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9 IT Security Tips for People Working from Home

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9 IT Security Tips for People Working from Home

Most of the world is facing the prospect of working from home for the foreseeable future. This development can cause safety problems for your venture. Most companies & organisations install cybersecurity setups using IT services near me, thinking of the employees working from the office. As many companies were rushed into working from home, there are likely vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are looking to exploit. Sadly, the threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches is not receding any time soon as the employees work through these uncertain times. The enhanced opportunities will undoubtedly lead to an increase in potential attacks. So, it’s essential to keep your cybersecurity strong even as we work from home. To help you, we have eight cybersecurity tips for working from home that will help secure your business.

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Use Complex & Strong Passcodes

We have been speaking about using solid passwords time and time again, and that is because they are essential. Your passwords protect your accounts, your applications and security tools in your business. However, the problem arises when people still use weak passwords across multiple accounts and see that their account gets hacked. Therefore, it is crucial to set complex and robust passwords for your account. This practice will help you and your business set passwords that are impossible to crack. Start using them in your business, and it will act as a very secure first line of defence.

Employ Multi-Factor Verification

Setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further protect your accounts and applications should be your next step once you’ve set your strong passwords. It is observed that setting complex and strong passwords are sometimes not enough as a significant data breach could result in leakage of your sensitive information. Therefore, one should always use multi-factor verification by typing IT companies near me in the search engine and hiring agencies like Coweso to safeguard themselves further. Such authentication demands an additional authentication step after you put in your passwords. Such a verification procedure is widely available and easily found in most banks that have fully adopted MFA.


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Diligently follow your Organisation’s Safety Rules & Regulations.

One of the most basic and essential remote work security tips is to follow your company’s cybersecurity guidelines and rules. Many organisations, especially larger companies, have precautions to protect themselves, their employees, and sensitive data from cyber threats. Contact your IT team if you’re uncertain about any security measures or unsure if your equipment is up to date. Suppose you get an email or request from an unknown source or notice any suspicious activity on your computer. In that case, you need to immediately is also an excellent time to visit the IT or cyber safety division. If your organisation provides a VPN, antivirus program, or other premium safety features, take advantage of these alternatives and eliminate the prospect of security breaches by protecting your equipment.

Use Business-Specific Gadgets As Much As Possible

One of the most significant roadblocks in ensuring cyber safety is the company staff using their gadgets. While the employees using their gadgets has numerous benefits for the company, it can also create an IT safeguarding issue. The first issue is that there is a chance of the device being infected, and the owner might not know about it. When an employee operates the device by connecting it to your system, your venture is infected and ruined. Therefore, please arrange for the staff to use company devices whenever possible while working from your home with the help of a company providing IT consulting in Sydney. You can better ensure the cleanliness of the device and virus elimination by employing this method. If your employees have to use their own devices, install antivirus and follow the next tip.


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Ensure Using a VPN

A VPN has a vital role in boosting your web confidentiality measures. VPNs enable users to connect to private networks from the internet securely. A VPN uses code on all of your online traffic and makes it indecipherable to anyone who tries to hack it. This ingenious feature saves it from the prying gaze of any cyber-terrorists. In addition, consider the number of licenses you would require for your employees. It would help if you also thought about increasing bandwidth to cope with the extra traffic.

Make it a Point to Frequently Upgrade the System

While many companies may find it annoying and unnecessary to install new updates, they have an essential safety objective. Updates often constitute patches for security vulnerabilities uncovered since the last iteration of the software was released. You will usually set updates and patches to run automatically outside your working duration. In addition, you also need to ensure frequent updation of devices by your staff and the regular patching of the server in your office. It should be business as usual even if you’re not all in the office. You can get more assistance from Coweso, the leading IT service provider in Sydney.

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Create Backups of your Crucial Information

There could be numerous ways to lose your data, such as human negligence, physical damage to hardware, or cyber hacking. Ransomware and other types of suspicious malware can eliminate entire systems without you having a chance to spot them. While you can still rely on hardware backups, securing your data on the cloud is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways. Cloud backup services come with many options, enabling you to customise your backup schedule and storage options.

Do Not Open the Phishing Emails

Cyber hackers are already looking to take advantage of the trend of home-based activities with the rise in the number of companies allowing work from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Phishing emails tend to target employees working remotely in an attempt to get their confidential details or gain entry to organisation books. Therefore, ensure checking the website’s credibility if you have clicked on a link and been redirected to a seemingly legal site. Enter any details the portal asks only after being satisfied with its intentions. You can quickly check the identity of a hacking web page with the help of an organisation offering IT consulting in Sydney. Such symbols include lack of an HTTPS padlock sign, wrong spelling of domain names, glaring grammatical & spelling errors, absence of an ‘About us page and contact details. While such sites increasingly carry SSL certification today, you should catch them easily by observing the mentioned above inconsistencies.

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Explain What Measures Have Been Taken to your Staff

Your business should explain the technical solutions you’ve implemented to protect sensitive data and how employees can comply with them. For example, we recommend earlier applying two-factor authentication to any third-party service that you use. Ensure that the workers know the process if their device gets lost or stolen, including whom to report the incident if such a thing happens. The team who fear getting into trouble are less likely to report lost devices quickly, so make sure you can do it in a blame-free way.

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