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    Coweso brings to you highly customized server setup services, a flexible and powerful solution to integrate and boost the performance of your high-volume internal software framework. Run your hefty applications seamlessly on our cloud with a dedicated environment and explore the full potential of technology to optimize your business processes for efficiency and ROI.

    We setup VPS for enterprises looking for Windows, Linux, Plesk or cPanel platform access in a dedicated environment, our cloud infrastructure-based VPS gives maximum flexibility to scale and customize your resources quickly and easily.

    Run your CRM, ERP, Accounting, or any other proprietary software on our NVMe SSD cloud with complete security and failover protection. We guarantee 99.9% uptime.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Server Setup as a service?
    It is a high-demand service offered by only a few top-notch server infrastructure companies under which the large enterprises rent a robust cloud platform for hosting and running their internal business software seamlessly. It saves the enterprises from the hassle and expenses of maintaining an onsite dedicated server by offering a cloud VPS with a dedicated environment.
    Do I need Server Setup Services?
    If your company is using robust business software for project management, accounting, customer relationship management, etc. you need VPS. Every high-end business software needs a powerful platform to run efficiently. Get server set up services to explore the full potential of robust business software.
    What is the speciality of Coweso’s Server Setup?
    Apart from our vast technical knowledge and experience in handling similar requirements of leading enterprises from across the world, we also have the most robust and latest technology. Our VPS with the latest Intel Xeon Core processor and NVMe SSD storage gives maximum speed while our cloud VPS offers seamless scalability in a dedicated environment. Speed, Power and Security – we excel in all.
    Is Server Setup costly?
    We have a clear pricing policy without any hidden charges. The cost entirely depends on the resources you use for running your software and storing your data. Our service is the best in class and is priced honestly keeping the needs of enterprises in mind. We also have multiple packages at different ranges, designed for your unique business needs.
    Where will you keep my data?
    Our cloud servers are located across multiple continents and maintained in a completely safe environment ensuring maximum security and safety. Our latest technology ensures complete safety from malicious attacks and security breaches.
    Do you offer a Managed Service?
    We offer both self-managed and fully managed services so that you can pick as per your choice. If you do not want the hassle of managing the server on your own, we can help you with all the support you need. Even if you are opting for self-managed VPS, you can avail our 24x7 customer support whenever you need.
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