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What are the techniques to stop ransomware damage to your company?

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What are the techniques to stop ransomware damage to your company?

In the past few years, ransomware has started emerging in and dominating conversations when one talks about IT services near me. This method is related to phishing and hacking, which were rarely used. However, clever hackers are increasingly adopting this method with time. The reason is simple – they can garner and steal more money with this procedure.

Ransomware uses encryption to create safety risks and make an individual’s data vulnerable. The disruptive elements in society employ this tactic to encrypt the sensitive details of a user or company, resulting in the said organisation’s incapability to access online papers, databases, or other crucial documents. The modus operandi includes the hacker demanding a huge ransom in return for offering access. It should be considered alarming if a company faces such a threat. Such organisations have to pay billions of dollars to cyber-terrorists and incur significant damage and expenses for businesses and public sector companies. In the following paragraphs, let’s look at some techniques to prevent or limit damage to your firm through ransomware.

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Backup your Data Immediately

One of the main steps to take when you realise that your systems are attacked by suspicious Software is to back up your data swiftly. Once done, immediately remove any impacted appliances or gadgets from the system to avoid the spread of the malware. You cannot access your files or transfer them anywhere due to the attack on your documents. One should always be sensible and create a copy of their sensitive information on an external hard drive and the cloud to ensure proper data backup practices. This way, you can fully clear your PC & other devices and reset your documents from backup data if you get attacked by a virus. Backups are crucial as they secure your details, and you won’t have to pay an outrageous amount demanded by the system hacker. However, it is pertinent to remember that backups only lessen the risks and can’t stop ransomware if it happens. You could contact Coweso – the leading organisation providing IT consulting in Sydney – for help.

Change your User Name & Password

Suppose you discover that the firms with whom you conduct business or have any previous contact have become cyber-terrorist targets who have leaked the confidential information of their professional dealings & other personal data. It is essential to take immediate steps in such a situation. Waste no time changing your official password and other crucial credentials for all your ventures. In addition, make a little effort and set passwords that are very hard to crack. If you have trouble remembering such a touch passcode, ensure to write it down on a notepad.

Educate Your Employees About Cybersecurity 

Teaching your staff about cyber safety is another helpful tip to prevent severe damage to your firm. It is observed that most incidents of ransomware have been traced to a company staff who has performed a seemingly simple task, such as opening an email from a stranger or downloading a non-work-related file online. If you want to ensure that your employees don’t commit such innocuous but dangerous mistakes, educating them about cyber safety is essential. Ensure that they gain maximum knowledge about ransomware protection. It would be best to teach the staff to determine phishing attempts, which have developed significantly since African royalty asked for a small up-front amount in return for considerable money later. It would be best to make the employees aware of their action’s severity & teach them to handle them professionally. Otherwise, the employees would underestimate cybersecurity & treat it as irrelevant and need to spend more time researching its implications. You can accomplish this objective by conducting mock cybersecurity drills and taking assistance from Coweso, which offers managed IT services in Sydney.

Use Preventative Patches to Plug Known Safety Holes

Most cyber terrorists employ phishing attacks not because they want to show off their talent but because they want to profit. That’s why they always look for the easiest way to steal their victim’s information. They know there’s nothing more straightforward than using an unpatched hole in the system to take the phishing opportunity. One of the instances is the limitation that made it possible for cyber-terrorists to attack US-specific restaurant & hotel ventures successfully with the Epsilon Red software. Installing devices can be a real challenge when employees use personal and work devices from their homes. Fortunately, patch management solutions can be arranged across corporate-owned gadgets and bring-your-own devices and employed to monitor and update all Software running on them.

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Install Software related to Firewalls & Antivirus.

Another effective method to defend yourself from ransomware is to set up genuine anti-malware and antivirus software. These programs can easily detect, scan and efficiently manage various cyber threats. However, the antivirus software only functions at the internal stage and can only notice the attack once it is already in the system. Therefore, configuring your firewall with the help of an IT service provider in Sydney like Coweso is also essential.

The firewalls often work as the first security line against potential external hacking. It can safeguard your organisation against attacks on both your hardware and Software. You need to install firewalls for any private network or business because they can seamlessly block and remove any dangerous data files before they can enter your device. However, you need to save yourself from fake virus-catching notifications that come as messages from your antivirus company on your email or web page pop-ups. It will be better to wait to click on any links until you verify them directly through the antivirus software.

Employ Network Segmentation

Since ransomware can spread fast through a network, reducing the spread as much as possible during an attack is crucial. In such scenarios, implementing network segmentation with the help of companies providing managed IT support in Sydney is essential as it classifies the network into many smaller networks to enable the company to isolate the ransomware and stop it from entering & reaching other computers. 


Each device should possess firewalls, safety controls and distinct access to stop ransomware from reaching the core information. Segmented reach helps prevent the malware from getting to the primary network and gives the safety team more time to determine, separate, and terminate the threat.

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