development is vital for retailers. You can easily enhance your average order value and boost the conversion rates by more than one-third by recreating the payment page experience. This practice will also result in clients who are more inclined to return to buy more and recommend the portal to their near and dear ones. We have provided a few methods to boost the checkout process for your users.

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Try to Capture and Verify the User Addresses Swiftly

Addressing related problems is one of the primary reasons companies lose their reputation and significantly garner fewer profits. A customer can get frustrated with multiple components, such as the number of critical pushes required to write an address (mostly with mobiles). Any errors made in the address, such as typos, may also lead to the package not being delivered to the intended location, leading to high expenses. Furthermore, users blamed missed shipments on the retailers. Some vendors manually check addresses after receiving an order or submitting the form. In such scenarios, the customer is then prepared in case of any mistakes and allowed to rectify them. However, this process also leads to the consumers abandoning your cart due to sheer frustration. One needs to use the address verification service or AVS to resolve this problem. This attribute provides accurate suggestions of Zip codes and other identifying information by automatically detecting addresses as the user types. A customer can fill out a checkout form with a single click. AVS also strives to remove typos and translate abbreviations, saving precious time and effort for the consumers.

Provide a Hassle-Free & Straightforward Payment Experience.

Another reason a customer abandons the cart at the last step is the account creation hassle. You can use a service like Amazon Pay which helps vendors make their payment experience hassle-free for all the patrons. This process lets them complete the process with the help of shipping and payment details already available on the Amazon account. This tool also helps the company locate their consumer base swiftly. If you sign in quickly after reaching the store, you can cater to user interests by delivering a more attractive and practical shopping experience. According to a significant study by a company providing eCommerce website development in Sydney, more than 70% of users expect an easy and hassle-free purchasing experience across all the portals. You can offer an adequately integrated payment experience by using the service mentioned in the point.

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Let the User Pay through Multiple Options

Installing a swift and seamless checkout method may not be enough for your patrons; offering them the alternative of a host of payment methods is essential. One effective way to enhance your reputation and gain trustworthiness is to allow payment through recognisable brands. Another approach is to enable customers to pay for the product after they receive the delivery. Allowing customers to pay later through invoices eliminates the fear of making a transaction. For those patrons that may be unable to pay the total amount upfront, either due to financial reasons or preference, we can allow them to pay over time through monthly instalments. This feature will help the organisations convert the users who would have otherwise gone to another site due to the purchase amount. If you offer methods such as EMI or pay by invoice, it helps enhance the user base to cater to those customers that want more flexibility in payment.

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Safeguard your Venture from Fraud and Boost User Experience

One of the prevalent but unfortunate problems for organisations is fraud or scams. It is essential not to alienate customers by rejecting their orders due to fraud suspicions. Still, it is also crucial for companies to prevent fees and chargebacks with the help of eCommerce website development services. Sometimes faulty detection mechanisms lead to customers being unable to pay even after a legal purchase. You can limit the risk of scams and false identities by verifying customer identity. With the improvements in big data and machine learning, you can take correct and swift decisions and thus lessen the requirement for manual reviews, allowing orders to pass through checks to delivery quickly.

Set Up an Effective Tax Adherence and Pricing Procedure

One of the most frequently mentioned reasons for cart abandonment is hidden additional expenses such as tax, shipping and other fees. The incapability to calculate total costs upfront is another reason. This mishap is often due to the challenge of calculating the precise tax percentages. Tax reporting also becomes a challenge due to errors in tax calculations & will result in losses for the organisation in case of an audit. Retailers need to precisely calculate sales tax for items in the shopping cart by maintaining a cloud solution for retailers. This process frees up resources for the vendor by making the entire sales tax process automated.

Scale Up your Business by Selecting the Appropriate Ecommerce Platform 

According to studies by a reputed firm offering eCommerce website development in Australia, a loss of more than 7% in conversions happens with every second extra it takes for a page to load. This slowness is due to the inability of the portal to complement swifter load times and simultaneous procedures. Companies prefer to switch to cloud-based eCommerce platforms due to this reason. These platforms constitute a variety of specialists that can provide quicker load times and increased speed. At this moment, more than 20% of the online service providers have utilised the cloud to manage their primary operations. Many benefits of such a cloud platform include quick scaling and access to cutting-edge innovation in the technology as soon as the provider introduces them. You can easily access a wide range of features by executing your store with an eCommerce platform such as Magento. These features can be tweaked to fit your unique requirements.

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Additionally, you can offer further personalisation for the store with the help of installing various extensions. With the consumer choosing products and going to the start of the checkout process, you have already won half the battle. Now it is your duty to guide them through the rest of the process as quickly and painlessly as possible, thereby improving our conversion rates and keeping customers coming back for more.

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