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5 Tips to Safeguard your Organisation Against Cyber Attacks

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5 Tips to Safeguard your Organisation Against Cyber Attacks

Many recently conducted studies on data breaches have indicated that every business and venture, irrespective of its size, type, and location, is at imminent risk of cyberattacks. The data for 2020-21 shows that over 67,000 cybercrimes have been reported in Australia, a figure that is 13% more than the previous year and costing the company millions of dollars. One must keep in mind and follow a few points by typing IT services near me to keep these attacks at bay. This blog will discuss five such tips to secure your business against such malicious attacks.

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Make your Company Hardware Secure

While a company provides so much attention to purchasing the latest, next-gen and highly sophisticated software related to cyber security, it often forgets to focus on securing the company hardware. Still, one of the real dangers that one should be aware of is theft and misplacing of the devices. You should follow some fundamentals while launching your web attack avoidance strategy. For example, use a complex password to safeguard all your gadgets. Give that passcode only to the gadget user and memorise it correctly instead of using an easily reachable location to write it down. It would be best to acknowledge the usefulness of physically installing PCs on the desks, which is a simple yet effortless method of discouraging the thieves from stealing organisational products and the sensitive data they hold. Finally, it will be best to set up a software named ‘find my device’ on all laptops, phones and tablets. Authorities can quickly locate stolen equipment by the authorities by following this method.

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Encrypt your Information & Back it Up

An effective cybercrime protection plan must possess two vital components: physically disallowing access to sensitive information and making the data of no use if it reaches the wrong hands. The process of data encryption can help organisations achieve the latter objective. Individuals conducting advanced research in the field of science and IT consulting in Sydney say that one can quickly & efficiently rectify data breaches on their occurrence with the help of data encryption. It is your responsibility to encrypt all the classified info, such as the data related to customers, staff and business. Almost all operating systems nowadays include full-disk encryption software, which can encode all the data on a laptop or desktop when it is resting.

In addition, verify whether this software is working and upgraded on all organisational devices. Also,  set all devices to automatically enter ‘sleep’ or ‘lock’ mode after five minutes of no use to limit the amount of duration a computer sits unlocked and unused.


Opt for Insurance Related to Cyber Safety

It is a fact that even the businesses having the most advanced level of security remain in danger of an impending attack since the cybercriminals tirelessly work to find ever more advanced methods of breaking security barriers. An Australian firm’s research into the expenses of data breaches has shown that in 2017, the global average price of a single data breach event was almost AUD 3 m, which is calculated to be equal to around AUD 140 per information record. You can opt for cyber safety insurance with the help of an IT service provider in Sydney to adjust & mitigate the losses incurred from multiple data hacks. Yet, the number of firms availing this insurance is less than 10% of the total organisations, an abysmally low figure. It is beneficial to opt for such insurance as it safeguards your company against any malware related mishap.

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Develop an Office Culture Focussed on Safety

The most apparent cause of data breaches is the company staff, as most of them fail to recognise any threats from outside when they present themselves. Many employees also do not have a good understanding of the routine activities that leave an organisation vulnerable to a cyber attack. For instance, a study on cyber security conducted by one of the top IT consulting and development agencies found that more than 43% of the businesses have experienced a web security hack or attack over the last one year. In addition, only 20% of the Australian companies are offering proper training to staff within the same time frame. Such transgressions are more widespread in companies where staff members handle the work on their personal gadgets. Companies need to ensure sufficient safety training and education for staff remains a key focus and should arrange to start on the right note. For more details, contact Coweso – the leading agency providing managed IT services in Sydney.

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Train your Employees on the Risk of Unsecured Networks

It may seem like an evident approach to restrict employees from using their personal gadgets. However, there is enough doubt about the plan’s utility in the long term. In spite of the restriction, staff members have more probability of starting working on the personal device again when they grow tired of multiple issues. Therefore, it is more impactful to teach staff how to use both their personal devices and work devices to minimise the danger of being attacked. The primary point on the list must be to make them learn about the risks connected while accessing work information with the help of unsecured networks. A company should adequately describe the meaning of unsecured networks and the places where they are mostly discovered, such as airports, coffee shops, and hotels. Once done, tell them the verification process if the network is safe, as such networks require a specific password for access.

While the methods mentioned above should be perfect for the threats, let us look at some of these threats below.

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Malware is defined as malicious software and covers keyloggers, ransomware, infections, and bugs. Malware is triggered when people click on a phishing email or file, resulting in harmful software installed. According to specialists, malware can access critical network components once activated, limit their functioning and set up additional suspicious programs. It can also send data from the hard drive like spyware and disrupt individual parts to receive information secretly and render the system inoperable. One can take the help of companies offering managed IT support in Sydney to curb this menace.



Phishing attacks utilise counterfeit data like an email to trick the customer into clicking it and executing the guidelines provided inside. These guidelines include giving your credit card details. According to experts, the objective is to put malware in the victim’s computer or the theft of classified information, such as login and card-related information.

SQL Injection

A type of cyber attack that includes adding suspicious code to a server is Structured Query Language (SQL) injection. All the information gets leaked when the server is hacked. This process is straightforward for the hackers, and they can execute it simply by adding a malicious program to a vulnerable web page tricking the personnel managing the IT consulting in Sydney.

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