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What are the tips to customise your eCommerce website?


What are the tips to customise your eCommerce website?

Ecommerce website development personalisation creates a shopping experience tailored to your customers’ needs and desires. In simpler terms, personalisation is offering visitors what they will most likely want based on their preferences. For instance, if your website proposes selling sports shoes to some customers because they purchased a pair of formal shoes when they last visited your portal. That is personalisation – or product recommendation, if you prefer to call it.

Personalisation in eCommerce has been introduced previously. Despite that, many businesses need to personalise their customers’ shopping experiences. One of the reasons is that personalisation, for many brands, isn’t a walk in the park. Another reason is that most business brands adopt personalisation strategies that need to be revised. Therefore, we will provide specific tips to customise your eCommerce business. Read on to learn about them.

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Create Personalised Landing Pages

E-commerce landing pages are digital storefronts. A personalised landing page is the ultimate opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts and convert your visitors into customers. Studies have revealed that personalised landing page promotions influence 85% of consumers. In addition, customised purchasing cart suggestions affect more than 90% of customers to finish an acquisition. You can create content according to your user’s choices to offer a customised experience on your landing page. Use website cookies to gather your customer’s information, including recently viewed products, buying behaviour, shopping history, etc. This data will help you curate customised content according to your customer’s interests. You can contact Coweso – the leading agency providing eCommerce website development in Sydney.

Display Recently Viewed and Similar Items Sections

A “recently viewed items” section helps customers quickly find the products they previously visited and prompts them to buy. Likewise, integrating a “view similar product” section provides corresponding items in front of your users and encourages them to be on your site for longer. Some of the advantages of integrating these sections comprise the following-

  • Providing a more practical purchasing experience for customers since it’s more comfortable for them to find suitable items
  • Better opportunities to upsell and cross-sell
  • Enhanced page views and duration of time on your portal, which ultimately enhances your search ratings
  • It displays related items that enhance understanding and may result in an investment subsequently.

Loyalty Programs

Only a limited number of entrepreneurs know that they can improve your profits by more than 90% by enhancing your user retention rate by a mere 5%. Even though you must add new users to grow your business, your long-term advantages lie in retaining existing consumers by providing next-level eCommerce website development services. This is why your business must have loyalty programs to succeed in the long run. With a well-designed loyalty program, connect with your customers and increase and maintain customer loyalty. According to studies, more than 60% of merchants acknowledge that loyalty programs are the most suitable way to interact with their consumers. Loyalty programs gamify the user experience and increase repurchase rates, referrals, word-and of-mouth promotion while fostering a community of loyal customers.


A Virtual Shopping Assistant

One of the most practical methods to deliver a unique and personalised experience to your customers is offering them a personalised shopping assistant. Purchasing help not only saves your customers’ precious time and exertion and enables them to match prices and get the newest deal. AI-enabled assistants can listen, understand, recommend, and even handle one-on-one customer conversations to resolve queries quickly.

Display Customised Recommendations

According to a study, personalised product recommendations account for almost 31% of eCommerce revenues and significantly impact conversion rates. Suggesting personalised items can enhance user delight and intermediate order price. There are many ways to display customised recommendations with the help of a company providing eCommerce website development in Australia like Coweso, such as –

  • Showing new arrivals on the homepage
  • Highlighting bestsellers
  • Displaying what others bought
  • Showing products frequently bought together
  • Recommending products based on reviews.

You can also leverage email marketing to send personalised recommendations, which increases repeat purchases.

Convert Abandoned Carts

One of the significant hindrances faced by eCommerce stores is cart abandonment. You can effortlessly reduce the cart leaving rate by using the practical customisation method. Sending customised emails to your users with tempting deals on the products in their carts convinces them to finish the purchase. In addition, you can also employ remarketing methods to lessen the cart leaving rates of your portal. Many clients need numerous touchpoints before deciding to buy a product. Retargeting these customers with essential marketing help in reminding them of the items they left on their wishlist. This method ultimately enables your clients to finish the purchase.

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Personalised Email Marketing

Email is one of the most critical aspects of marketing in the 21st century. According to multiple studies, an email yields almost $40 for every $1 you spend, providing you with an outstanding ROI of 4,000%. Integrating a sliver of customisation in your eCommerce website development company mail body can prove highly beneficial in converting or reclaiming your users. You can use user data to send highly targeted emails based on what they have searched for and the items they left in their carts or added to the wishlist. Additionally, generating urgency and shortage is a fantastic method to gain faster from your emails. For example, you can add phrases like ‘last chance to grab it at a discounted price’, ‘offer expires soon, and a few pieces left in stock in your emails to convert your customers quickly. Some of the email marketing personalisation strategies are:

Write a personalised email subject line – Using a personalised email subject line increases the chances of your email being opened. Per a study, emails with a personalised subject line are 26% more likely to be opened.

Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries  There is no better way to provide a personalised experience to users than to offer discounts on important days. You can send notifications to your clients containing a special offer for them on their anniversaries and birthdays. This technique helps you forge a connection with your clientele and turn them into an effective mouthpiece for your brand.

Work on your Dormant Leads – Customised emails are among a string of eCommerce web development services that can quickly get the attention of and successfully retain your dormant customers. You can add discounts and customised recommendations to meet your prospects’ requirements. You can even give them a reason to join your platform again by integrating a special offer.

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