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What are the Tips to Ensure Great Conversion for your Ecommerce Website?

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What are the Tips to Ensure Great Conversion for your Ecommerce Website?

In this highly competitive environment, businesses need to offer a good shopping experience to their customers. The reason behind this requirement is the significant transformation of web technology in the last few years, resulting in consumers now preferring to buy online instead of visiting physical brick and mortar stores. The customers find the process much more convenient, comfortable and cost-efficient. However, there is no point in eCommerce website development if multiple patrons visit your portal and do not shop. You need to analyse every step to increase the e-commerce conversion rate from the landing page to check out. You also need to optimise your web page to enhance the conversion rate, as this metric helps increase your revenues. You can boost your eCommerce conversions by following the mentioned below steps.

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Offer Service of Live Customer Chat

Customers generally get confused with multiple products and services and need many questions to be answered instantly. They look for to-the-point and prompt replies. Therefore, provide a live chat facility on your eCommerce website. It will make them happy, boost your brand image and establish trust. Most customers prefer to purchase from portals that offer this feature. Therefore, it is considered one of the best methods to enhance your conversion rate.

You must make sure of the proactiveness of your customer representatives or live chat agents. Ensure that they do not keep the clients waiting for a long duration, or else they will get bored or frustrated and go to other competitors due to losing interest in purchasing. At times patrons are hesitant to initiate a conversation. In such cases, you need to observe the customer behaviour on the website, proactively start an interaction and make them feel comfortable, gradually guiding them to make their purchase. You can contact Coweso, the company offering eCommerce website development in Sydney, to avail of this service.


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Send Emails to Notify Consumers of Abandoned Cart

According to multiple studies conducted a few years ago, the global cart abandonment rate was 76%. It would help to remember that every engaged customer is not a sure shot buyer. Reducing the cart abandonment process is challenging. Therefore, you need to understand its reason. There could be numerous reasons why a user abandoned the cart, such as

  • steep costs
  • better deals on another portal
  • web page asking for mandatory sign up
  • complex checkout interface
  • high cost of shipping
  • availability of limited payment options
  • no return policy
  • safety concerns.

The solution for such issues is sending customers emails asking them for shopping cart recovery. If you dispatch an email within 3 hours of cart abandonment, it will get a 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate. At least 10.7% of customers, who receive the email, return to the web page for their purchase. It would help execute customised eCommerce website development services while sending these emails to improve conversions and sales.


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Optimise your Page for Mobile Audience

In the current environment, users spend most of their time on their mobile screens. According to a recent study, almost one-third of the retail sales consisted of mobile devices. Your eCommerce portal should provide the audience with a fantastic experience on mobile; Hence, you need to optimise your online store for mobile devices to boost the conversion rate.

Employ Split or A/B Testing

One of the top methods to boost the eCommerce conversion rate is split testing. The process of such testing is straightforward. Suppose you have two titles for your web page and are unsure which one to utilise; you can try the method of A/B split testing. This process will help you zero in on the preferred alternative for eCommerce website development. To implement this method, you require to develop two variants of your site page, and the software will send half the audience to page A and the other half to page B. You can then run the tests and use the A or B option according to the outcome. This procedure is straightforward and will save time to enhance your conversion rate.

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Insert High-Quality Photos and Videos

As the consumers cannot touch or feel the product or even try it on, the best thing is to show detailed images or videos of the product or services to know what they are getting. It helps to visualise the products better, leading to increased conversion rates.

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Ensure Writing Comprehensive Product Details

There are numerous online shopping websites where you will not find detailed product information. Unlike in a brick & mortar store, a customer can’t inquire about, touch or feel the item he will buy. Therefore, you need to describe all the attributes and benefits of the items in detail. The description should contain engaging and informative content that will make your customers curious about your product and make the purchase. You can add more impact to the details by inserting a product video or demonstration. All these features will help reduce returns and boost the conversion data. It would also help if you worked to improve the SEO of your portal. The eCommerce purchasing rate is directly correlated to increased online traffic, and SEO does the job for you by enhancing the traffic to your website and improving your ranking. You can collaborate with Coweso – the leading organisation offering eCommerce website development in Sydney.

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Ensure Personalising User Experience

One of the essential tips is to customise the user experience. You can use the latest communication software and next-gen tracking mechanisms for this purpose. This function will keep your message and anticipated action the primary focus across platforms. Ensure that the customer doesn’t have to make much effort in execution. For example, see that the coupon code is automatically applied once you send it to the customer by email. Add a marker in the URL in the emails button and have the coupon easily accessible on the web page. Once you have personalised the audience’s experience, they will remember the ease of use and return for making more purchases.

Show User Testimonials on your Portal

Make it a point to add user reviews of your items on the portal. According to a survey, around 61% of users read the reviews before purchasing. There is an 18% increase in online sales when showcasing consumer reviews. It will help if you give your visitors the chance to leave their thoughts. You can also put their images along with the testimonial. This practice surely boosts conversion and builds trust in the customer over your eCommerce website development services.ecommerce website development sydney

Be Creative While Sending Invoice to Customers

These days, the regular and expected practice is to send the user the invoice through email. It would help if you were innovative here by including recommendations of your other products or services based on the previous purchase. 80% of users like the suggestions and return to your page to check out other items and related features. You may also get more buying activity based on the recommendations.

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