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What are some must-have features in an eCommerce website?

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What are some must-have features in an eCommerce website?

Every Australian firm dreams of having an eCommerce website and selling its products & services online. Compared to a few years ago, this change in the entrepreneur’s mindset has materialised due to the success & demand of many such portals. Every company owner now wants their web portal in a short time. However, building such a site is a lot more challenging than it looks.

Every online web platform consists of guidelines, rules, regulations and limitations that everyone should understand and comply with adequately. Many owners think that process of enabling eCommerce website development is the end of their duty. However, they fail to realise that it is only the start of their journey. To simplify your functionality, we have created a wholesome list that will guide you into the basics and make your life easier by defining some terms in easy-to-understand language and explaining them.

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Check the Page URLs

We discuss the URL all the time, but very few know what the term – fully known as Uniform Resource Locator – stands for. You can understand the concept better by considering that the URL of your portal is yet another method for search engines to index the text of your page. It is essential to make sure your URLs are structured for search engine optimisation purposes to make them search engine friendly, and even the visitor should be able to understand what it could be all about!

You must follow specific guidelines while using URLs on your web platform. For example, always remember that spaces are not allowed in this manner, and you should use a dash to separate each word in your URL. In addition, you should practically and constantly structure your links. In other words, you shouldn’t structure your web platform with various filters & categories to avoid the random scramble of numbers and letters. Contact a firm offering eCommerce website development in Sydney if you face any issues, such as Coweso.


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Use Bread Crumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs help your visitors to navigate your page. This feature is built as HTML links and refer to your hierarchical portal depth by displaying assigned segments/tags/primary pages. They could either utilise the symbols →, i.e. segments→tags→, primary pages or another popular marking. You should consider the following points before navigating bread crumbs.

  • Whether the usability is improved using the method.
  • Whether the breadcrumbs are displayed on every page.
  • Does it start with a URL to your home platform?
  • Does it employ CSS to provide it with a personalised style?
  • Is it placed horizontally below your primary navigation on the left side, above your main text?
  • Is the company employing a microdata setup, and does it validate?
  • Does the hierarchical structure make sense in helping your visitors?

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Ensure Using Alt Tag for Photos

All search engines use crawlers to understand the intentions and content of a portal. If there are any images, they are invisible to the crawler, and it sees nothing else but a blank area. The Alt tag/feature is used to notify about the photos. Google or other search engines can now get some details, like descriptions, with the help of these tags and use them to display in their search results. Many newcomers either forget or are too lazy scribbling some descriptive text for images. The result is obvious; their platform does not rank on top despite reputed companies’ efforts to offer eCommerce website development services.


Optimise the Top Header

Like every family has the head of the clan, all web platforms should have only one Top Header Tag (or H1 / Header 1). It does not matter whatever colour or size you select as long as you have one heading with the H1 attribute. In addition, follow the below-mentioned points for better optimisation:

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  • Ensure you are employing only a single H1 tag on each page of your web portal. H1 (header 1) tags are often utilised as the main headline for a folio, and they usually include the primary keywords for the page.
  • Always use the H1 attributes before other header attributes like H2, H3 and H4. You should employ your header features in a hierarchic sequence. For example, H1 tag text above H2 tag text and H2 tag text above H3 tag text, and so on.
  • Consider H2 H3 as Sub-headings to H1. In simple terms, H2 gets the sub-level heading, H3 the sub-sub level heading and so on.

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Ensure Working on the Portal Errors at the Earliest

Web platforms with errors negatively impact the customer experience. Therefore, search engines like Google look unfavourably upon such portals. The errors include missing or broken URLs, obsolete analytics, and 404 errors. You can think of it as negative marking, a Penalty used in written examinations for untidy work.

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You can conduct many corrective measures to avoid this issue. Promptly register for Webmaster tools and check it regularly for any podium errors. You can also Set up and submit a sitemap. Ensure setting up necessary redirects for pages that no longer exist. In addition, always ensure your links take visitors to the desired destination, as search engines penalise you for untidy or non-maintained web platforms. You can take assistance from Coweso – the leading company offering eCommerce website development in Australia.


If any of your created platforms show a ‘do not exist’ sign, inform the users about it and give them a reason. In addition, ensure redirecting them to a related page on the subject. This process tells everyone you are a responsible webmaster. If you have removed many pages or links, it is better to submit a fresh sitemap. This process will put the ball on the search engine’s side, and you escape any liabilities.

Integrate Social Media into your Web Platform

Search engines constantly monitor visitor behaviour on your site. These behaviours include their arrival on your portal, whether they stay longer, interact, share before leaving etc. When users peruse your online store, it should be straightforward to share your text with their social media friends and contacts. Not only does this enhance your promotional strategy, but it also sends information to search engines about your site’s performance, which is an essential component of SEO. Although trends generating from social media are not technically a ranking signal (although that may be changing), your authority and popularity are (especially for e-commerce). Earning social shares can help you create backlinks and references across the internet as a part of eCommerce website development, which will help build your power and boost your SEO success.

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