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What makes Coweso the best in server setup services?

server setup
server setup

What makes Coweso the best in server setup services?

Server setup is a comparatively new service in the tech world. The growing demand for the service has led to the development of this highly specialized field. It involves setting up heavy-volume proprietary or non-proprietary software used by companies on cloud servers for optimized performance and great scalability.   


If your business uses software for project management, customer relationship management, or maintaining the company accounts, hosting the software on the cloud is the most efficient way to move forward. Traditional ‘on-premises’ systems suffer from a bunch of inherent deficiencies like less reliability, minimal to no scalability, high overhead cost, etc. Server setup services eliminate all these limitations and ensure the best tech-support for your organization’s changing software needs. 


server setup services 


Coweso is a full-fledged IT consulting company offering advanced solutions to enterprises for leveraging the true power of technology in business. The brand is also one of the top server setup service providers catering to clients across the globe.  


So, what makes Coweso stand tall in the server setup industry? It is not only the lack of specialized services in this arena but also the quality that keeps Coweso ahead in the competition. 


Let’s take a look at what makes us the best in this field,


Fully customized solutions  

Requirements vary for every business and from time to time. Your business needs might be laterally different from another business in the same industry. We understand that and device our solutions to make sure that your particular needs are addressed in the best way possible. Our in-house team of server experts analyses every client’s current and future needs before coming up with a tailored solution that can meet their requirements and expectations efficiently. 


server maintenance

Fast and efficient 

You do not want to depend on a service that takes ages to deliver. We value time. We start every project after setting a deadline through discussion with the client. The time taken for the final delivery depends on the complexity and volume of the project but is limited within a pre-agreed reasonable timeframe. Our processes are fully optimized to ensure maximum agility while ensuring the best quality. 


24/7 technical support 

Our VPS platforms are fully optimized and can be customized according to the preferences of the client. So, you get a platform on which you feel most comfortable to work on. The user-friendliness of the platform ensures that you can perform all the actions independently, which ensures the best flexibility. 


Our customer support experts are available 24/7 in case you need any assistance or get stuck at some point. You can choose from self-managed and fully managed services to suit your needs. Coweso, as a consulting and IT leadership provider, ensures the best tech-support you need for your business to operate smoothly. 

Clear pricing policy 

server maintenance

We focus on building trust with our clients, and all the costs are declared upfront as soon as we get a clear idea about the complete requirements of the client. You get to know what charges you will have to pay for the resources you will use and will have the complete freedom to increase or decrease the resources as per your needs or budget. Our cloud hosting services are not cheap, but they are priced very reasonably and available in tailored packages to ensure the best value. 


Team of experienced professionals 

Server setup is a highly specialized field, and only experienced professionals of the field can ensure the best for a brand. Coweso has a team of server experts knowledgeable to understand the needs of a business and design a cloud-based VPS solution that can work best for them. The team also ensures the smooth working of the servers and takes proactive measures to ensure complete server reliability and safety.  


Server setup from Coweso enjoys popularity for the features mentioned next,


Blazing fast speed – One of the primary reasons for moving to VPS is the need to optimize speed for business applications. Even fantastic software can become slow and inefficient if it is not hosted on the right platform. Coweso brings super-speed to all your applications with its top-class NVMe SSD servers. Our servers use the most robust technology available now along with the best hardware infrastructure, ensuring maximum speed for your applications. 


server setup

Maximum scalability – No one wants to pay for what they don’t use. Similarly, if you do not use a resource, you should not pay for it only because you might need it urgently sometime in the future. Our services give you this flexibility. You can scale up or scale down the resources any time you need or opt for a ‘scale-up on demand’ option to handle your traffic and pay only for what you use. You can scale your resources on your own, right from the control panel without having to call or mail anyone. 


Multiple platforms – With us, you need not to adapt to a new platform to get the benefits of cloud hosting. Our VPS comes pre-installed with multiple platform options including Windows, Linux, Plesk and cPanel, so that you can choose whatever suits you best. As an IT consultancy, all our solutions are designed to minimise hassle and overhead cost for your organization. 


Complete security – Your security is important to us. We understand and take complete responsibility to ensure that all your business information and application has maximum security. Our robust servers are protected from any malicious attacks like DDoS to prevent data loss. Our team of experts takes proactive measures to regularly update the servers so that there is no data or security breach. 


server support services

However, no technology of electronic data transfer and storage is 100% secured, but we ensure the maximum safety the latest technology can provide and look forward to more secured solutions in the near future.   


Coweso offers comprehensive IT solutions, which also includes website development, eCommerce development and complete digital marketing solutions. Partnering with Coweso will ensure that you get all-round tech assistance from a single, highly apt service provider, which can considerably minimize the hassle of managing multiple contracts with service providers for IT-related services. 

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