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What are the methods to identify high-value customers in your eCommerce business?

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What are the methods to identify high-value customers in your eCommerce business?

If a company wants to deliver on its customer’s high expectations, it needs to know the source of these users and how they communicate with your eCommerce business. Site analytics is one of the essential arrows in your arsenal that provides you with multiple data points on your customers.

When you conduct a business, it is as crucial to focus on your customer’s quality as you pay attention to the quantity. The top clients buy regularly, accumulate an increased AOV or average order value, and usually do not require high upkeep. On the other side of the eCommerce website development gamut are the high-maintenance customers who return orders, spread negative word-of-mouth, and generally are not worth the effort.

 Overall, one can apply a version of the Pareto principle here, which says that 80% of the business is conducted through 20% of customers in the top tier. According to a leading case study, 80% of a company’s profits get generated from 20% of consumers. Now, if all of your users are in the top 20%, it would mean four times the business in a mathematical sense. However, realistically, it’s impossible to have 100% quality customers. However, you can increase the number of high-value customers with some effort. The process commences with locating your top clients. Here are some critical points you can use to identify valuable customers.

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Customer Lifetime Number of Orders

This is a valuable metric for determining the prospective value a consumer generates for your brand. Using this metric, you can easily calculate the total frequency and count of orders a user has purchased from your portal. You can use this calculation to determine a user’s trust in your organisation, as it displays the willingness & readiness of a consumer to opt for your products every time. For further information, visit Coweso – the leading agency providing eCommerce website development in Sydney.

Check the Most Active Users in your Community

In this case, the primary step is creating a web community if you still need to get one. You can garner fantastic advantages by offering a platform to your potential consumers for conversing with each other. A study claims that the total mean ROI for progressive groups is 70x. One of the many benefits of online communities is that you can identify your best clients. According to data, less than 10% of associates in web groups perform activities and provide replies, 25% provide confirmation, and 11% share their concerns. Typically, all these enthusiastic and active members are your best clients ⁠— they are devoted to your offering and have positive things to convey about your items and services.

Calculate the Lifetime Value of the User

Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV, is the metric used to determine the top-spending clients for an organisation. This crucial metric provides us with the revenue generation figure a consumer has accumulated for a corporation through making purchases. One can calculate this eCommerce website development services measure by adding up the individual investments made by the consumer. For instance, if a consumer buys three different products from your web page over a fixed period, the user’s lifetime value is the sum of these purchases. We can find clients who bring higher value to our site by locating consumers with the best CLVs.


Run NPS Surveys to Find Promoters

Only a tiny percentage of your top clients communicate with or share about your product on media platforms. Most of them are silent purchasers who promote your products in private DMs or during conversations with friends and family. You can always conduct NPS surveys to locate such silent advocates. Net promoter score or NPS is an effective benchmark for assessing users’ dedication towards a label and their potential to advertise your product to a prospective user.

Here’s how it works: All consumers are asked, ‘How probable is your positively recommending our product or service to your family members, colleagues or friends?’ Those who choose 9 or 10 are branded as “advocates or promoters.” These supporters are usually your low-upkeep, high-goodwill users. You can reach out to them through Coweso – a leading agency specialising in eCommerce website development in Australia.

Find Average Customer Order Value

A company can also obtain clients’ average order value or AOV by calculating their total orders in a lifetime and their net worth. This calculation describes the standard cost incurred every time a client follows the process of ordering a product on your web page. One can divide the total revenue made by the company from the user by the total number of orders the customer placed to calculate a customer’s average order value. For example, suppose a consumer has made three purchases of different values. In that case, the mean order value is obtained by summing the importance of the purchases and dividing the total by three.

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Age of Most Recent Order

This metric gives the age of the user’s most recent order. It will calculate the time between the last time the consumer placed an order and the current period. When we take an instance of a consumer who has a positively high consumer lifetime value in an eCommerce website development company but has not purchased anything from your store for a long time, it can be concluded that although they may spend more on their purchases, they do not qualify as an organisation’s present client. The company should spend their time on something other than them. Apart from the above data points that constitute buying & purchasing commerce, you can use many different tools, such as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. These indicators can provide a more comprehensive view of your prevalent user profile. One can also calculate a user’s real-life communication with their portal as the company gathers precious insight into their customised purchasing patterns, the number of their stopovers to a website, the varieties of items they purchase and the exact time within 24 hours would most likely buy a product.

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