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What is server setup and how it can help my business?

Server Setup
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What is server setup and how it can help my business?

Every business has a unique framework and distinct requirements. The primary objective of today’s advanced Information Technology is to provide solutions that fit within this framework and satisfy the requirements without straining the process. Server setup is a fairly new term in the IT world which targets to provide customized solutions to businesses for running their robust software in the cloud.

In every large enterprise, a variety of software is used to execute and streamline different businesses processes, and the performance of the software often determines the performance of the whole enterprise.

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The IT infrastructure works at the core of every large organization, providing comprehensive support to implement and execute the latest technology driven solutions that can improve day to day company processes and contribute to growth. In short, the IT infrastructure of an enterprise largely determines the capacity and success of the business.

Not sure how server setup fits into this picture exactly? Let’s take a deeper dive.

What is server setup?

The use of versatile applications to efficiently complete and organize in-house processes is increasing quickly in every enterprise. Over time, as the company grows, this requirement will only keep on increasing.

So, organizations need a platform that can hold all these programs without compromising the features or efficiency. Server setup provides this robust platform to host and run all the in-house software at their maximum productivity.

The hosting is essentially offered on the cloud through a VPS, which ensures excellent flexibility, maximum reliability, and a completely customized solution to accommodate the exact needs of every enterprise.

How it can help your business – the benefits

Cloud-infrastructure based high-end Virtual Private Server comes with a bunch of benefits that can boost all your business processes and ensure efficient functionality.

Check out the detailed point wise discussion next for more info.

Speed – The speed of the applications used in your company determines the efficiency of the organization to a great extent. Slow, lagging applications results in lost working hours as well as improper reporting and functionality.

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Suppose your employee is filling in customer details in a CRM software. If the application takes forever to save the data or gets unresponsive in the middle of the process, it will naturally hamper the productivity of the employee, resulting in loss of valuable working hours. The chance of making an error will also increase.

With the increasing market competition and the pressure to keep the expenses limited to ‘essentials’, employee productivity is of utmost importance. With cloud-based VPS, you can easily ensure that an application is not causing the delay instead of streamlining the process. High-quality server setup services provide blazing fast speed for versatile software.

Reliability – Data loss is a severe concern for every business. If you are using low quality hosting for your in-house software, loss of valuable corporate information is always a possibility. With cloud hosting comes dependability. The system ensures that there is no risk of data loss through multiple backups that can be used to restore even deleted data quickly.

Hosting your application on the cloud VPS also ensures maximum availability. The powerful cloud servers offer 99.9% uptime, so that your applications and database are always available from all the corners of the world through a single click.

Just think, no more failed reporting by your sales team due to application unavailability can add how much value to your enterprise and the same can be attained for all the in-house processes through robust VPS hosting.

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Security – Data is invaluable, and every enterprise needs to ensure the best safety for their data. VPS setup provides complete protection to your business information. The systems are protected by the latest security protocols that prevent any malicious attacks, including DDoS.

The data is stored in multiple computers, which eliminates the risk of data loss due to any system glitch or natural calamity. These systems are physically located in safe data centres spread across a geographical region to ensure the best protection for your data.

However, you must avail the service from a top-notch server setup company that is reliable and boasts of the best infrastructure to enjoy maximum data security.

Scalability – Scalability is a big plus point of cloud-based hosting. It ensures that you can easily adjust your resources from time to time according to your changing needs. High-end VPS setup for enterprises provides you with the same flexibility.

You can increase or reduce your resources depending on your internal requirements through a single click. Any changes instructed by you is implemented instantly in your account, which ensures that your processes are never restricted due to lack of resources. At the same time, it also confirms that you don’t have to pay for the resource you are not using.

You can implement these changes directly from your admin account even having to call your server setup service provider.

Customizable – VPS setup is extremely customizable. Often unique plans are created according to the requirements of a specific business. Not only the resources but everything about your VPS can be customized according to your preferences.

It gives the option to customize the platform on Windows, Linux, Plesk or cPanel according to your needs. You always get the full administrative access to your server, so that you can control every aspect of the system as per your choice.

There is also the provision for fully managed and self-managed VPS services. While the fully managed option frees you from all the responsibility of maintenance and technical aspects of managing the system, the self-managed service gives you the exclusive administrative access to your VPS.

Do I need VPS setup for my business?

Server Setup services are specifically beneficial for large enterprises using multiple robust business software for CRM, ERP, Accounting or Project Management. If you are handling a huge database, you naturally need more power to do it efficiently, and this is where VPS setup can help your company immensely.

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Corporations using robust proprietary software with high user footprint can also benefit from server setup services. To know more about how server setup can help your business talk to your IT consultancy or get in touch with Coweso.

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