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Tips to effectively execute eCommerce website redesign

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Tips to effectively execute eCommerce website redesign

Your conversions and eventual sales take a big hit in today’s competitive environment due to poor website creation. It is imperative to redevelop a website that is not user-friendly and looks unattractive with the help of an agency providing eCommerce website development. Regardless of your organisation size or industry, it would be best to approach your website redevelopment strategically. You need to know the trends, what is currently working in your industry, and the objectives you wish to fulfil. If you don’t have the knowledge of the mentioned above aspects, you would not be able to take advantage of the existing web traffic. Poor web creation can also cause people to leave your webpage or avoid visiting it altogether. Therefore, you need to know some tips for the redevelopment of your portal, and this blog will discuss specific methods through which you can enhance the traffic.

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Take care of Return on Investment

One of the crucial things to think about is the return on investment. Therefore, an organisation should think about redeveloping for three primary purposes – boosting web traffic, enhancing the average order value and increasing the conversion rate. It would be best to create every attribute and create a component with a subtle link back to one of these objectives. If any element is not linking to the above three, you may not need that aspect.

However, there is also a fourth objective apart from the above. This objective is to boost back-office efficiency irrespective of its connection towards eCommerce re-platforming than a redevelopment. This aspect is connected to your eCommerce technology solution, whereas a recreation takes care of the issues related to traffic, page flow, brand value, among others. Often, brands decide to redesign their page in a minor way when they migrate from one solution to the other since they are already diving into the portal infrastructure and layout. You can achieve this outcome by contacting Coweso, a leading company providing eCommerce services in Melbourne.

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Do Frequent Testing on the Portal

It is better to check the performance of a specific redesign or any new feature as many times as possible. However, if, for some reason, checking is not possible before giving a new look to your page, ensure doing so after completion of the process. To perform this procedure, be sure to check the portal performance for at least three months before your proposed redesign and then wait for two months for the new changes to work. Once the period is over, start comparing the performance metrics. If you find that your portal performance has substantially increased, contact your eCommerce technology provider or web designing team to help create copy to talk to various publications about your success. This part is an added PR and brand awareness opportunity that helps position your brand as a thought leader in the eCommerce space.

You need to test the below-mentioned things that are proven to be successful for other companies.

  • Make it effortless and clutter-free: Remove the unnecessary clutter and incorporate prominent CTAs and effective web search functionality with the help of an eCommerce development company. Such attributes will help to get consumers down their desired conversion funnel much more quickly.
  • Ensure allowing your visitors the required urge to go ahead: At this point, the CTA is crucial. Send the consumers to new product arrivals or show them a catalogue that you have prepared. Irrespective of their choice, provide customers with a particular action to take when they land on your homepage.
  • Check the button copy and colour: If you have any doubt about button copy and colour, don’t waste any time performing A/B testing on this part even after you’ve launched your eCommerce website development You can take the help of any app to help you do just that.
  • Ensure your trust in customers: Ensure your portal’s security seals are prominent to breed consumer trust. Also, use reviews throughout your portal as social proof that your products are quality.

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Take Special Care of Mobile Devices

Google has made it clear that adapting your page according to mobile is no longer just a feature but a genuine requirement. Therefore, it is essential to consider how your page will look on a mobile device while redesigning. There are numerous tools available to check your future design on multiple mobile devices, and you can use some of them. In addition, keep in mind that phones are continuously reinventing themselves, and you have to update our design accordingly. The world is constantly changing, and the updates you made even six months ago may be obsolete today. Therefore, it is recommended that you become proactive and follow the trending practices. Do the best from your end and ensure adjusting your portal for new devices every year. Failure to do that would make you leave behind in the race.

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Note Inventory and Take Stock of Functionalities

During the redesign, the most common problem is that site owners haven’t taken inventory of their sites from a feature and functionality point of view. It’s essential not to forget the content and workability that is already going well for your page. It’s also crucial to understand the site elements that cause friction in the sales process so that you can iron them out or eliminate them. Use Google Analytics to get insight into your site flow and prioritise redesigns for pages with higher than site-average bounce rates. Think it through for any issue you face. For example, think about the potential issue that is causing the users to leave. It could be a non-working of the features or product images loading problem. There can also be the problem of smooth navigation and unclear CTA buttons, among others. The probable solution to these issues is redesigning, which can be achieved by taking assistance from Coweso, the leading agency providing eCommerce services in Melbourne.

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Taking note of inventory and taking care of other aspects is crucial in every service offered by Coweso, one of which is App Development. If you are considering developing an app, visit our webpage for further details.

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