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5 landing page mistakes and the best practices to overcome them

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5 landing page mistakes and the best practices to overcome them

The landing page works as the face of your business to the world. It makes the first impression on the visitor and is the primary lead generation tool. Even a seemingly simple mistake on the landing page can ruin your best efforts, surge the bounce rate and lead to inefficient marketing campaigns.

That’s quite a lot!

Despite all the guidelines, many brands fail to utilize the landing page to their benefit. But the best web development companies can help you to make the cut.

Here we have jot down the 5 common landing page mistakes and how to avoid them, so that your website is optimized to drive results.

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Cluttered design

On average, an internet user spends only a fraction of a second on a site, and if you cannot get your message through within that time, all this might be for nothing.

A cluttered landing page with multiple offers can easily confuse the user. In website design, simplicity is the key. Users will not look hard to get your message; it must be up and clear to them the very moment they land on the platform.

The rule of thumb is to avoid cluttered and challenging to comprehend layouts. Use design elements minimally to make sure that the focus is always only on the desired action.

The design should make sure that there is minimum friction, so that the customers can flow through the site smoothly. The last thing you want is creating unnecessary distractions through the design.

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Remove any element that doesn’t directly relate to the main objective. Ensure that there is no choice fatigue or any unnecessary barrier that can take the user away from the page’s goal.

Outstanding web development services always focus on creating a minimalistic, clutter-free design that takes the message across and impresses the customer to perform the desired action.

Unclear copy and CTA

The copy on your landing page is vital. Getting the message through quickly without creating any confusion is all you need. A headline that evokes interest and makes the reader look for more should be the target.

Are you confused about how to keep the copy useful yet brief?

We get you.

Deciding how much information to present on the landing page can be tricky. Balancing between not providing enough information and offering too much information is not easy.

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If it is linked to a specific marketing campaign like PPC, make sure that the reader gets the full information for which he has clicked the ad. The copy should directly relate to the ad theme and provide all the necessary information, as concisely as possible.

The top ecommerce development companies can provide you with the best help to decide how to go about the content on the ecommerce sites.

For the brand website, the content should provide all the basic information about the company. If the customer is not clear about basic information like what the brand does or where they are based, after going through the site, the copy certainly is not working.

Keep the content language simple and straightforward. Use bullets and small paragraphs so that it is easy to understand at a glance.

Your site should include a clear and concise CTA not only at the end of the page but also ‘above the fold’. Your visitor should be clear about what you want them to do from the very introduction.

Irrelevant visuals

An image says a lot, without the user having to actually read. But, using irrelevant visuals on your landing page not only ruins the objective of using images at the first place but can also create confusion, leading to a higher bounce rate.

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Using a lot of images is another mistake that can impact the user experience negatively. Use meaningful images that directly relate to the user or expresses the core objective of the business.

According to the top website development companies, stock photos don’t really work and including people in photos can improve both engagement and conversion.

Try to use real images that people can relate to. Show off your product or service and try to depict how it improves their life or business, through the images.

But make sure that you are not overusing pictures to make it catchy. Pictures on your page should help your customers understand what benefits they will get from your service without making it look too salesy.

Overusing marketing tactics

We understand that you are trying to sell, be it a product, a service, or a concept, but you must know that no one likes to be the sales campaign’s target.

Use the marketing tactics wisely and within limits, so that it doesn’t impact the user experience negatively and lead to a higher bounce rate.

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Pop-ups, notifications, pre-loaders are great tools for generating leads, but they can be highly obstructive and even overwhelming when used excessively. Invasive marketing techniques are mostly not accepted well by the users, so if you must, keep them to a minimum.

Think what aspects of marketing tactics on the website might irritate you as a user – having to close more than one pop up or the screen going dark until you take action on an irrelevant notification?

Make sure that your salesy tactics do not sabotage your marketing efforts by irritating the client.

Having videos that automatically start playing out loud or even soft background music on the website can be disturbing for your customers.

Talk to your IT consultancy service provider to know more about how you can use the marketing techniques subtly, without hampering user experience.

Tricky navigation

Your visitors are not website explorers. They are visiting your web platform to simply know more about your business, your service or product. Tricky navigation, no matter how creative it looks, is not what they are looking for.

A clear, easy to use navigation bar on the top is the best. It lets your visitors find what they want at one glance. It also reduces unnecessary searching and one extra step for the user.

For the mobile version of a website, hiding the navigation bar under a ‘hamburger icon’ makes sense. It makes the small screen space look neat. The same for the computer version of the website, where you have enough space, will only add up complexity.

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Every established web development company in Australia or anywhere else in the world always ensures that the landing pages of their clients are free from these mistakes so that they can generate maximum lead and better return on investment.

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