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Why should you not trust cheap data backup solutions?

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Why should you not trust cheap data backup solutions?

Suppose you’re the owner of an establishment possessing a personal system, i.e. laptop, and want to create a backup of your crucial data. In that case, your primary instinct must be to search for the most cost-effective alternative to complete your task. But most of the cheaper backup systems don’t advertise that they can leave you stuck in the mud in several ways. You’re jeopardising your data if you go for lesser-priced data backup solutions. Why? Keep reading the paragraphs below to know why agencies providing IT services near me recommend that you should think twice before opting for seemingly affordable file backup. In addition, you’ll learn more about the multiple reasons why cheap info backup tools can result in loopholes in handling your data. Furthermore, you’ll find out the hidden expenses behind your attempts to save a few bucks using excessively economical solutions.

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Can’t Help you Avoid Cyber Terrorism

Choosing a low-expenses service provider can expose your details to further risks. Therefore, choosing a reputed service agency that offers various facilities to safeguard your information, such as high-level encryption & safety, is necessary. In addition, ensure you invest in in-house data backup methods combined with cloud management. You can make your business ready for almost any scenario by adopting this method.

You will incur Significantly High Bandwidth Costs.

Usually, a company doesn’t check the upload speed, i.e. the rate used to send your documents into a backup provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Instead, the organisation primarily looks at the download speed. Therefore, all the providers heavily promote the latter speed. But one must also check the upload rates, as a company will have to spend more on higher upload speeds, which wouldn’t look appropriate for their marketing. Even small-to-medium-sized ventures need to transfer their backup using at least a few terabytes (TB) of data. For instance, if your ISP gives you 10 Mbps in upload speeds, it will take not less than ten days to upload your file, which is not ideal. Moreover, if you need to restore that data in the event of a disaster, you will need to cough up additional capital. For further details, visit Coweso – the leading firm providing IT consulting in Sydney.


Provides Storage Technology that is Vulnerable to Risks 

Lesser-priced backup tools typically use insecure physical storage methods like tape drives. These types of devices are susceptible to numerous vulnerabilities and drawbacks. Furthermore, many of these said agencies often keep all your information in one spot, which means you lose everything if a significant emergency or disaster occurs in their store rooms.

They Confuse you by Offering Syncing instead of Backup.

Another issue with cheap platforms providing managed IT services in Sydney is that they do not provide storage facilities for your files in the truest sense. Instead, they only synchronise your files on a different portal. File synchronisation means they replicate your files in separate physical spaces. This process will result in unsuccessful restorations. However, if you choose to opt for a better-quality backup facility, you will get the benefit of backing up your file system in the form of snapshot images. In this way, you can go back to when you had that file and restore it without any issues.

You can Face Issues with Data Restoration.

The most critical component to take care of while backing up information is being aware of the process of restoring it in the event of any emergency. The primary vital aspect differentiating supposedly cost-effective from high-end offerings is the facility they provide to analyse storages. If the agency doesn’t offer this service, there is no point in buying their plans & packages in the first place.

If you find yourself unable to restore your information, it will result in damage to your brand reputation. In addition, there may also be cases related to compliance-specific violations, and you may have to pay hefty penalties. While it could take hours to perform manual restoration, you can get a host of benefits. Furthermore, you can adequately compensate for the drawbacks of computerised restoration verification. You can reach out to Coweso – the leading IT service provider in Sydney.


While performing the abovementioned restoration checking, you will want to:

  • Check information, application, and operating system alertness
  • Inspect for viruses before and after backup
  • Conducting the titular process in an isolated atmosphere
  • Build a report based on the discoveries.

Cheaper offerings won’t provide you with these alternatives. However, if you possess expensive tools that offer automation choices and if you manually conduct these tests once every few days, your restoration process will become significantly more reliable.

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Fails To Protect Sensitive Data

If you don’t correctly back up your data using a low-quality provider, you’re putting sensitive information at risk— whether it’s personally identifying information, intellectual property, or financial information. This seeping out of information leakage likely leads to investors and clients losing trust in your venture’s ability to manage data. However, that’s not the worst-case scenario. You will also likely suffer multiple stringent penalties from data compliance organisations and lawsuits. You need to consult with companies offering managed IT support in Sydney for resolving the issue.

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