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What are some common cybersecurity misconceptions you should avoid?

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What are some common cybersecurity misconceptions you should avoid?

In the fast-growing & evolving landscape of cyber scams & threats, it is essential to beef up your security to ensure efficient business activities. As there are daily instances of attacks & breaches on an organisation’s vulnerable data, you may have to face dire consequences by being inadequately prepared. While it is acceptable to secure the business with all the resources at your disposal using IT services near me, you must also dispel several misconceptions and myths about IT safety to help secure your business effectively. We have provided a list of some prevalent cybersecurity misconceptions in the paragraphs below that you must check out.

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Your company is secure as you have procured some high-end safety tools.

Organisations commonly think they can effortlessly create an undestroyable barrier between their servers and cyber terrorists by spending money on high-end premium tools and solutions. While it is true that you have to invest in next-gen security gadgets to secure your business establishment, they can’t protect you from every threat under the sun. The safety gadgets and strategies are practical only if they are adequately set up, checked, maintained, and incorporated with flawless & high-end operations.

Penetration tests can keep security risks at bay.

Many businesses assume they can prevent security risks by regularly conducting penetration tests. But such a test is inadequate if the organisation can’t check and tweak the drawbacks and vulnerabilities found in their safety mechanism during the trial session. In addition, the firm should think about a few things – the spectrum of the checking process, whether it surrounds the entire network and enables the exact repetition of the most typical cyber hazards. You must also carefully consider whether the remediation pays attention to the primary reason for the risks. For more information, visit Coweso – the leading agency providing IT consulting in Sydney.


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It is enough to keep your venture secure by adhering to industry guidelines.

It is essential to comply with prescribed industry data regulations for establishing goodwill, conducting business, and evading legal consequences. But laws often constitute only a negligible number of the mechanisms mentioned in the title. Following the laws does not matter when the company’s reputation is concerned. Every firm must consider whether the rules are influential enough and the spectrum covers all the crucial information & systems. For example, PCI compliance concentrates on safeguarding the credit card data, often excluding the other precious information controlled by the organisation.

It is the responsibility of the premium third-party provider to take care of everything.

Though the cybersecurity enterprise takes the responsibility of executing and analysing such procedures to keep the firm secure, it is crucial to understand the cyber risks to your association and the process to follow while addressing them with the help of a company providing managed IT services in Sydney. It does not matter whether such a provider is capable or qualified enough to perform the tasks, as you also have a moral and legal obligation to secure crucial assets. Confirm that the security provider keeps you updated on their relevant roles, duties, capabilities and any breaches.

It is enough only to safeguard internet-facing applications

While it is crucial for companies to protect their internet-facing software, they should not focus solely on this aspect. For example, you will risk compromising the entire IT procedure of your organisation if a staff member unintentionally uses an infected flash drive. Therefore, firms should have proper controls for managing insider threats better.

There is no requirement for a safety mechanism as we have not yet experienced a cyberattack.

With each passing moment, cybercrimes are frequently increasing in terms of complexity and skills involved. Therefore, every firm must pay close attention to its cybersecurity process by collaborating with a leading IT service provider in Sydney. A company’s aim is not to achieve perfect insulation but to have an adequate & secure mechanism in place that enables you to respond swiftly to a safety-related incident and mitigate it before it causes much damage.


The IT department is solely responsible for Security Purposes

It is undeniable that IT has a big responsibility for managing the cybersecurity of an organisation. But it would be best not to make it the sole custodian of your safety. As an insulation breach can have a probable and long-lasting impact on the entire venture, it is the duty of every employee to be prepared to ensure safety.

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We don’t have any further requirements for boosting our secure practices.

No one can claim that they have an adequate & secure mechanism for their company as safety is not a final result but a continual process. The tactics used by master criminals become more ingenious, creative and complicated with each passing day, resulting in your organisation facing more significant risks. Therefore, it is vital to contact IT support companies near me to frequently verify crucial assets, review safety policies and perform internal audits. The firm should entrench cybersecurity techniques into essential business methods and spend money on ongoing updates.

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