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Top 6 useful IT Tools to help manage your webpage

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Top 6 useful IT Tools to help manage your webpage

One of the fruitful initiatives every organisation must, should and want to take is to promote your marketing campaign. However, most companies, especially small firms, cannot spare the required time and workforce to properly advertise or promote their services. The main reason for this non-promotion is that these companies don’t hire an internal marketing firm or IT services provider in Sydney. By any chance, if one finds such a company with the said resource, it comprises only a single or an inadequate number of persons in charge of multiple roles. This role includes ideation, creation, uploading and advertising the website content, which is a challenging task. A person needs various skillsets and an extraordinary dedication towards their team to pull off this work. However, if you struggle with the spare time or money to hire persons with the required skills, there are various tools to complete the job like an expert. This blog will talk about six tools that you must use to stay on top of the game to become a leading social media marketing expert.

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Anyone well-versed with the dynamics of the social media system will tell you that video content is one of the most attention-grabbing and popular forms of media. A similar sentiment is echoed by Nicola Mendelsohn, the present VP for EMEA in Facebook, who firmly believes that the social media giant will get flooded, especially with the digital content, within a couple of years. The said time is minimal to learn the skill of video creation and editing for the content creators who wish to dabble in engaging and premium content.

If you are also among the people who wonder about making such creatives, don’t take any tension & be relaxed. Although learning the skill is precious enough, you don’t have to do so due to Quik’s helpful app. You can effortlessly create high-quality and smooth video transitions, synchronise music, and effortlessly add relevant filters using this tool. This tool is suitable for short recaps or highlight videos. It also saves your effort of merging each clip and integrating a new aspect to the type of content you want to promote. You can avail of such services by contacting Coweso, one of the top IT companies in Australia.

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Photoshop is one of the primary tools used by all designers and marketing enthusiasts, as it is a fantastic medium to create content and edit images. However, this tool is not accessible to most marketers due to its high costs and long learning period.  This affordability is not a problem in the current scenario where the market is inundated with multiple photo editing software that cost less and works fine. One such free tool that is used by designers widely is Over. This software enables you to add written material and artwork layovers to your images. In addition, you can also integrate messaging and texture features in your photos through this user-friendly tool. It’s fantastic for calling out locations or people, and there are thousands of extra in-app purchases that can provide different artwork for your every desire.

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Many people advise investing in DSLR cameras for better images. However, one needs a lot of practice before handling the camera and achieving good quality photos. One also has to manage the editing of the pictures. While all of us want professionally slick and well-edited images, companies doing promotions with limited resources do not have the proper device or the required time to achieve it. Therefore, this app named Snapseed would be truly beneficial for all those firms doing marketing at a limited budget, as it is an all-in-one photo editing software. While there are some barebone photo editing tools available on your device, you can get all of those photo basics coupled with more advanced features like Lens Blur, HDR Scape, and Glamour Glow with Snapseed to add a whole new layer of detail to your photos. It’ll take some practice, but your photo collections will shine in a whole new light—literally and figuratively. You can get these offerings from many agencies, and all you have to type on your browser is ‘IT companies near me‘.

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Most social media channels constitute the same fundamental functionality of liking, commenting, and sharing posts, as it’s an effortless and constant way to converse with other online users. However, Instagram is one app that is going against the flow. One could not share the content of others on the page until September 2015 due to Instagram’s stance of upholding personal aspects of their channel and preventing spam. Currently, users cannot share posts to their feeds publicly but do so with their friend group.  However, mass sharing is the most coveted option, and the app Repost helps you share your friend’s or anyone else’s content you find suitable to your feed. But using Repost regularly is not recommended because you want to maintain the integrity of your Instagram page. You should use it in your feed every once in a while only if you find something worthwhile.

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Once you have created, edited and modified your content, it is time to post the same on social media. While the task seems easy, it is anything but with almost seven to eight social media accounts to update. The time seems to endlessly drag if you are updating the post one by one on every platform. There are several apps for post scheduling that save you a lot of effort and stress. However, you still have to schedule the posts for seven or eight different accounts.  You can ditch all these hassles with CoSchedule, as it helps you to post your desired text on as many as six social unwind media platforms simultaneously.  Apart from that, you can add WordPress blogs, links and schedule them for the selected time within the same software. You can get precise guidelines to use the app from Coweso, the leading IT service provider in Sydney.

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The procedure of uploading an image or video onto a social media channel is an arduous journey, especially if it is a large file. It is impossible to email files over 25 MB. Therefore, you have to add the same to a cloud storage solution or send it to yourself or others. Once it is done, you have to download it to your system before uploading it onto whatever channel you want. It’s a long-winded process that is scarcely recommended. That’s where Cloudup comes in handy. This tool is available on both desktop and mobile, allows you to upload up to 1,000 files (up to 200MB each) and instantly share that file to Facebook, Twitter, or through email with a custom link. While Dropbox is remarkable in its own right, only Cloudup offers the ability to share to social media instantly. No longer must you sit through minutes of uploads and downloads. Your files are immediately available and shareable wherever you are.

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