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What are the steps to save your company from ransomware attacks?

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What are the steps to save your company from ransomware attacks?

Whenever someone searches ‘IT services near me’ over the last few years, they must have come across the term ransomware. It is a topic that continuously comes up in discussions. This tactic was once rare. But, it is increasingly becoming the standard functioning method for clever hackers. The hackers use this method for obvious reasons – it brings in more money.

Ransomware is malware. It poses security risks to a person’s details by employing encryption. The antisocial elements use it to encrypt a user or company’s sensitive details. This issue results in the firm’s inability to access documents, databases, or applications. The hackers offer access in return for a hefty payoff. It is a fatal threat to a company. It is forced to pay billions of dollars to cybercriminals. It also faces considerable damage and expenses for businesses and governmental organisations.

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Why Should A Company Feel Threatened by this Phenomenon?

Various types of research have been conducted all around the globe. They found a more than 50% increase in attacks from the Q4 of 2020 to the Q2 of 2021 in the Australian IT companies near me. But, the attacks aimed at the firms also affect their customers who buy products and services. This is because business data includes sensitive personal & financial details. This data could be of any customer who has conducted business in the past with your company. 

What to Do When Hit by an Attack?

When you suffer a ransomware attack, the typical procedure is to report the incident. But, it may take much longer to research what was affected thoroughly. Additionally, one must check the spread of the potential breach. Gather the required information. Once done, you may reach out to their customers via email or updates on their page. You can also use social media or even the press to inform them about the customer details that may be at risk. Suppose such a ransomware attack impacts your company. Then, focus on official communications through these various mediums. You can use many ways to save yourself from such attacks, and we have provided a few tips in the coming paragraphs.

Methods to Prevent Ransomware from Damage Your Organisation

Ensure Proper Data Backup

Suppose you feel a malicious program is attacking you. Then the primary step is to prevent its spread immediately. One should swiftly remove any affected gadgets or devices from your system. You cannot access or move your files anywhere due to the attack on your documents. So, it is always prudent to ensure proper data backup mechanisms. You can do it by creating a copy of the said documents on an external hard drive and the cloud. If you get attacked by ransomware, you can fully clean your system or device. You can also reset your documents from backup files. Backups safeguard your info. Besides, you won’t be tempted to fulfil the malware perpetrator’s wish by paying a ransom. It would help if you remembered that backups wouldn’t prevent ransomware. They only mitigate the risks. You could contact Coweso – the leading organisation providing IT consulting in Sydney – for help in such matters.

Update your User Credentials

You may find that the organisation you have conducted your business with and engaged with on many levels has become a victim of leaked information or an attack from cyber terrorists. In such a scenario, take swift action and update your password & other user credentials for all your businesses. And while you’re completing this job, put in some additional effort. Design passcodes that are extremely tough to crack with the following method.

Make your Staff Aware of Cyber Safety

Another crucial tip is to teach the employees about cybersecurity. You can trace most instances of ransomware to an employee who has done an innocuous task like clicking on an email from an unknown person or downloading a file online that is not work-related. To prevent employees from committing such potentially fatal mistakes, you must educate them on cybersecurity and, more specifically, ransomware prevention. Employees should be taught to recognise phishing attempts, which have evolved significantly since the days of African princes demanding small up-front payments in return for a considerable sum of money at a later point. The staff must understand the severity of their actions and be taught how to handle them. Otherwise, they would treat cybersecurity as insignificant and need to devote more time to employing it. You can conduct mock cybersecurity drills to accomplish this goal and collaborate with a company providing managed IT services in Sydney, such as Coweso.

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Employ Available Patches to Fill Known Security Gaps

Most cybercriminals use phishing attacks to profit and not display their hacking talent. That’s why they always search for the most straightforward method to grab their victim’s details. They realise there’s nothing easier than taking the opportunity of an unpatched susceptibility. One of the instances is the exposure that made it easier for cyber terrorists to successfully aim for Australian-specific hospitality businesses with the Epsilon Red program. Setting up devices can be a real challenge when employees work from their homes, using a mix of personal and work devices. Fortunately, patch management solutions can be arranged across corporate-owned gadgets and bring-your-own devices and employed to monitor and update all software running on them.

Never Underestimate the Aspect of Password Security

Another method to confirm being protected from the issue is to offer high-end & unusual passcodes. You must also update your certifications with the help of tech organisations by looking for IT companies near me. Many customers need help with using the same password or a slightly modified variant to handle all their accounts. Therefore, create separate passcodes for each account to ensure that hackers cannot access all your reports simultaneously, even if one password is compromised. You can check your credentials properly and generate secure login keys. You can use a password manager for this purpose.

Secure Devices Using Two or Multi-Step Authentication

Two or multi-step verification requires multiple verification credentials and provides an extra layer of safety. For example, you’ll be asked to verify your identity through another gadget, such as a phone. This feature decreases the risk of successful impersonation by hackers.

Insist on Not Paying the Ransom

While large organisations often fall prey to such attacks, you can also be the target of such an operation. Make it clear not to pay the ransom if such a thing happens. Although you may suppose this is the only method to get your saved and secured files back, there is no sure-shot way to confirm that the ransomware designers will allow the decryption tool once they get the desired payment. Paying the amount also leads to the creation of more such hostile forces. So, you must stop yourself from making any payments. You can also get advice from leading firms providing IT consulting in Sydney.


Try to Browse Safely on the Web

When browsing websites, you need to be mindful of where you click. Don’t reply to emails and text notifications from people you don’t know; only download software from reliable sources. This feature is essential since malware authors often use online social tools to get you to install hazardous documents. Using a safety extension on your web browser is one way to browse more safely.  

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