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How to reduce bounce rates & enhance engagement on Ecommerce Websites?

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How to reduce bounce rates & enhance engagement on Ecommerce Websites?

A successful eCommerce store thrives on a favourable ranking, and there is no doubt over its importance. However, ranking itself is not enough to sustain an online store, as it ensures that a user visits and clicks on your page’s link. However, suppose a customer leaves the page early without making a purchase and visits your competitors. In that case, this bounce from your page is a grave situation that needs to be tackled wisely by every eCommerce web page with the help of an agency providing services of eCommerce website designing in Australia.

Therefore, the bounce rate is one of the most giant stumbling blocks on the way to a successful eCommerce store. It is defined as the rate of users visiting the web store but not purchasing and leaving after a short while. If this rate on your page is significantly high, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. A bounce rate of late than 60% is a realistic desired value for most online eCommerce stores, positively affecting sales. The following paragraphs will discuss a few ways to reduce this rate and increase engagement on your portal.

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Make your Content More Readable

Lack of readable content is one of the primary reasons users ditch your webpage for others. The customer considers their first impression of the webpage attractive if the content is written and presented as readable, tempting, and classy. No reader likes large paragraphs of endless content, so it is prudent to avoid them. In addition, take great care of your text formatting by collaborating with a company offering eCommerce web design in Sydney like Coweso, as failure to do so would ruin even the most excellent written material. Such a travesty would result in a higher bounce rate due to customers not connecting to the text written, thereby creating a bad experience.

In addition to the points mentioned earlier, please adhere to the tips written below to make your content attractive & plausible.

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  • Try to make the topic at hand more understandable by using subheadings.
  • Explain potential advantages or features by using multiple bullet points.
  • Make the content attractive by employing numerous images, charts, screenshots and lines from top experts.
  • Determine your keywords and display them in bold without overdoing the same.
  • Engage your readers and encourage them to participate instead of just reading by asking many questions in your content.
  • Try to end your content with a subtitle named ‘conclusion’ and make it actionable. Such ending notes tell the audience to read the last few words and take action quickly. Make your conclusion actionable.

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Remove Popups for Better User Experience

According to studies, more than 70% of the audience don’t appreciate the presence of popups on the webpage and find them annoying. Many business owners face a dilemma about whether to use or avoid them during eCommerce website development. While popups provide some benefits like enhancing your email list quickly, you should try to limit or avoid them if you want to direct lots of organic traffic to your webpage by creating a long-term site. If you can’t prevent them from popping up, try to limit their obtrusiveness not to hamper the customer experience.

One should also avoid popups as they disturb consumers while concentrating on the web content leading to a higher bounce rate. Additionally, many businesses use aggressive and intimidating language to catch the eye of the customers. Such behaviour always has a negative effect leading to the customer going away. All such things mean an unpleasant customer experience.  While some popups are well-created and enable visitors to convert into long-term customers, it is best to prevent these irritants to bolster your traffic and satisfy consumers.

Popups distract customers from the experience offered by the portal, and the same is true for mobile apps. If you wish to experience a lag-free and efficient Mobile App Development process, contact us by visiting the Coweso page.

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Create an Attractive Call-to-Action

Once you have attracted users to your website and charmed them with your content and lack of popups, don’t let the opportunity slip due to a weak CTA. The exit rate is deemed too high due to the call of action not being catchy and potent enough. The website should ensure clicking or at least thinking about clicking the button from the users. You should do what is advisable to make your CTA compelling so that your customers can check out the features on offer on the other side. Taking assistance from experienced companies like Coweso offering eCommerce website designing in Australia would be a wise move.

Every component matters while optimising the CTA. Even a minor thing can make a telling difference, such as changing the content on a button. Many eCommerce websites understand that providing users with a free trial period and giving tutorials to them along the way is a sure shot way to convert more users into consumers. Notably, it can attract users’ attention and lead them to a resource page on your site, thus reducing the bounce rate.

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You can get buy-in without getting any amount from a client with a CTA with a free trial. This process will help you garner a decent bounce rate. Check your landing page, whether a WordPress theme or not, to see how you can provide something with urgency and get a visitor on the site to take proactive action. However, offering free trials truly works if you’re in the SaaS business, and it should be made evident in your call to action. Always remember that great calls-to-action significantly improve efficiency & usability.  When that happens, your ideal customers will gladly stay on your site. Due to an enhanced CTA, every second spent on your site will improve your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate. You can improve the consumer experience by hiring an agency offering eCommerce web design in Sydney.

Minimise the Number of Clicks for the User

One of the methods to reduce the bounce rates is to minimise the number of clicks for the user. The secret of increased customer satisfaction is to let them experience what they desire through minimal activity. You can commence the process by offering a visual experience along with the search bar itself. For example, when a user starts clicking a specific letter in the search bar, all the results connected to that letter should be displayed instantly on your website search bar. Results shown in the search bar should be based on visitors’ true intent, browsing behaviour, past purchases, and the behaviour or preferences of people similar to that visitor.

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Encouraging the user to click on limited options is the key to marketing. We understand this fact and consider this while providing Digital Marketing services. For more details, visit us at Coweso.

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